Where is Quincy College?

Quincy college was established in 1958. It is a public community college in Quincy, Massachusetts. 1250 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02169, United States is the official address of the Institute. The Institute has its governing board. Student services such as Athletics, Child Care, Internship services, Libraries, Tutoring, bookstores, and advisings on academics are made available for the students.

Quincy College has another satellite campus in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is only a commuter school and does not have any residential facilities. The college offers degrees and online certifications in different fields.

Where is Quincy College?

Academics At Quincy College

The Institute offers over 37 associate degrees and over 20 certificates online. 

Degrees Offered At Quincy College Are

  • Surgical Technology
  • Psychology
  • Security Management and more. 
  • Similar courses are offered at Plymouth. 

Certificate Programs

  • Substance Addiction
  • Insurance Care
  • Exercise Science & Personal Training
  • Linux System Administration
  • Emergency Medical Technician and more. 

Online courses are offered in Business and Criminal Justice. 

The university offers lifelong learning programs in 

  • Wedding Planning
  • Healthcare foundations
  • Financial Planning and Services 
  • Computer skills for the Workplace
  • Online Professional Development and more. 

What GPA Score Is Required At Quincy College?

The university accepts the below-average students. It is moderately competitive. An Average of 3.3 GPA score is required at College. SAT score of 1035 Or 62 ACT is a must for admission. 

Tuition Fees At Quincy College

The average fees of the courses range from $250 to $889. The registration activation fee is $100. Any late payments will lead to extra charges of $75. The rate for senior citizens (65 and older) is $196/ course. Payment through American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and visas are acceptable.

The starter checks are non-acceptable without a valid address. The fees are non – refundable. These fees shall be paid on time and in full before the start of the semester.  

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Physical Therapist Assistant 

This is a $3000 scholarship. All the students of the new fall 2022 are eligible for the first-year scholarship. 

Associate in Nursing 

A $2000 scholarship is provided to the new fall associate degree nursing students. 

A $1000 scholarship is offered to all returning students at Associate Degree Nursing. 

Medical Laboratory Technician

 A $1000 is provided to the students of Medical Laboratory technicians for the new fall of 2022.

BS in Business Management

New third-year Fall 2022 business management students are offered up to a $2000 scholarship. 

If the student has a 3.5+ GPA then they are entitled to a $2000 first-year scholarship. 

Students having 2.5 to 3.48 GPAs are eligible for 1,500 first-year scholarships. 

Lastly, students with a 2.0 to 2.49 GPA are entitled to $1000 first-year scholarships. 

Surgical Technician 

All the new fall surgical technician students are eligible for the first-year scholarship of $1000.

Similarly, scholarships for international students, early college high school pathway scholarship, military, and veteran students scholarship, and Quincy College Scholarships are offered by the University. 

Financial Aid 

The financial aid is entitled only to the eligible students based on the information mentioned in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These aids are offered through grants, scholarships, and loans.

Some of the types are Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Mass Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan, alternative loans, institutional scholarships, Homeless student Emergency fund, and more. 

Eligibility For The Financial Aid

  • Students need to have satisfactory academic progress. 
  • The applicant shall be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen. 
  • Students also need to complete 67% of the courses. 
  • Students should not receive financial aid at another college or university. 
  • Here is the link to apply for financial aid. www.fafsa.gov. 002205 is the school code of Quincy College. 
  • Tap here to apply to Quincy College. (https://quincycollege.edu/pre-application/) 


Quincy College is in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States. The campus has athletics programs in baseball, Ice hockey, soccer, cross country, basketball, and more. Libraries, bookstores, and counseling sessions are made available for the students. The scholarships & Financial aid are made available for the local & international students.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I need to pay an application fee at Quincy College?

No, as mentioned on their official website. There is no application fee to apply at Quincy College. 

2. How do you contact the Admission Officer at Quincy College? 

An applicant may contact by email at admissions@quincycollege.edu or call on 617-984-1710. They may also contact you through the Institutes Virtual Live Offices and they will help to assist your problems. 

3. What is the average cost for international students at Quincy College?

It may cost around $21000 per academic year for any international student to apply at Quincy College. It includes all the living expenses and tuition fees.