Where Is Pitzer College?

Pitzer College was founded in 1963 by Russell Pitzer as a women’s college. After 1970, it gained a mixed structure. Today it is defined as a liberal art and science college. Being a private school, this college stands out with its interdisciplinary studies. His studies include the humanities, arts, behavioral sciences, and natural sciences. Let’s see Where Is Pitzer College?

Where Is Pitzer College?

How to get to Pitzer college?

Pitzer College is located in a city in Los Angeles County, Southern California. The name of this city is known as Claremont. It is a place with many restaurants and parks, where people are described as friendly. It has views of the San Gabriel mountains. Centrally located, Claremont is about an hour from downtown, the Pacific ocean and high mountain peaks. Pitzer College, located in this city, is only 30 minutes from Los Angeles.

Its full address is as follows; 1050 N Mills Ave, Claremont, CA 91711, United States, Pitzer College.

Why should I go to Pitzer college?

Pitzer College educates approximately one thousand students each year. Also, this college is recognized as a part of The Claremont Colleges. This aforementioned college is known for its undergraduate and graduate programs. So a student at Pitzer receives a personal education and can use all the resources of a large university. In addition, the school supports the multi-faceted development of its students.

  • You can participate in social responsibility projects: Volunteer work for children and the opportunity to participate in the planned movement to achieve gender equality.
  • You can get research support: Various grants are funded by the National Science Foundation. In addition, Keck Science offers students a paid summer research program for ten weeks. For those who want to have an academic career, it offers the opportunity to do a summer internship with a lecturer and offers a scholarship.
  • It has sustainable housing: It allows to stay in houses with solar panels and green roofs. In addition, the water used in these houses is recycled, irrigating the surrounding plants. The use of plastic bottles is also prohibited on campus. A college that respects the ecological system.
  • Counselling service is always with you: The faculty provides students with counselling services and finds solutions to their problems. In particular, she creates a personalized therapy program for her students with relationship and anxiety problems. It encourages the student to recover. This also applies to students with substance abuse.
  • An arts-supporting college: This college, with its art gallery, exhibits the works of both its students and world artists. In addition, the school has a writing club. Sports activities such as green cycling are planned. All scientific work of students is also supported by the guidance of teachers.
  • You can create your own curriculum: Pitzer College allows students to create their own majors. Thus, it is possible to plan your own educational life. You can get help from all experienced lecturers working in the faculty, whether they are experienced sociologists, philosophers, artists, or scientists. You can work with anyone you want and plan your career.
  • Supports foreign language learning: The student profile is very diverse. It accepts students from all over the world. It is possible to get to know different cultures and languages. It also has agreements with many international schools. Therefore, you may have the chance to go to other countries periodically.
  • The college is famous for fun: Welcome and farewell parties are held for students. You can attend the themed parties and wear a variety of outfits. Students are also given the opportunity to plan their own activities. In this fun environment, it is also possible to improve your language and get to know the culture of people from different countries. Since the school is a universal learning institution, it accepts people of different religions and races. There are also certificate programs available online.
  • Join excursions: Daily excursions are organized to centres such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. By participating in these excursions, it is possible to visit different touristic places, eat different meals and take lots of photos. If you like swimming, you can also enjoy swimming in the ocean.

What else would you like it to be?

The college has a printing centre, fitness centre, parking lot, health centre, conference rooms, transportation between campuses, dance and theatre stage, botanical garden, stadium, and career office. There is also a clean dining hall with three meals a day for students to eat and unlimited wifi for researching what they want. This college, which has good relations with its graduates, also provides job and internship opportunities in various institutions. It is also a college open to student suggestions.


All in all, this school has everything a student could want. It helps you improve yourself in every sense. If you want a college where you will get a versatile education and be the architect of your own career, you should consider this school.