Where Is Johnson County Community College?

Johnson County is one of the biggest Community Colleges and got established in 1969. It became the first new until the introduction of the concerts community junior college act of 1965. More than 40,000 students in each class get held every year. This college is one of the concerns largest institutions of higher education. Students can earn associate degrees and obtain certificates and uncertain credits to transfer to 4th-year universities. Let’s check- Where Is Johnson County Community College?

Where Is Johnson County Community College?

Johnson county community college is a community college located in an overland park in Kansas in Johnson County. It helps its students by granting them loan scholarships. However, it does not provide dorms or campus housing.

What Johnson County Community College Offers

The college provides transfer. It has done 191 transfers in 30 regional schools. It has 100 degrees or certificates in 45 programs of studies. It has offered a $1.4 million scholarship to its, students. The college has put up facilities for sake of its students, such as Jccc athletics, Nerman museum, Midwest trust center, Jccc bookstore, and Billington library. So, these are some facilities that are provided by college to its students.

The credit programs help students in achieving certificates and courses for college credit. The college consists of a debate program, a student satisfaction survey called mom apps education quiz programs and an exhibition. Highly qualified professors and instructors are provided for every class.

The college helps its students with career development, counseling, and other tools and resources to help students to succeed. College focuses on offering affordable tuition to students. So, it provides financial aid in form of loans and scholarship grants for various degree programs.

Getting Into The Johnson County College

At Johnson County, Community College classes are very fixable and tackle a really easy procedure of getting registered. The student needs to apply for what visiting of its official website, they have to put credentials required, be registration fees. So these will be legislation procedures in Johnson County college. So these are the registration procure in Jhonson county community college.

It has the best quality rankings in the U.S. It has ranked 154 for best associate degree school positions, 15 for best personal and culinary service schools, and the sixth position in best transportation material moving schools. It has a good position in the US. The students get into the college through their cars and stay nearby.

Other Colleges Like The Johnson College

There are many colleges located near Johnson College. Some of the colleges which are located near the college in Kansas are mentioned or stated below:-

  • University of Iowa
  • La James international college university 
  • Shiloh university
  • Cornell college
  • Capri college cheddar Rapids
  • Mercy St Luke school of radiologic technology
  • Mount mercy university

Kansas consists of State universities, Community colleges, Technical colleges, technical schools, and municipal universities. Johnson College falls in the category of public Community College. Community college is an educational institution. The term referred to a higher educational institution. The college provides financial help to two students especially those who belong to military and healthcare professions.


At JCCC they have flexible classes followed by abundant resources. It gets located in an overland park and offers a wide variety of programs and events. It has student resource programs like web development, digital media, and graphic design. It hires highly qualified professors and instructors for each class. The college provides students with current development tutoring and academic counseling to help them to succeed in their life. Its tuition fee is very affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Are The Various Events Held In Johnson County Community College?

Johnson County Community College has many events like student satisfaction survey, earth day, art education,  exhibition, and this lecture. So, these are the various events held at College.

  1. Who governs the Johnson County Community College? 

College is governed by a seven-member board of trustees who are elected from the community for four-year terms. So, this was all about who governs the college.

  1. When was Johnson County Community College founded? 

Johnson County Community College was founded in 1969 by the residents of Johnson County in Kansas.

  1. Is the Jccc foundation meant for whom?

JCCC foundation got established in 1971 which supports the overall mission of JCCC. It is a fund-raising arm of the college with various contributions to the events. It is basically for the benefit of students.