Where Is Jackson College

 Jackson is one of the renowned colleges in the United States. Jackson College is an accredited college by the U.S Department of educational statistics. It is a public institution. Jackson College has a semester-wise academic year. The Main degree offered by Jackson college is an associate degree. This degree gives students the basic technical and academic knowledge to choose their career paths.  First, it was established as Jackson junior college in 1928. Later it was changed to Jackson community college under public act 188 of 1955 in 1962. This college offers 48 Associate degrees and certificate programs. Daniel Phelan is the president of the college. Jackson College owns more than 500 acres. Students who want to get into Jackson college need to complete six steps. but, do you know Where is Jackson College.

 Where is Jackson College

STEP 1: Online application Apply 

Complete an online application using this website www.jccmi.edu.

There is no application fee to fill out the online application form.

STEP 2:  For Financial Aid 

Students have to complete the free application for federal students Aid if they want financial aid.

STEP 3: Online Orientation session

If students receive an acceptance letter, all new students must attend an online new student orientation program conducted by the college. 

STEP 4: Register for the course

After completing steps 1 to 4 the admission department will contact the students to schedule an appointment to meet the student navigator to discuss the registration process.

STEP 5: Course Materials 

Students will get the course materials with the Jackson college textbook program. Students will get all the course materials in the college itself.


Jackson College’s address is 2111 Emmons Road, Jackson, MI49201, United States.

Jackson College has 4 campuses in and around the Jackson area

Central Campus:

In the Administrative building, the student will get their ID cards. Jackson College has a potter center. Potter center is an awesome and versatile complex. Pottery is one of the most peaceful art.

Central Campus – Summit Township, near 1-94 New W.J. Maher Campus.

 Maher Campus:

At Jackson College, the Maher campus is located on Blake Road, off I-94 near the Elm Street  which has an exit in Jackson

JC Flight Center

Flight Center is also available at Jackson college.

Courses Offered

Jackson college majors are 

1. Arts

2. Business

3. Health Professions

4. Humanities

5. Science and Engineering

6. Professional trades and Agriculture

1. Arts

 History, economics, geography, political science, English, Psychology, sociology, philosophy, music, human rights and gender studies, informatics, and fine arts, come under the Arts field.

2. Business 

There are 10 types of business majors. Some of them are Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Finance, International Business, Human Resources, Health services administration, and Management Information systems.

3. Health Professions:

Health maintenance is an important aspect of life. This profession gives immense happiness while treating patients and curing diseases. Jackson College is one of the colleges that give health profession courses. Some of the courses in the health profession offered by Jackson college are 

1. Allied health

2. Cardiac sonography

3. Dental Hygiene

4. EKG Technician

5. Emergency Medical Services

6. General Sonography

7. Nursing

8. Radiography

9. Medical Assistant etc.

4. Humanities:

If anyone is creative or imaginative or innovative if anyone likes to make crafts, draw, or play a musical instrument. Humanities is the best career choice.

1.3D design and animation

2. Art

3. Associate in Applied Science

4. Associate in Arts

5. Associate in General studies

6. Communication

7. Digital Photography

8. English 

9. Graphic Design

10. History

11. Music etc. These are the courses that come under Humanities offered by Jackson College.

5. Science and Engineering:

In contemporary times Science and Engineering are rapidly growing. And students who are innovative and have more passion for science can choose this as their major. Science and Engineering have a lot of scope in the future. Science is the way of discovering what is in the universe and how it is useful to mankind. Some of the courses that come under science and engineering are – 

  1. Associate in Applied Science
  2. Engineering
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Professional Trades and Agriculture:

Agriculture is the backbone of every country, So, Agriculture Sector has a high priority which has never changed over a period. Some courses come under professional trades and agriculture are

1. Advanced Manufacturing

2. Agriculture Technology

3. Electrician

4. Energy Systems

5. Lineworker Pre-Apprentice

6. Occupational Studies

Students who want to choose Agriculture as their major at Jackon College can learn about the latest technologies and fertilizers in the agriculture field which is useful for their career.

Student Activities:

Athletics is the main activity every student needs to participate in any college. Athletics gives students physical and mental wellness. Jackson College has an athletic trainer. Students interested in participating in Athletics need a pre-participation physical examination form and screening test. Katelyn Canterbury is an athletic trainer at Jackson College. She has more experience in Athletics.

Jackson College Athletics fields are:

JC Fieldhouse

Ella Sharp Park

Softball Field

Baseball Field

Soccer Field

Suburban Lanes Bowling Alley


Jackson college is the best college to choose in the United States with all its facilities and a lot of courses with workshops etc. Everything is useful for students’ best careers.so Jackson college is the best choice for many students.