Where Is Gordon College?

Gordon College is a private Christian university located in the Massachusetts town of Wenham. There are 33 majors, 38 concentrations, 21 minors (both pre-professional and interdisciplinary), and 2 Post graduation degrees (in education and music). Out of the roughly 1,600 undergraduates at Gordon, students represent more than 50 different Christian denominations. In 1889, Adoniram Judson Gordon founded the Boston Missionary Training Institute. The school has always been a forward-thinking place, accepting male and female students from a wide variety of backgrounds from its inception in 1889. In 1916, metaphysical college, Gordon Bible College, and in 1919, it moved to a larger building on the Fenway that Martha Frost had donated.

Where is Gordon College?

Where is Gordon College?

Wenham, Massachusetts, is a suburban neighborhood 25 miles north of Boston, and it is here that Gordon College may be found. Because of its closeness to some of the country’s most major cities and the ocean, Gordon is a suitable spot from which to take in the sights and sounds of New England’s seaside and explore the world beyond.

Academic fields 

To foster the intellectual growth of students who are highly driven, academically curious, and show great future potential leaders in the service of faith and community, Gordon’s Honors & Scholars Programs are in place and character growth. Students should choose a major that helps them achieve their personal goals for college and beyond. Gordon’s honors programs challenge its brightest and most ambitious students to pursue graduate work; the student’s religious beliefs and academic performance will both improve.

The mission and vision of Gordon College

• Gordon College’s mission is to educate men and women of intellectual and Christian maturity who are committed to serving others and are capable of taking on leadership responsibilities locally and globally. Students come to Gordon from all over the world because of the intentional Christian community there, places like Harvard University in Boston, the first university in the United States, which shares our heritage of respecting the marriage of faith and intellect, and where students may immerse themselves in a predominantly Christian community while receiving an exuberant education in the liberal arts. Employers place a premium on applicants, who think beyond the box, can analyze problems, convey their ideas clearly, and make ethical choices. To conclude-Gordon has concluded that liberal arts education students develop these.

• Their top priority is to set our students up for success over the long run in all aspects of their lives (spiritual, intellectual, personal, and professional), from their first job after college and beyond (into fields that do not yet exist). A solid liberal arts education provides flexibility and agility at a time when individuals are likely to move jobs (not just companies) throughout a career.·  

 Life outside the classroom at Gordon College

• At Gordon, your dorm room is more than simply a place to sleep; it is where you will make many of your lifelong memories. Joining this group will connect you to a supportive network that will foster your personal, intellectual, professional, and social growth throughout your time at university. You can meet new people, learn about other cultures through floor fellowship activities, and study at campus coffee shops with friends.

• Gordon College offers several opportunities for students to get involved, including student government, religious groups, athletics, and a Campus Events Council. Drama clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Habitat for Humanity are just some of the student-led community service and outreach organizations on campus.

• Many of Gordon College’s community service initiatives are run in conjunction with organizations in other locations, fur example Lynn Housing Authority in Massachusetts. During the school year, many student-run organizations plan service and mission trips to different locations across the country and globally during spring, winter, and summer break.

Major in campus events for the students

You can save money and time by combining bachelors and post-graduate degrees into one convenient package. A number of graduate degrees, including those in finance, ministry, education, counseling and other seminary degrees, can be earned faster than usual at Gordon.

The Gordon college academic strategy

• Gordon combines the best of a liberal arts education with having Christian faith, allowing students to explore their personal calling throughout more than 90 majors and minors. Gordon College confers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

• It has 27 undergraduate majors, 42 minors, and 11 pre-professional and interdisciplinary minors. One can get a Post graduate degree in either music or education from Gordon. 

• The Master of Education is also offering  Graduate Education. Workshops, a Master of Music degree, and licensure-only paths are all part of the Graduate Music program.

Eligibility for admission

Having a 2.5 GPA overall and a C or better in every area course would be best. Submit a single letter of reference (professional reference or refer faculty. 


Gordon College’s stated mission is to produce “men and women distinguished by intellectual maturity and Christian character, committed to lives of service and also prepared for leadership throughout the world,” the college’s Student Learning Outcomes make this connection between the curriculum and goal-oriented language. The Objectives for Learners provide a perfect groundwork, and the s separate departments then represent a desired outcome unified set of observable traits that are the traits of graduates of the different majors. Detailed information on each academic program may be found on its prime website, and statements of learning can be found below.


1. How to apply for admission to Gordon college?

A. Use the Common App to apply online for college admission. Make a humble request: Your transcript must be sent to admissions@gordon.edu directly from your school counsellor. On the college portal, you can also be sent the aforementioned materials (Naviance, Scoir, Parchment, etc.).

2. How would you link Gordon College and Gordon Conwell?

A. The graduate seminary school at Gordon College began in the early 1930s and is whence the “Gordon” part of Gordon-Conwell gets its name, which is also identified as Gordon Divinity School.

3. What are the fees for taking admission to Gordon College?

A. The total cost of your higher education will vary based on the degree the student desires and the college you decide to attend. Annual tuition and fees can cost anywhere from $ 10,000 to $55,000. (indicative).