Where is Davidson College Located?

In 1837, a college was founded in North Carolina by the Presbyterians of North Carolina to cater to the needs of liberal arts students. It welcomes students and staff from all parts of the world with different ethnicities, races, and other differences as it respects diversity. Let’s know Where is Davidson College Located?

Where is Davidson College Located?

Where is Davidson College Located?

The college is found in the serene environment of the town of Davidson in North Carolina, which is approximately 20 minutes from the north of North Charlotte. Therefore, the students have the advantage of experiencing city life and a very relaxing environment throughout their time in the college. The town of Davidson is a small town harboring a couple of small businesses alongside several known restaurants. Being small, the city offers a sense of communal unity where the students can feel belonging. With the small distance from the school to the downtown, students can take a stroll from the school to enjoy shopping and the market day with the locals, which takes place on Saturday morning. Just a mere 20 minutes south of Davidson College is the largest city in North Carolina. The city offers professional sports, art and theatre, proper and diverse dining, and a variety of nightlife activities. Charlotte is also home to 10 fortune 500 companies that elevate its name. This city offers a little something for each interest, from sports to shopping to amusement parks, Broadway shows, and many more. That is not enough; the Davidson College society has exclusive access to Lake Norman through the college lake campus, which is about five minutes from the main campus. Lake Norman is accessed by a larger population as it combines the communities of Mooresville, Huntersville, and Cornelius. Considering the metropolitan population of Charlotte, the close-knit community of the town of Davidson, and Lake Norman, Davidson college students are placed at a point where they have a lot of opportunities at their disposal for the use of their own good. 

Davidson College and its Surroundings

Town of Davidson

Being home to Davidson College, this town is basically home to the students of the college. This is where they spend most of the time that is not their school time. In most colleges, students have a habit of finding hangout spots in the town, and this is no different. The students of Davidson College have a popular hangout spot in the town which is a café by the name Summit Coffee as voted in one of the magazines in the town. Every Saturday, both students and locals get to enjoy a market day and get to take home fresh local produce and cooking tips from visiting chefs. 


Being the closest city to the college, it provides a great chance for diversity for the students of the college as it offers an activity for all possible fields. Since the college is based on arts, Charlotte suits it since it offers a great sporting culture, several theater shows, including Broadway, and many more fields concerning arts. 

Lake Norman

Lake Norman connects four different communities; Davidson, Mooresville, Huntersville, and Cornelius. These towns offer exquisite shopping and outdoor experiences, and all of them are located just about a 10 to 15 minutes drive from the college. Huntersville is known for the shopping centre it harbours, which is a shopping space that caters for the entire Charlotte area. Mooresville, on the other hand, is widely known for being the home of many racing teams in the USA. Cornelius is otherwise a smaller town compared to the other three, but it has a growing economy made up of several grocery shops and restaurants.


Davidson College is located in North Carolina, in the town of Davidson, which is just a mere twenty minutes from Queen City, Charlotte. The college is also part of the community around Lake Norman, along with other smaller communities. The college is considered part of the community of the town of Davidson. With these surroundings, the students are presented with more than enough opportunities to explore life. Furthermore, this provides a very conducive living and studying environment for the students.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What makes Davidson college popular?

Davidson is a liberal arts college that offers 21 sports at NCAA level 1. It is ranked among the best and most selective liberal arts colleges in the United States.

  1. Which courses does Davidson College Offer?

The college offers 37 major courses and 38 minor courses, inclusive of 15 interdisciplinary courses and five pre professional courses.

  1. What is the average tuition fee for Davidson College?

During 2018-2019, the average tuition fee at Davidson college was $ 51,447.

  1. Where do Davidson college students live?

A good number of students choose to line up on-campus in the hostels provided by the school, and it is mandatory for freshmen to live on campus.