Where Is Allegheny College

Allegheny college is a private liberal arts college that was established in  1815 with  approximately  2000  students were registered  at the time of  fall admission two years ago , it is one of the best Institutions in the United  States of America published by National Liberal Arts Colleges, a platform where  Schools are being  rated with respect to  their performance and level of academic excellence. Wondering where this prestigious citadel of learning is located? The ensuing paragraphs will give an exclusive insight on Where Is Allegheny College.

Where Is Allegheny College

To begin with, this great citadel of learning  is the oldest college still existing under the same name  west of the Allegheny  Mountains and  it is approximately 30mins from 1-90 and 1-80, and some  miles off 1-79 in  Meadville Pennsylvania which is in close proximity to the lake of  Erie. In addition, it has a campus size of approximately 600 acres and  it is about 90 miles away from the north of Pittsburgh. However, the institutions curriculum is based per semester  with incredibly  low tuition.  students enrolled into this citadel of learning can select from approximately 30 programs offered by the school  Furthermore, in case of any inquiries regarding the school Admission  you can visit  the admission office by following the description listed below

  • Ply  through  1-70 road and  exit at 147A. stay on Route 322 East and follow the park Avenue you should  Exit on  the right  and after exiting stay on your left
  •  Go through park Avenue and count  six traffic light to Chestnut street after the sixth traffic light,  turn to the right  at the next stop sign and go around Diamond  park. 
  • At the opposite side of the pack follow your  right leading you to the  north main street and after two traffic lights on north main street  bend to the right  and continue  on this part up hill.
  • Go through the Patricia Bush Triple Alumni Center on your right  make sure you yield  to the pedestrian at the crosswalks and at the final 11th gold Allegheny banner, make an  immediate left turn after the 454 House home of the Office of Admission , to locate visitor parking .

Hence, if you are  travelling to the college from the north  you are strongly advised to use   the GPS and be aware that  the GPS may recommend taking exit 154 (Saegertown), which is a  rural route that will not take you through Meadville, instead you should  stay on 1-179 road  continuing to exit  147A.  If you do this , you will pass through  Meadville on your way to the campus.

Student Life and facilities  in Allegheny 

Getting familiar with the student life and facilities on campus will give you a firsthand idea of what to expect on arrival. therefore,  It is mandatory for students to live within the school premises during their entire stay at the college, they may reside in dormitories, apartment style housing, or college owned houses. Allegheny students  come from approximately  33 states and 25 other counties, the demographics of students as of fall 2015 were white (non-Hispanic) 75.9%; Hispanic/Latino 7.0%, Black (non-Hispanic) 5.9%; Two or more races 4.7% Non-resident alien 2.8%, Asian and pacific Islander 2.4%; American Indian or Alaskan Native 0.1%; unknown 12% Students engage  in volunteer activities during fall semester. As a matter of fact , some of the student volunteered to help restore business in hurricane overwhelmed cities,, the new Orleans Residence hall was  also rebuilt. As a method of enhancing classroom management, Classroom  are often closed during summers.

There are about  40 major buildings on about 79-acre (32 ha) in central campus located just north of down town Meadville,  there is an outdoor recreational complex  north of campus for sport enthusiast  called the Robertson Athletic Complex, and an experimental forest  reserve. In addition, the college provides fully finished modern accommodation which has the capacity to accommodate over 200 residents and  air conditioned quarters. The safety of students and properties are never taken with levity. Campus security includes 24-hour foot, patrols vehicles, escort service during  late night,   lighted pathways and sidewalks, gaining access to residence halls is closely monitored, and 24 hour Emergency phone services  in-order to ensure students safety while on campus .

Academic Programs 

Allegheny College’s major and minor programs fall into three categories: Humanities, Natural  Science and Social Sciences. Therefore,  Environmental Studies and International Studies are courses that  fall into the interdisciplinary category. Allegheny college  encourages  students to choose both minor and major program of their choice and they support unusual combination of courses. For instance, a student can enroll into programs in humanities, social sciences or natural sciences, but that students minor must be in a different division than their major . this college is accredited by the  middle States Commission  on Higher Education (MSCHE). However, Students are being encouraged  to take  a three seminar series which enhances  careful listening and reading, writing and speaking.  


Conclusively, this article has provided a  full description of the location  of Alleghany college and other useful information regarding academic programs, and students life on campus for prospective students