Where Is Adrian College?

Adrian college is a liberal arts college. It is a private and coeducational college of liberal arts and science. It is a 4 year traditional and residential institution and offers undergraduate courses and Master’s programs as well. Let us know Where Is Adrian College?

Where Is Adrian College?

Adrian college is located in Adrian, Michigan. It is a 45-minute drive from Ann Arbour and Toledo, Ohio. It was first established in Leoni, Michigan, and was later moved to the current location, Adrian in Michigan.


The college was first established at Leoni, Michigan in 1845 and called the Wesleyan Methodist theological institute. This institute was later called the Michigan Union College. In 1859 the college was moved to Adrian by the efforts of Rev. Asa Mahan, an educator, and anti-slavery leader, who was also the new Adrian college’s first president. Later in 1868, the college was transferred to Methodist Protestant Church.

Adrian college is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission. To make education affordable, Adrian college has financial aid programs for all students.

Location Of Adrian college

The current location of Adrian college is 110 S Madison St, Adrian Michigan 49221.

Before that, the Adrian college originated from Wesleyan Methodists established at Leoni, Michigan. After that, it was moved to Adrian by the efforts of Rev. Asa Mahan.

It is a 90-minute drive from Detroit, Michigan, and 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, Mich., and Toledo, Ohio.


Michigan is a state in America. It is located in the upper midwestern in the U.S in the great lakes region. Detroit is the largest city. It has the 10 largest states in terms of population.

Adrian college at present

Presently, Adrian college has undergraduate and Master’s programs. They have a traditional 2 years master’s program and the new advanced 3+2 master’s programs. Adrian College has 50 pre-professional and Majors programs. It has 10 institutes for education and 44 sports teams.

Adrian College has advanced facilities and everything needed for the growth of a student, both academic and personal. The total college campus is approximately 132 acres and is commonly called a 132-acre textbook by the management. It has also established The Adrian College Campus Safety Department, 24-hour service to assist and provide students safety.

Adrian College has 43 programs and 88% of the staff are well-accomplished in their fields. Adrian College has an 18:1 student-faculty ratio.

They have scholarships from $6000 to $50000. At present they have 1,700 students and 70 student organizations.

According to the US News and World Report site, the Adrian college has the following ranks 

  1. 18 rank in Regional Colleges in the midwest
  2. Ranks in the 5th place in UG teaching 
  3. Has the 12th place in Best value schools.
  4. First place in Most innovative school.
  5. 44th in top performers on social mobility.
  6. 26th place in the first-year experience.

Academics of Adrian college

Below are the courses and programs offered by This college.

The undergraduate programs are provided in the following fields.

  1. Accounting
  2. Business
  3. Economics
  4. Art and design
  5. Communication Arts and science
  6. International studies
  7. Mathematics 
  8. Interior design
  9. Environmental science and studies
  10. Exercise science and athletic training
  11. Geology
  12. History
  13. Arts management
  14. Computer science
  15. Biology
  16. Chemistry and biochemistry
  17. English studies and journalism
  18. Music
  19. Teacher education
  20. Social work
  21. Theatre and dance
  22. Modern languages and culture.
  23. Philosophy
  24. Physics
  25. Political science
  26. Religion
  27. Leadership
  28. Public health
  29. Psychology
  30. Sociology and criminal justice

Graduate program

  1. Accounting
  2. Athletic Training
  3. Education Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Sports Administration and Leadership

Academic services

This college provides various academic programs for its students.

  • Free tutoring -This college provides free tutoring to all students.
  • Accessibility service – accommodation and adaptive equipment.
  • TRIO excel – individual academic plan, grant aid, leadership opportunities, and many more. For more information, the college has provided a mail to ask doubts and gather more information on academic programs.-  academicservices@adrian.edu

Institutions of Adrian college

This College has 10 institutions under it to explore the highly focused interests of students.

  1. Institute of creativity
  2. Institute for health studies
  3. Institute for study abroad
  4. Georgy Romney institute of law and public school
  5. Institute for entrepreneurial studies
  6. Institute for sports medicine
  7. Institute for ethics
  8. Institute for career planning
  9. Institute for education
  10. Institute of cross-cultural studies.

How to apply?

This is the link to their college application.

Select any one of the two options given on the application page, either graduate or undergraduate programs and then you will be requested to login to the Arian college’s website. If you are new to the college site, select new user registration. Fill in all the required information and create the account on the This college site.

The above-given steps are the same for both graduate and undergraduate applications. You can also schedule a campus visit from their website or call the below number to know more about admission (800) 877-2246.

For international students, there is a separate application to be filled. The international student form requests the following details to be entered 

  • Name
  •  Country
  • date of birth  
  • gender
  • city 
  • state 
  • address
  • postal code
  • Email
  • family information
  • and other educational information and some additional information  

After filling in all the necessary details you can click the submit button to apply. You can also mail the form by downloading the application and then attaching it to the mail.


The Adrian college located in Adrian, Michigan is one of the best colleges in the region. This college continues to grow year by year, both its popularity and its education standards. Along with education it also concentrates on various other qualities to make them better. They also take care of theory students and have a separate department for the safety of its students called The This College Campus Safety Department

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1)Who is the current president of Adrian college?

Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking is the current president of the college, he is the 17th president of the college.

2)What is the U.S News overall score for Adrian college?

The total score of This college is 73 out of 100.

3)What is the total strength of the teaching staff?

At present, there are 95 teaching staff.