What to say in a college interview?

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What to say in a college interview?

Standing in front of a college interviewer can be so overwhelming that you become so nervous about having a sweaty palm or developing a high level of discomfort and begin to rack your brain about the best words to counter their question.

What to say in a college interview?

Introduce yourself and the name of the high school you graduated from. Also, the best thing to say when you’re being interviewed for a college interview is do not just reflect in your verbal expression but your composure, body language, and your confidence. 

Tell me about yourself?

Q1. “Tell Me About Yourself?

This is most likely the first question you will be asked. Cover the following areas when you are asked this question. So, own the conversation during this period.

Areas to cover include; 

  • Introduce yourself; your name, your age, and the school you graduated from
  • Where you grow up
  • What you want to study (and why)
  • Details from your life that demonstrate how you’d be a great fit at the college
  • A brief look at what led you to apply to the college or choose your major
  • Your unique passions or interests (connect them to the college if possible)
  • Unique details that capture your personality and help you stand out

STEP ONE: Introduce yourself

the college interviewer wants to know your name, your age, and where you grew up, don’t leave any stone unturned 

Example of a response:

My name is Cole Jones, I am 15 years old, and I graduated from Maryland high school. I grew up in Boston with my parents and my siblings. I’ll like to study medicine and surgery because I want to expand my knowledge about the human body; I’m passionate about saving lives and helping people, setting a transforming healing presence, and dedicating myself to my purpose.

STEP TWO: Your interest 

The interviewer might want to know if your interest aligns with the course you want to study. Go into detail, explain what your interests are, and relate them with the school and the course you want to study.

Example of a response:

My unique personality trait is the drive and passion for succeeding. I wake up every morning having a burning desire to succeed, working towards my dream because it is the only thing that matters to me. My academic interest in knowing more about the physiology of the human body and gaining knowledge to a high degree of expertise 

STEP THREE: Why You Want To Attend Our College

Be technical but don’t go overboard. Calm down! Don’t try to impress the college interviewers; they can always sense the desperation in your voice. So keep it simple and concise!

Example of a response:

I want to attend Harvard University because of its track record of excellence in producing graduates who have risen to a level of stardom in their careers.  

Tips on how to express confidence in telling the college interviewer about yourself 

  • Smile
  • Look straight into the eyes of the interviewer
  • Talk politely
  • Be calm
  • Don’t put pressure on yourself
  • Answer every question truthfully
  • Be yourself 
  • Be neat, iron your shirts, wear a nice perfume

Smile: This might sound very off, but it’s the number one way to ease off stress; smiling makes you more comfortable when you’re talking with people

Look straight into the eyes of the interviewer: Looking straight into their eyes will boost your confidence as they ask you questions; it makes you see through them.

Talk politely: know your boundaries, talk respectfully and have a polite manner and habits.

Be calm: Don’t act clumsy; your interviewer will see you as someone who does not fit into the school, especially when the school is high on morals. 

Don’t pressure yourself: When you enter the office, stop looking around, and don’t be nervous.

Be yourself: The best way to act is to be yourself, don’t act grumpy. Express a good impression of yourself

Be neat, iron your shirt, and wear a nice perfume: The way you dress gives you confidence in yourself. Smell nice; take a mint just before you enter the college interviewer’s office. 

Tips on how to have a successful college interview

  • Have a little knowledge about the school
  • Learn where the interview will be held
  • Bring any transcripts, recommendation letter, resume, or anything that can give you an edge 
  • Turn your smartphone off

Please have a little knowledge about the school: The interviewer can get a little tricky about their questions, know their track records of excellence, some great alma matas 

Learn Where The Interview Will Be Held: Know where the interview will hold, be familiar with the route, the senate building, and the office, ask questions when you need to, and don’t assume.

Bring Any Transcripts, Recommendation letters, Resume, Or Anything That Can Give You An Edge: Show that you’re worth giving an admission; your past success will also speak for you.

Turn Your Smartphone Off: You don’t want to be in the middle of a college interview, in a quiet office, and suddenly, a loud sound or music blares the whole atmosphere. So, save yourself the embarrassment by turning off your phone or putting it on airplane mode.


In conclusion, you cannot sit before a college interviewer and not have your ideas put together. Before you go into the office, you have to refine your ideas and work to the best of your ability; you must pitch like every ounce of your life depends on it. You must not be arrogant; express humility in your words.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What should I say when I’m being interviewed

Introduce yourself in detail

Q2. What is the basic body language I should keep while being interviewed?

Keep eye contact with the interviewer.

Q3. What basic things should I know before going for a college interview?

Don’t mount pressure on yourself, be yourself.

Q4. How should I appear before a college interviewer?

Appear neat, iron your dress, and wear perfume.