What SAT Score is Required for Suny Stony Brook?

SUNY Stony Brook also referred to as Stony Brook University Stony Brook is one of the most vibrant universities in the United States of America and a leading State University in New York. Lets find out what SAT score is required for Suny Stony Brook?

What SAT Score is Required for Suny Stony Brook?

For you to be admitted into Suny Stony Brook University, your SAT score is expected to be 1,335. The SAT score, 25%, is 1,250; while the 75% SAT score is 1,420, according to the school’s admission statistics.

That is to say, if your score is 1,250, it places you below average, while anyone that scored 1,420 is above average. So, the school doesn’t have a specific cut-off mark, but you are expected to score at least 1,250 to be considered for admission to the University.

Requirements For Admission

The school is a great research institution of international repute which is eager to offer to every student a world-class, standard, and qualitative education. It is known for churning out the best brains into the labor market.

Before you will be admitted into Suny Stony Brook University, you must put three important factors into consideration to secure your chances. These factors include your SAT scores, your GPA, and the acceptance rate of the institution. These will go a long way in predicting the possibility of your admission into the school.

GPA Requirements For Admissions

Coming to the second factor which is GPA, the average GPA expected of a new intake of Suny Stony Brook University is 3.84. This entails that you must work very hard for you to be admitted into the University because of its competitive GPAs.

With a GPA of 3.84, you need A’s and to be above average. If your GPA is below the school average of 3.84, you will need a higher score in your SAT exams to compensate and show that you’re ready to study for college academics. This will be leverage for you to measure up effectively with other applicants seeking admission into the school.

SUNY Stony Brook Average SAT Scores Requirements 

The average SAT scores and requirements in Suny Stony Brook University are 1230 -1420.

• Applicants Submitting SAT 85%

• SAT Reading 25%   600

• SAT Math 25%   630

• SAT Composite 25%   1230

• SAT Reading 75%   690

• SAT Math 75%   750

• SAT Composite 75%   1420

• Average SAT Score   1335

This means that Stony Brook University usually expects applicants to be among the top 20 percent of those who sat for the SAT exam. The school always reduces SAT blended scores to 1230 on a leaf of 1600. The estimated average SAT composite for admitted new students is 1340 out of 1600. The school is number 14 in New York for the highest average SAT composite score. A competitive SAT score is very vital since 85% of applicants submit their SAT scores to the school before they will be considered for admission.

Admissions Rate

The acceptance rate at Suny Stony Brook University is very low. It is 44.1% acceptance. This implies that of every 100 students who applied for admission into the school, 44 of them are usually admitted, while the remaining 66 persons miss admission.

This entails that the school is very selective in its admission processes. Therefore, you need to be extremely prepared for your academic scores to best meet their requirements.

Due to the competitiveness of the school, powerful academic performance will ensure your admission.

For the fact that you scored 1335 SAT or above, you don’t have to entertain any fear. When you score about 1420, your admission is certain, because your GPA is approximately the average of 3.84. Also, the decision to admit you into the University doesn’t only rely on your GPA and SAT scores, but also on the complication of your coursework, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. 

The tentativeness of Getting Admission or Not 

• 80-100%: You have a strong tendency of being admitted.

• 50-80%: You are more likely to be admitted.

• 20-50%: You stand a lower but still good chance of getting admission into the University.

• 5-20%: You are not likely to be admitted.

• 0-5%: You won’t be admitted.

Test Score Optional Admission Possibility 

Suny Stony Brook University has approved an optional admissions test for 100-level students applying for admission in the 2023 and 2024 academic sections. 

What Test-optional simply means is that it’s your prerogative to decide whether to submit SAT scores with your application or not. 

Factors to be Considered if You Did Not Report Your Scores

Admission to Suny Stony Brook University is not done based on one factor but a complete examination of a student’s academic track record, in addition to many other academic and personal attributes, including the student’s GPA from his former high school, the strength of curriculum, grades and number of lectures had in some discipline, proof of oversight skills, and other personal qualities through other school activities like sports, field trips, picnics, volunteer work, and other non-academic programs of the University. 


Conclusively, a prospective student of Suny Stony Brook University needs an average of 1335 in his SAT exams for him to be admitted. The school is very competitive considering its standard and academic accomplishments. It is now left for you to decide on what to do, whether to go there or not. If you can get their cut-off SAT mark, you will not regret being admitted to the school.


  •  Do You Know if You are to Submit Your Score During Application for Admission?

If you believe that your test scores completely indicate your proficiency and support your application processes, you may elect to submit your scores.   

  • How Difficult is it to Secure Admission into SUNY Stony Brook University? 

The University has a 49% acceptance rate ranking it 32% in New York at the cheapest rate of acceptance. Last year, about 18,138 out of 37,083 persons that applied for admission into the University, were admitted, making SUNY Stony Brook a more tough school to get secure admission. All you need to do is to study very hard to score above their average if you want to get admission into the citadel of learning.