What Program Is Oakland University Known For?

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Oakland University is a well-known prestigious university in Michigan, United States and has maintained its reputation since it was established in 1957. But, what is the school known for?

What Program Is Oakland University Known For?

The Oakland University is specifically known for its medicine and human development program with more than 900 graduates from the combination of both courses. In 2021, the school was named the 8th overall for Project Management courses released by Intelligent.com to complement the quality of education at the college that has built students with a highly developed set of technical and modern skills to meet the need of technological development in the world.

What Program Is Oakland University Known For?

The school offers major courses across divergent fields of study which comprise:

  • Applied and Performing Arts 
  • Business Management 
  • Education 
  • Health-related professions 
  • Humanities 
  • Criminology and Securities 
  • Science, Technology, and Mathematics 

Out of the major courses available at Oakland, only 10 major courses have produced over 100 graduates according to a research done by Niche on the universities in the United States. The 10 major courses and the number of students that have graduated under them are shown in the table below:

Major CoursesNumber of graduates
Health Profession309
Human Resources207
Mechanical Engineering182
Liberal Arts and Humanities139
Elementary Education134
Electrical Engineering108

Recognitions That Have Been Received By Oakland University 

In honour of the exceptionalism of Oakland University, it has been awarded and ranked high by several webistes on multiple lists released for the most prestigious colleges in the US and the world at large

  • Forbes 

The University was included in 2016 Forbes’s Edition of America’s Top Colleges with the following honours:

Best Colleges in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties1
Best Public Colleges in Michigan4
Overall Best Schools in Michigan9
Best Universities in Midwest USA122
Best Public College in the United States of America (USA)176
Best Research Universities in the United States of America (USA)  196
  • Intelligent.com

The school is one of the top-ranking colleges in the US on the list of Intelligent.com in 2021 and was ranked according to the table below:  

Best Colleges for Non-Degree Option for Project Management Degree Program8
Best Colleges for Student Services14
Best Colleges in the Midwest20
 Best Colleges for Adult Learners24
 Best Colleges for Product Lifestyle Management24
 Best Colleges for Business Focus27
Best Colleges in Michigan for Part-Time Study29
 Best Colleges for Evening Option41
  • Niche.com 

This website after a thorough evaluation of educational information on the website of the U.S Department of Education and reviews from a lot of people ranked Oakland University based on numerous criteria; some of the criteria and rankings were as follows:  

Best Nursing University in Michigan8
Best University Locations in Michigan9
Best University Campuses in Michigan  9
Best Public Colleges in Michigan10
Best Colleges in Athletics Michigan15
Best Nursing University in America212
Best University Campuses in America261
Best Public Colleges in America262
Best University Locations in America264
Best Colleges in Athletics America522

What Is The Acceptance Rate of Oakland University? 

After going through the major courses and some of the achievements of Oakland University, if you are convinced of the school’s excellence and wish to study one of the major courses it is known for, then it is pertinent that you have an idea of the level of acceptance at the school so that you can accurately predict your chances of making it to the college. 

Fortunately, the level of acceptance at Oakland is very high with most sources suggesting it to be about 81%. This means that out of every 100 students that apply to Oakland, 80 of them are probably going to make the admission list of the school given that they meet the requirements of the of the school. The school admission process is selective and is based on a “highest scorer” policy thereby, increasing your chances of making it to the final list. 

What GPA Does Oakland University Accept?

Stating the GPA that would get you into most colleges in the United States (US) is quite difficult; but a very high GPA is enough to get you into college. On average, a GPA of 3.47 was found to be enough for most students at Oakland University with some As and Bs. However, having Cs in your grades should not discourage you from applying to the school.

Interested students can submit their application to the school with SAT and ACT although you must have performed excellently during the tests. SAT score between 980 and 1210 was said to be enough to apply successfully to the school while an ACT score between 20 and 27 is the average score to get admitted. 

However, students who apply by submitting their SAT scores have higher chances of getting admitted than those that submitted their ACT scores. Therefore, endeavour to put in more effort to pass your SAT examinations to increase your chances of getting into Oakland University.


Oakland University has been a pace-setter in the United States (US) especially, in Michigan areas. Hence, the school is known to produce some of the finest graduates in major courses in the US.

If you want to select the school for a particular programme, maybe this article can help you make the right decisions. 

  1. What GPA do you need to get into Oakland University?

An average GPA of 3.47 is enough to get you into Oakland University 

  1. Is Oakland University hard to get into?

Oakland University is not difficult to get into and has an acceptance rate of 81% 

  1. Is Oakland University a good college?

Oakland University is a good college and has produced some of the world’s notable personalities around the globe. 

  1. What major is Oakland University known for?

Some of the majors Oakland University is known for are nursing, medicine, human resources, and engineering.