What is the Tuition for Fullerton College?  

Fullerton College Tuition Fees for Local and Domestic Students 

Fullerton College is one of the best public community colleges in California among the 112 college systems. It belongs to the North Orange County community and was established in 1913. There are differences in tuition fees in Fullerton college based on California residents and foreigners or students who are out of the state. Typically, it remains at $ 29243 for local residents and $ 35603 for outsiders. Let’s crack the figure and make it easier for you to understand the amount of tuition at Fullerton college. 

What is the Tuition for Fullerton College?  

Initial Level of Costs in Fullerton College

  • $ 1104 for Tuition
  • $ 2267 for Books and supplies
  • $ 50 for other fees 
  • $ 19949 for Assessed off-campus living cost 
  • $ 5873 for Others 

If there are any permanent residents in California for admission to Fullerton college, the annual pay scale will be $ 29243 total. It will be on a full-time basis and the student can manage all of the expenses in this range indeed. As we mentioned above, the fees will be divided into a few categories. 

How to Describe Tuition Fees in Fullerton College Categorically?

Before starting the topic, you must know that fees can be changed depending on the current situation and there are both credit card and check options to pay fees at Fullerton College. 

ID Card and Photo Attachment on Campus

All students need to purchase an identification card on the campus as it is a part of college. This ID card serves as photo identification for the records office, library, administration, bookstore, and various labs. Fullerton College charges $ 3.50 for a campus ID card even if you want to replace or reissue it. 

Enrollment Fees

The enrollment fee of Fullerton College is $ 46 per unit depending on legislative action. 

Course Fee

These fees are distinguished specifically in the class schedule. 

Health Fee

All students need to pay $ 21 per semester as a health fee at Fullerton College. It includes different health services and no one can skip it even if they are not interested. If any student drops from all courses before the date of 10%, the health fee will be returned to their account. 

Non-resident Tuition Fee

$ 331 will be the initial charge for all non-resident students per semester. Those who are non-residents must pay the health fee and enrollment fee.

Non-resident Capital Outlet Fee

All non-resident students will be charged a fee of $ 57 per semester as a capital outlay fee. Enrollment and health fees are included in this capital outlay fee. 

Parking Charges 

Those who own a personal vehicle must pay for the parking as it is given below:

  • For Auto Vehicle, the amount will be $ 40 ($ 20 during summer)
  • For a motorcycle, the amount will be $ 20 ($ 10 during summer) 
  • For those who have CCPG fee Waiver, the amount will be $ 30 ($ 20 during summer)

Representation Fees of Students 

A $ 2 voluntary fee is collected for student representation purposes at the registration time. One dollar ($1) will go to related students to fund sponsorship efforts for Federal, State, and Local governments. The intention is to find student leaders and representatives on behalf of Fullerton College apprentices. The rest of $ 1 will go directly to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC), (an organization of state representatives and legislatures, including the Board of Councils, and Associated Students delegates from all of the California community colleges). 

Transportation Fee (OCTA Pass Program)

Fullerton College has a transportation fee of the bus to school, shopping, and wherever you want. Related students support the partnership with OCTA to implement the college program. 

Veterans Fees 

Fullerton College doesn’t charge upfront fees, late fees, or any registration withheld. Overall, there are no veteran administration fees applicable at Fullerton College. 

Financial Aid at Fullerton College

There are several financial aids available to students including scholarships, grants, student loans, and work-study. the first step in receiving financial aid at Fullerton College is to apply accordingly. Students are allowed to apply for state and federal financial aid through the free application for FAFSA. You can visit the official website of Fullerton College for more clarity. 

How to Start Application at Fullerton College?


The first step is to apply online for all new and returning students.