What is the acceptance rate for Merrimack College?

What is the acceptance rate for Merrimack College?

To know what is the acceptance rate for Merrimack college…..Read on this article…!


One of the crucial factors to check while applying for any college is its acceptance rate. It gives you an idea of what your possibilities are of getting into a particular college. Therefore acceptance rates are always mentioned and checked for during admission processes. It is also a good figure to add to a college profile to invite more or fewer applicants as per the number of available seats.

Various colleges have different acceptance rates. Various factors like the enrollment rate, number of seats, and so on affect the acceptance rate of a college. This article tells you about Merrimack college and its acceptance rate which is around 80%. Also, read about why their acceptance rate is as high as it is. 

What is an acceptance rate?

An acceptance rate is not to be confused with an enrollment rate. While the two concepts are similar and affect each other, their meanings are different. An acceptance rate is a percentage that tells you how willing or open colleges are to enroll you into their college. In simpler words, a percentage of the number of students a particular college accepts. 

It is necessary to understand that having high acceptance rates doesn’t mean a college is bad. While yield rates help in deciphering the rank and popularity of a college, acceptance rates are affected by these and other factors. 

About Merrimack College 

One of the private universities in Massachusetts is Merrimack College. Although it has a few programs and courses to offer, its enrollment rate is over 54,000 students. This tells of their facilities and services which are bound to be exceptional. Merrimack college aims to provide not just education but also wisdom. The university has been growing over the past few years and has bagged a few ranks as well. Apart from courses and programs for degrees, they also have a few other internships and other course opportunities. 

Merrimack college acceptance rate and reasons for the same 

Merrimack College has had a solid acceptance rate in the past few years. As of today, the acceptance rate is 81.9%. This rate has been more or less the same for the last 5 years and has not seen much change. 

Note that they receive way more applicants than they accept. Merrimack usually receives over 10,000 students out of which around 8000 are accepted while 2000 are enrolled. These numbers have their differences as the years’ pass but not by much. You may be wondering if that’s the case then how their acceptance rate is so high? Here’s why:

  • Enrollment rate

Merrimack College has a lower enrollment rate. This doesn’t necessarily mean the college is bad. On the contrary, the college prefers accepting students over directly confronting them given the high number of applicants. They give priority to the higher statistics that already fill up the majority of their seats. 

  • Lower financial packages

Compared to other private institutions, the fees and financial requirements at Merrimack aren’t as high and difficult to meet. They have more affordable packages which grant them way more applicants than they need leading to a higher acceptance rate. 

  • Requirements 

The genuine requirements of applying at Merrimack are high. Factors like a good GPA, rankings, records, and others are already set at a higher bar. Despite this fact, the college receives many potential applicants reducing their need to enroll students. This also contributes to a higher acceptance rate.

  • A higher number of applicants 

Merrimack has a higher number of applicants than most institutions around the area. While there are other good colleges, this one receives the most number of applications leading to their higher acceptance rates as compared to other colleges. 

  • Promotion of education 

The university aims to promote education in their area and even to other students. Therefore, their acceptance rates are fairly high. Merrimack does have its high ranks and other requirements but other than that, they have quite a fair admitting process that increases their numbers. 


Merrimack college is an open and welcoming institution. They have their procedures and requirements but apart from that, they believe in accepting as many students as possible. Moreover, they aim to give students a chance to try rather than personally selecting and enrolling students which have led to their increasing acceptance rates. 

  • Has Merrimack’s acceptance rates changed over the years? 

Yes. However, there has only been a minor change of around 0.5% or so in Merrimack’s acceptance rates over the last few years.

  • What is Merrimack’s enrollment rate? 

Merrimack has between 2000 t0 5000 enrolled students on its campus. This is due to their open acceptance and admission towards applications from students. 

  • Is it bad that Merrimack has a high acceptance rate?

Not really. While Merrimack’s enrollment rate may be lower than others, its high acceptance rate does not derive that they’re a bad college. They’re quite popular in Massachusetts. And their high acceptance rate is because they promote education and believe in allowing students to give their shot.