What Is A College Target?

When it comes to the target of every college, it depends on the country where the college is. Some colleges are looking for the best students through test scores, and this will help give them the name of the best in academics, while some would prefer money over getting the best students. Whichever way, the target of every college is nothing but to make money and bring the best out of students. Let’s see what Is A College Target?

What Is A College Target?

College tends to prepare students to face real-life challenges in the larger Society. Additionally, the transformation students usually get in college is what matters more than anything else.

The following are the targets of every college.

1. Strong Academic Credentials;

Most schools will use your credentials From your former school as a focal point to ascertain whether or not you’re qualified to be in their school. When you have a good academic record, you pass the first target of every college.

2. Financial Support;

Every established college intends to make money. So even if you have the best academic credentials from your former school and you’re not capable of meeting up with the college’s expenditure, you have failed to meet their target in this regard.

3. Admission test scores;

As a student, you’re expected to exceed or get the equivalent cut-off mark of every college you aspire to get into. A college can’t admit all its prospective students. So the only way to target the best students is through the school’s entrance exams. Once you pass the exam, you have gotten access to the University.

The positive outcome of going to college.

1. Training to give back;

The tutors in college always give more than enough knowledge irrespective of being underpaid. Students tend to emulate this attitude. When I graduated from college, I was preparing to get into University. So within one year of my preparation, I decided to help the high school in my community by accepting to teach the students voluntarily without requesting any payments. I observed that they lack teachers in the school because of the community’s underdevelopment. My mother, including my family members, thought I was insane. But then I accepted the challenge, and while engaging myself with the students, I felt an overflowing joy on the inside because the students were very happy and were enjoying every bit of my teaching. Seeing those students happy was the major reason for My happiness. I realized that nothing gives more happiness than giving back. We are successful by what we get, but we are happy by what we give.

2. The Impact of a never give up spirit.

The willpower I have learned from school has helped me in various areas of life. If not because of college, I wouldn’t have the experience to keep fighting until I actualize my goals. For instance, somehow, the country where I came from is academically backward. It takes a lot of years of stress to be admitted into the University of your choice. It’s a result of corruption and misplaced priority. You can only get access to better education if you have connections. So I wrote pre-university exams for five years before getting admission into the University of my choice. It was a terrible experience to undergo such a struggle. But what made it a remarkable experience was that I never gave up. I was committed to getting into the University of my choice, whatever it would cost. I was willing to do it.

3. It instills the spirit of competition;

One of the greatest personality traits is giving yourself a challenge and then winning in the end. The college will provide the platform for that. In My school, I challenge myself to be the overall best student. It was very hard for a male to be the overall best student. Females had been at the top of the class. It became a challenge to the boys in our set. We were very ambitious to take the position from the girls. I took it upon myself to take extreme ownership of my studies. I never had the chance to think of other things apart from the overall best position. The mental preoccupation with becoming the overall best student made me start a reading group known as the science club. I established the club to use it to get prepared ahead of our teacher. I would get a topic, prepare a note, and teach it. I gained a lot from the club. In the end, I was the overall best student.


The target of every college, more than anything else, is to get the best out of its students. And then, the impact students get while in school will assist them in making the world a better place because they have been made better individuals while in college.