What grades do you need for Durham College?

Durham College is also known as the Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology. It is a public college and was founded in Canada in 1967. It has two campuses in Canada, one is located in Ontario, and the second is in Whitby. Approximately 44,000 students studied there. In this article we shall see what grades do you need for Durham College?

At least a C grade, and a 2.0 GPA need for any student at Durham College. It has a right to hold any policy about grading changing according to the marketplace. It provide the time scale for courses, programs, and diplomas. Every student should complete the course according to its academic calendar.

What grades do you need for Durham College?

Grades Criteria and Information For Durham College

  • What are the grades
  • Measuring tools of the grades
  • Distribution of the grades 

What are the Grades?

  • Grades define the student’s ability and its role in his education year. 
  • It  illustrates the student’s achievement and differentiates him from the other students. 
  • Many institutions organize the educational grading policy for the students to get degrees so the student has worked hard to achieve succeeding his course.
  • This grading system also gives detailed information about the student’s performance and evaluates the learning ability position.
  • It gives the student educational identification, upgrading, educational trail, delayed promotion, and termination.

Measuring Tools of the Grades

  • Students’ grades will measure through scores of course numbers or assign according to it. These numbers are also helpful for evaluating Semester Grade Point Average( SGPA) and Program Grade Point Average (PGPA).
  • Judgment with the remarks pass or fail, and satisfactory or unsatisfactory is the outcome of the student’s ability and proficiency at the end of the course or program. But it is also illustrated that students have completed his course with the skill.
  • Some remarks are also associated with the grades to enhance its grades details and student learning outcomes. These are remarkable grades such as Pass, Fail, Satisfactory (SAT), unsatisfactory (UNSAT), Aegrotat grade (AEG), and the Audit (AU) Grade.

Distribution of the Grades

Grades are distributed according to the score of the student as well as assign the letter grade and also grade point fot the Post- Secondary program. Any one can easily understand through this; Scores Range/ Letter grade / Grade Point(GPA) of the grades distribution policy.

  • from 90 to 100/ A+/ 5.0
  • from 85 to 89 / A / 4.5
  • from 80 to 84 / A- / 4.0
  • from 75 to 79 / B + / 3.5
  • from 70 to 74 / B / 3.0
  •  from 65 to 69 / B – / 2.5
  • from 60 to 64/ C / 2.0
  • from 55 to 59 / D + / 1.5
  • from 50 to 54 / D / 1.0
  • Below 50 / F / 0.0.

The distribution of the grades for the Apprenticeship Program is also following these criteria, this is a difference If the numeric grade range is below 70 so it will be equivalent to F, and the grade point is considered 0.0.

What is Aegrotat Grade (AEG)?

An Aegrotat grade is a grade to assign a student with an unexpected condition when the student is not able to attend the examination or could not carry on the course or program. This grade is also waiting for the Dean’s permission or approval, so the student gets benefits from it.

What is an Audit (AU) Grade?

An Audit grade is without any score, grade, and assessment. If the student does fulfill the course requirement at the end of the course. Thus he does receive this grade. This grade prevents a student from any rejection and other grade implications on the educational grades.

How does the student enroll again in any failed course at Durham College?

The student will get the fixed authentic confirmation letter from the Executive Dean. So he will conduct the failed course and the advanced program in the future. If the student takes a repeat or enrolls again in the course. Thus according to the policy, the high last grade will estimate and illustrate your SGPA, and PGPA.

Does the Grades Change at the Durham College?

Yes, if the instructor wishes to exchange the learner grade, So he can make the change. Now instructor fills out the Grade Change Form and forwards it from the office. The Executive Dean also inspects the application and makes a recommendation about the grade exchange. Thus Durham College moves this application again to the SES. So the new grades are uploaded in the history of the students. Management also informs students about the new grade.

How do Keep the Durham College student’s privacy about their grades

It is the student’s right that Durham College not publicize or advertise any student grade. They also can not transmit these grades through phone calls or by email. For any decision, they will require a student’s permission.


For best implication and quality, the educational institute makes the policies that illustrate the institute’s discipline and organization. The Durham College grade criteria are not so high as Grade C with a 2.0 GPA. So if any student can study at the average level, thus he meets the grade criteria. But keep in mind that hardworking is an old tool for success, so the student should not learn for grades but growing skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)When do students receive their grades?

Students will get the grades and their documentation at the end of the program, and this documentation is authorized and authentic by Durham College. 

2) How do take the Durham Colledge student’s information?

Durham College does provide and keeps the student grading and promotion information with the documentation arranged in the student information system also called Banner. It is also comfortable to the connection with the student.

3) What is the contact number of Durham College?

Anyone can contact for admission at Durham College by phone at 905.721.3000.

4) What is DC Cares?

DC Cares is a platform where anyone participates and convey the message or gets any desired knowledge about Durham College and its related concerns.