Is Saint Xavier University safe?

Colleges are sometimes unsafe for students. This can be a result of the crime rate at that particular time or a lack of good security. Regardless, attempts must be made to keep a university environment safe at all times. In this article we shall see if Saint Xavier University is safe?

Saint Xavier University has been known to be guilty of criminal offenses like rape, fondling, incest, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. However, there is an intentional effort on the part of the university to curtail the problem of its excessive crime rate. 

Is Saint Xavier University safe?

What Makes Saint Xavier University Unsafe?

Saint Xavier University is the oldest Catholic college in Ohio, and one of the best Catholic universities. It was founded in 1831. It is a school of fun and politics, which is also graded high in terms of academic standards and discipline. Nonetheless, it is not without its shortcomings.

A random survey might prove Xavier University safe for its student. However, since the 2018/2019 session, there has been a lot of increase in crime rates, and the campus has become unsafe for students.

According to the crime statistics of the United States (U.S.) Department of Education’s Safety and Security Data, the four types of crimes common on campuses are arrested for major crimes, violence against women, arrests for possession, and disciplinary actions. 

Saint Xavier University reported 458 crime and incident-related incidents. These incidents happened in the residence hall in 2019. Some of the crime-related incidences that took place include the following:

I) Major Crimes

II) Violence against women

III) Disciplinary-related actions

IV) Criminal offenses

Major Crimes

Major crimes warrant immediate arrest. The Xavier University Police didn’t hesitate to arrest any student found guilty of major crimes. Examples of major crimes are terrorism, murder, sex offenses, robbery, trafficking, etc. In 2019, 36 major crimes were recorded at Xavier University, and this created a period of unrest around the campus.

Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a crime that also warrants a sort of legal discipline. This involves rape, domestic violence, assaults, bullying, stalking, etc. These are serious offenses and must be stopped. It is a good thing that the school did not see all of these as norms that should be tolerated, rather, the system does all it can to fight these crimes. 

Disciplinary-Related Actions

These crimes are also similar to major crimes. Some of them include theft, arson, drugs, consenting to partake in crimes, and many more. Students are not meant to carry out such activities both within and outside campuses. But in a case whereby they are found engaged in such offenses, then they must be disciplined accordingly. In some cases, they are expelled, and some other times, they are suspended. The campus should be a safe place for students to live, so every attempt must be made to curb these crimes. 

Criminal Offenses

These can involve crimes such as possession of weapons, alcohol and drug violations, burglary, and all sorts of felonies. These crimes are punishable by jail sentences and any student caught in the act is not spared. 

From the above, there is a reason to understand why Xavier University has intensified its security and safety measures so that it can protect the students of the college. 

Safety And Security Measures To Curb Xavier University Crimes

To maintain law, security, and order, Xavier University owns a State-Certified Police Department. To ensure that the campus is safe all the time, the police department provides the following service:

I) The Police patrol around the campus every day and night.

II) The Police Department utilizes Blue Light Assistance phones, which are placed around strategic points on the campus.

III) There also is in place secured cards, which grant students access to their halls of residence.

IV) The Police Department tries to instill into the hearts of students the idea of peace, by organizing an annually-held crime prevention program.

V) The department also teaches the student some self-defense tactics. 

If the above services are taken seriously, then there is bound to be an enormous decrease in the crime rate at Xavier University. Through the annually-held crime prevention program, some ethics will be inculcated into the hearts of the students. They will get to understand the various disadvantages associated with crimes and understand that they do not have anything to gain when they participate in criminal acts, rather, they have a lot to lose. Besides, staying away from crime would only help improve the name and prestige of the school, thereby making the students themselves proud alumni.


Although there has been a high rate of crime at Saint Xavier University, it is good that the university is making an intentional effort to combat these crimes. As long as Saint Xavier University is consistent with this effort, the rate of crime in the university would be reduced to the barest minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Is Saint Xavier University a bad university?


No, it is not. It is a university that is doing everything within its power to combat crime.

2) Is Saint Xavier University a Catholic University?


Yes, Saint Xavier University is a Jesuit-owned Catholic University.