What GPA Is Needed For Ball State?

Ball state university (BSU), which laid its foundation as a small teacher training institute, is now recognized all over the world as an extensive and outstanding university.  Admission into BSU is nigh an impossible task for an under-average student. They evaluate their cardinals based on their academic proficiency, consistent and positive grade trends, and intellectual ideology. What GPA Is Needed For Ball State? Let’s find out What GPA Is Needed For Ball State?

What GPA Is Needed For Ball State?

Apart from all the above standards, the following three areas are the foremost necessity for admission at BSU:

·       GPA 

·       SAT score

·       ACT score

GPA requirement at BSU

  • The min GPA score required to join any graduate program at BSU is 2.75 -3.5.  
  • If a student opts for submitting his/her test scores, these must be sent directly to the university portal.
  • The original official transcripts of the GPA score must be sent to the university portal.
  • Let’s make it even simpler, fulfilling even the min GPA credentials won’t get you an assured seat at BSU, you need a score above average for qualifying.

 SAT and ACT score requirements at BSU

  • Although they are optional requirements, they play a key role to accentuate your application.
  • You need a minimum of 1160 SAT scores and 23 ACT scores to get into BSU.
  • For international candidates, applicants should have a minimum required score of 500 in SAT Critical Reading Section and 21 in the ACT English section.
  • Ball State is very critical about SOPs in selecting their cardinals, having an acceptance rate of just 65%. 

Application requirements

APPLICATION PORTALBSUADMISSIONSBall State University Online Portal.ONLINE application
OTHER DOCUMENTSA completed application high School transcripts sat or ACT Scores (optional)Add your financial documents that included: personal funding, private scholarship, Ball State Sponsorship, etc. Copy of passport officials transcript Bachelors/Master’s Degree(GRADUATE)LOR to study in the US(GRADUATE)Resume(GRADUATE)
Official High School transcripts SAT or ACT Scores (optional)following courses-4 years of English3 years of Mathematics3 years of Social Studies3 years of the scientific study of any Foreign language (optional)Transcripts
GPA of 2.75

Ball state UG application procedure

The online portal of BSU has made the application process easy and secure, you just need to follow the following simple steps:

Step 1: Go to BSU online portal, UG admission section.

Step 2: Log in to continue your application, or sign in for a fresh application

Step 3:Ffill out the application 

Step 4: Submit the required documents

Step 5: Submit your application

Step 6: Apply for financial aid.

And it is done!!

You just need to check out some of the bullet points like:

  • Select your applicant type correctly.
  • Check out the criteria for transfer students or international students.
  • You must complete your application two weeks before the start of the semester.
  • Students who are applying for financial aid and scholarships should keep in mind the deadlines of application for availing scholarships.

Ball state PG application procedure

Step 1: Get your transcripts ready.

Step 3: Fill out the online application.

Step 4: Pay the application fee (nonrefundable) via various payment gateways available like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Step 5: Confirm your enrollment

For fee waivers, there are some special provisions like:


You are not likely to pay the application fee if you are a:

  • McNair Scholar
  • Alumni of BSU or currently enrolled students.
  • Ball State existing employee.
  • veteran or active-duty military
  • guest students, hovering over credits for college transfer.
  • A student who attended the ball street graduate information program.

If you come under one of these categories, then make sure to select the fee waiver option in the application.  While selecting the “attended the information session “ option in the fee waiver section, list out the information gained and the title of the session.

BALL STATE International Application Procedures

Step 1: Review Admission Criteria

Step 2: Apply for Admission

Step 3: Submit your Transcript and Academic Records

Step 4: Submit Your Passport Copy and Financial Statement for eligibility.

Step 5: Register for eShipGlobal, this is an important step to receive Your Admissions & Immigration Documents

There are some important deadlines that you just can’t ignore in your application process:

Dates and Deadlines – the college porta; must receive all your application documents within this period mandatorily”

  • Admission in Fall Term – application submitted by June 15th
  • Admission in Spring Term  – application submitted by November 15th
  • Admission in Summer Term  – application submitted by March 15th

Popular courses offered

  • MBA  
  • Psychology (MA)    
  • Statistics (MA/MS) 
  • Visual art (MFA) etc.


Ball State is competitive but ain’t that difficult to get in, it is not a test score credential institute so you can skip your SAT score. They evaluate a  student not only on their academic efficiency but also based on their extracurricular activities and their striking persona.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are other schools present like BSU?

               Other schools equivalent to BSU are:

  1. Is SAT score compulsory for admission at BSU?

SAT score is not an essential criterion required for admission into BSU, it just adds to your application credibility. BSU  evaluate a  student not only on their academic efficiency but also based on their extracurricular activities and their striking persona.

  1. Is BSU so competitive?

BSU is tough to get into but not impossible, it is not a test score credential institute so you can skip your SAT score. They evaluate a  student not only on their academic efficiency but also based on their extracurricular activities and their striking persona.

  1. How can I apply for BSU?

A student to apply for their preferred course by filling out the application form present at BSU online portal.

  1. What is the ball state acceptance rate?

Ball State is having an acceptance rate of 65%, which that means for every 100 students who applied 65 students are having a chance to get admission.