What does CSS means in college?

To know What does CSS means in college….Read on this article….!

An abbreviation like CSS could mean a lot of things to a lot of people in different fields. From Catholic Secondary School to Computer Science and Systems Engineering and even to Certified Semen Services, one could easily be overwhelmed to stick to one meaning.

What does CSS means in college?

So it is necessary to state that the meaning of the abbreviation is dependent on the context or field in question. The abbreviation means something more intriguing to college students, and that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

CSS, when used in college, is an acronym for College Scholarship Service, a financial division of the College Board. This division is in charge of taking the records of students’ financial status as well as granting aid to needy students through their College Scholarship Service Profile, popularly known as CSS Profile.

How Does CSS Help College Students?

Not all students can comfortably take care of their school expenses without foreign aid. Hence, the need for a scholarship or any form of financial assistance to help lighten their burden. And that’s what CSS helps these students achieve. This division of the College Board gathers students’ financial data and makes it easier for scholarship schemes and other non-federal government grants to locate the best-fit students for their grants by simply going through their profiles.

What is CSS Profile About?

If you need money to keep up with college expenses and you have not filled your CSS Profile, you seriously need to read this. The CSS Profile is now the go-to profile used by most colleges in the US to determine who is qualified for financial aid and who is not. The CSS is almost the same as FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), but the difference is that CSS goes more in-depth into applicants’ financial conditions than FAFSA and is not used to get Federal grants and scholarships.

Also, FAFSA is only for US citizens, while CSS is open to international students, which makes it even more widely used. It doesn’t, however, replace FAFSA but is used in collaboration with it.

So now you know how important a CSS profile is. It’s high time you knew what CSS Profile is and how to fill yours. College Scholarship Service Profile is an online profile of college students in need of extra funds to fuel their schooling and is administered by the CSS. The CSS profile allows students (both local and international) in United States Colleges to apply for non-federal assistance and reduce their financial burdens.

It is filled alongside the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to keep students up to date on their eligibility to receive financial help while in school.

What Documents Would One Need in Filling Their CSS Profile?

Before getting started on your CSS application, ensure you have these documents ready.

  1. Current Bank Statement to keep track of your financial activities.
  2. Student’s and Parents’ SSN or SIN if applicable.
  3. W-2 forms and other records of income.
  4. Recently updated Tax records
  5. Recent Mortgage information.
  6. Record of savings, stock, and other investments.
  7. Benefits and untaxed income records

How to Fill Your CSS Profile

Once your documents are ready, you can begin to fill out your application and get well on your way to securing those funds.

  • STEP ONE: Go to the CSS Profile website and select the academic year that you would begin college and possibly receive the aid.
  • STEP TWO: Go to College Board and log into your account. You should already have an account from your SAT or AP, but if you don’t have one, you can easily create an account.
  • STEP THREE: Start filling out the form. You’ll be required to fill in your relationship status with your parents and the colleges you would want your profile to be sent to, and you will have to answer a few questions depending on the colleges you filled in the form.

You can always save your progress so far and come back to it later.

  • STEP FOUR: You will have to fill out the details of your parent’s financial status in your local currency. These include; assets, retirement plans, employment details, and more for two years preceding your intending college year.
  • STEP FIVE: Next is to fill out your personal data. Your properties, jobs, income, and assets are needed here if you have any.
  • STEP SIX: Finally, you answer some questions supplied based on the colleges you applied to.

Once all these are filled, you’ll see a green tick before the section name. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s before clicking submit.

The process is not as strenuous as it starts, and you can choose not to fill it all out at once.


This article has done enough justice to questions and objections as relates to CSS and CSS Profile. Some tips and steps to take in filing your CSS profile have also been added. CSS aims to aid students financially and is a facility specifically designed for that purpose.  college students feel free to avail of the same!

Frequently Asked Questions On CSS

What is the full meaning of CSS?

CSS stands for College Scholarship Service, a division of the College Board.

Is CSS Profile Compulsory for all college applicants?

Of course not! It’s for you only if you NEED financial aid. If you don’t apply for CSS, you’ll still be considered for admission into any college of your choice, provided you meet the requirements of that college. Not filling a CSS would even put you more at an advantage as you don’t appear to be a burden to the college you’re applying to. But if you need financial assistance, especially as an international student, you should go fill out your CSS profile now.

Can I fill in false information in my form?

Please DO NOT fill in any false information on the form. Any lies detected on the form could lead to a fine and a jail term.