What do you do if you are not happy in college?

Everyone has a unique school experience. While some people have it relatively easy than others, while others find that campus life is a dream, others face many problems. If you’re unhappy in college, regardless of whether you know what’s causing it or not, a few steps can be taken to make things better. In this article we will learn ways so as to what do you do if you are not happy in college?

While it’s important to remember that nothing about life is perfect, you deserve to get a happy college life, which means getting care of your mental health. There are numerous approaches to addressing your happiness, determining what’s wrong, and taking steps to improve your situation. While everyone’s experience is different, there are a few general tips you can remember to attempt to turn things well over, one step at a time.

What do you do if you are not happy in college?

Ways to help yourself 

Here are some tips you can do if you find out you are not happy in college:

1. Perform some soul-searching

You can avoid this one if you recognize why you’re unhappy in college. Nevertheless, not everybody is aware of the dynamics of their emotions right away. You could be among those shaking their heads and saying, “I’m upset, but I can’t figure out how and why.” If this describes you, some soul searching may be necessary.

2. Seek Professional Assistance

Having seen a therapist or counselor can help you progress toward better habits, effective coping strategies, and finding solace, regardless of whether you are struggling with mental illness or want a sounding board. While therapy and counseling are frequently costly or challenging to obtain, often these college campuses have resources ranging from free counseling at the health center to graduate community volunteer counselors.

3. Increase Your Socialization

The absence of social communication can sometimes make people feel sad and alone, especially natural extroverts. When adjusting to a college volume of work, it’s easy to get caught up in work and neglect your social health. If you feel lonely, and this appears to be the source of your problems, it may be time to start putting yourself out there.

4. Alternatively, be less social.

A rare suggestion, but no less significant. To put it simply, not everyone is an extrovert. And suppose you’ve been trying to alleviate your sadness and recharge your social power supply by constantly putting yourself in social situations even though you’re a severe introvert. In that case, you may do more damage than good. You might be putting a strain on yourself, and you must relax.

5. Maintain Your Physical Health

While physical health isn’t the only factor in having a good life, you might be amazed at how much it can bring you. A healthy mind and body include:

  • Following a balanced diet.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Drinking plenty of water.

It’s just another form of self-care.

6. Change Things Up

Perhaps your unhappiness stems from what you’re trying to study or where you have been rather than your college life. While changing your field of study or school must not be your first option, it is essential whether your persistent thoughts revolve around your primary or school.

Why are you not happy in college?

You make comparisons with others:

Nothing depresses you more than comparing yourself to others; how they dress, talk, or even relate. You are uniquely different in the same manner that everyone else is. A few of your friends may be faking their happiness, smile, new clothes, and so on, but what makes a difference is how you feel about yourself. If you genuinely want to learn more about the people around you, talk to them, understand what makes them joyful, relate it to yourself, and see if it is acceptable.

You are not by yourself:

As I mentioned at the outset, you are not alone; some days may not go as well. There will be times when you will lament leaving your house to take classes; your lecturer may mark you off the for a question you correctly answered; you will feel like you are all doing more than you are; you are placing your best effort into nothing in return. All of this is a normal part of college life. They are stories to be told; don’t be too hard on yourself; do your most OK in every circumstance, and recollect that you are not alone.

You overthink things:

Only because things aren’t going your time doesn’t mean you must overanalyze or strain yourself. Instead, take it easy and get the job done. You don’t need to think too hard about being not happy in college. Stop whining, making excuses, and blaming others for your sadness because it is entirely your fault.

Can taking a rest help me?

When you are unhappy with the way you are heading in college, take some time to rest and even sleep. “Compromise is necessary between outward and inward attention,” says Immordino-Yang of Psychological Science, “because time spent mind wandering, reflecting, and envisioning may also improve the performance of outward awareness that students can sustain.” Therefore, rest is needed to enhance your happiness and clear your mind of unneeded thoughts.

Frequently asked questions


Make Cool Friends:

If you’re not happy in college, you probably don’t have any cool friends.

Form friendships that will lift you, who care about your well-being and want you to prosper.

These are all the types of friends you must keep, not those that only want to take from you or add no value to yourself.


Reading would divert the mind from the problems for a time being and then you may relax down to find better solutions to the problems.