What colleges have the nicest campuses?

What colleges have the nicest campuses?

While hunting for a college, the campus beauty is the last thing on the person’s mind, it’s true, the campus of a college is often overlooked by aspiring students despite it being one of the pivotal aspects of any institution.College students spends as long as half a decade in a colleges, this makes the college campuses and its general surroundings a second home for the student. Therefore, to create a conducive learning environment as well as simulate a healthy space for students who are going to be around for a significant period of time, a marvelous campus is a necessity.

What colleges have the nicest campuses?

The United States is home to a plethora of colleges with stunning campuses that make people want to stop and stare. These magnificent structures depict human creativity and innovation at a whole new level and at the same time invoke the same feelings among students attending college in these vast, lush buildings. These are some colleges in the US with splendid campuses:

University of Virginia 


The University of Virginia is famed for its splendid campus that makes visitors stop and stare in awe. It has an interesting story to its creation too – It was founded by then-President Thomas Jefferson (who was an architect himself) who DESIGNED the building himself! (Cheers to him for that).

The campus features a Central Building, the famous Rotunda that has captured the attention of architecture lovers across the world. The central building is surrounded by an opulent garden brimming with flowers and lush grass.

All this makes UVA home to one of America’s lushest campuses. What’s more? UVA is a UNESCO world heritage site too!

Duke University


Rivaling the fictional Hogwarts with its neo-gothic buildings and the damp setting inside a small town forest, Duke University boasts a sprawling 8693-acre campus that includes the famous Duke Forest, providing college-goers with an out of the box learning environment.

This campus pushes the limits of what is considered normal and goes multiple extra miles creating an atmosphere like no other.

With its outlandish appearance, Duke University leaves a mark on this list, a significant one.

Stanford University

Palo Alto

No, that’s not a UNESCO world heritage site, it is not an archaeology site or an ancient scientific museum, it is the campus that’s home to the world’s smartest minds – Stanford University.

There are multiple reasons why Stanford graduates are the smartest among others, but one of them is the campus. The massive, 8180-acre inspiration invoking campus certainly plays a huge role in shaping the students’ imagination, hence kindling the kind of creativity that’s never been seen before.

Rice University


At the very heart of Houston stands the magnificent campus of Rice University. Spread across 300 acres, this campus doesn’t fail to surprise the eyes of the beholder.

Its urban location is merely a façade, as one enters the gates to this splendid campus one can find the majesty of the campus quite captivating. Surrounded by huge trees and plants planted all around the campus, this is the perfect environment for conducive education. The buildings borrow their style from European architecture, making the campus even more beautiful.

Princeton University


This sprawling campus is spread over 600 acres of lush land in Princeton, New Jersey. Calling the campus ‘dreamy’ would be an understatement. This brilliant building stands on plush green grass and is covered with beautiful trees all around.

At the center stands the majestic structure, the main building, adding a vibrant, yet rustic look to the overall campus beauty.

The campus is an incredible place to study, with amazing restaurants and stores just a stone’s throw away from the central building, and its proximity to New York, accessibility is one of the campus’ strong points.

Do campus architecture and the environment really matter?

Often overlooked, the campus design is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing the right institution, apart from other important factors. This is because a conducive environment is fundamental to a student’s development in a college. This makes the college campus design and accessibility paramount to a student’s life as it’s their home for the next half-decade or so.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What criterion helps us decide whether a campus is good or not?

There is no particular hard and fast rule as to how to classify campuses based on design alone but here are a few pointers to look for:

  • Green cover of the campus (the amount of area covered in grass, plants, trees, etc.)
  • Size of the building and the adjoining grounds.
  • Sports facilities, healthcare
  • Accessibility to nearby cities, stores, train stations, airports, etc. (location)
  1. Is the size of the campus critical to the campus design?

No, not. The size of the campus is one of the conditions to qualify a campus but it’s not all. What truly matters is accessibility, a favorable learning environment, and facilities for students.