What College Has Criminology?

Criminology is a fascinating course at colleges that focuses on the study of crime and the criminal justice system. It involves the study of why people commit crimes, what different types of crimes exist, and how society responds to and deals with crime. Let’s read about ‘What College Has Criminology?’.

What College Has Criminology?

What College Has Criminology?

It also includes research on legal systems and the causes, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior. This course helps students understand the social and psychological aspects of crime and provides a comprehensive overview of the criminal justice system.

In the United States, many colleges and universities offer criminology programs. For example, the University of Maryland offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Harvard University has a graduate degree in Applied Criminology and Policy Analysis. Penn State University offers an Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Program in Criminal Justice. 

Additionally, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York offers an undergraduate degree in Criminology, as well as a Master’s degree in the same field. Rutgers University has an online Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Colleges That Best Suits Students Who Are Interested In Criminology

University of Pennsylvania

  • The University of Pennsylvania is an excellent choice for students interested in criminology. It offers a range of courses and programs that can help students gain an understanding of the criminal justice system. The university also has a strong faculty of experienced and knowledgeable professors who can provide valuable insight into the field. 
  • Additionally, the university has access to a variety of research resources and databases, which can be used to further explore the topics of criminology. Furthermore, the university has a large network of alumni and professionals who can provide valuable advice and support to students. 

University of California, Irvine

  • The University of California, Irvine is an ideal institution for students interested in criminology. UCI offers a variety of courses in criminology and criminal justice, ranging from introductory classes to specialized courses in the field. In addition, UCI has a dedicated faculty of experts in the field, who are available to provide guidance and advice to students. 
  • Furthermore, UCI has a number of research opportunities and internships that can help students gain valuable experience in the field. Finally, UCI is located in a vibrant city with a wide range of activities and resources that can benefit students interested in criminology. 

The Ohio state university

  • OSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice, as well as a Master of Science in the same. The program focuses on the study of crime, law, and justice, and includes courses such as criminal law, criminological theories, and research methods. OSU also offers a variety of internships and research opportunities to provide students with real-world experience, which can be invaluable in the field of criminology. 
  • The faculty at OSU is also highly experienced, with many of them having worked in the criminal justice system themselves. This allows them to bring a unique perspective to their teaching, which can be invaluable to students.

Average Fees Of Best Colleges In Criminology In the USA

  • The average fees of the best colleges in criminology in the USA vary greatly depending on the institution. Generally, the most prestigious universities charge the highest tuition fees. For example, Harvard Law School charges an average of $63,000 for its Master’s in Criminology degree program. 
  • On the other end of the spectrum, some of the less expensive schools offer tuition fees as low as $20,000. The University of Florida, for instance, offers a Master’s in Criminology degree program for only $20,000. 
  • Additionally, many of the top universities offer financial aid packages to help students cover their tuition costs. For example, the University of California-Berkeley offers an extensive financial aid program to help students pay for their education.


There are a variety of colleges that offer criminology as a major. It is important to do research into the different schools, their programs, and the requirements necessary for admission. Once you have found the college that best suits your needs, you can begin the application process and pursue your dreams of entering this exciting field of study.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What types of courses would I take in a criminology degree program? 

Answer– A criminology degree program typically includes courses in criminal justice, research methods, sociology, psychology, law, corrections, juvenile delinquency, and criminal law. Students may also take courses in criminology theories and criminal justice ethics, as well as courses related to drug and alcohol studies, computer forensics, security management, and forensic psychology.

  1. What are the benefits of studying criminology at the college level?

Answer-Studying criminology at the college level has the potential to provide numerous benefits. You will gain an understanding of the theoretical and legal frameworks that underpin the criminal justice system. Furthermore, studying criminology can help you to better understand the causes, effects, and motivations behind criminal behavior, which can be beneficial for many career paths, including law, government, psychology, and counseling.