Scholarships Nobody Applies

Do you know that more than 1.8 million scholarship programs are awarded to eligible students yearly? However, over 2.5 million students might have applied for the same scholarship. Yet, with that estimate of the student population, it makes scholarships more competitive among millions of students. Let us know What is the Reason that ‘Scholarships Nobody Applies’.

Scholarships Nobody Applies

Scholarships Nobody Applies

Scholarships are financial aid given out to students. They are given to students to support them academically. It helps students afford their tuition fees and other expenses. However, scholarships have some criteria to be met. Yet, students often go for competitive and well-known ones. It is good to know that they are less competitive ones which are also worth it. 

Scholarship Nobody Applies: Explained

Everyone wants to go to college. Either as an adult, high school student, or parent who wants for their children. There are some less competitive scholarships that nobody applies to. These scholarships and grants are available but not well publicized. These various odd scholarships also require some criteria and are easier to win. This is because it is less competitive. Non-traditional students can also apply. Most of these scholarships come in handy with various activities. Some of these scholarships are under $100, long essay scholarships, local scholarships, and mine ore. 

If you are eager to know about scholarships nobody applies to and more, this article has all the information. Keep reading.

Types Of Scholarships Nobody Applies For

Knowing fully well how college expenses are, scholarships as the real deal. From the competitive ones to the less competitive ones, scholarships help students to pursue their dreams. Here are some of the scholarships that go unnoticed.

1. Long Essay Scholarships

Long Essay Scholarships are scholarships that require writing essays. The essays are either short or long. An average recommended essay could be 500 words. However, due to the stress students went through in school, they tend to neglect this type of scholarship. Any essay writing scholarships do not attract applicants. They feel it is time-consuming. Some even have topics they need to research more on. Yet, if one likes writing essays and has much time, why not go for this less competitive scholarship?

2. Local Scholarships

Local scholarships are free money given by the community. It is open to high school students, adults, and whoever needs a scholarship. As long as the person stays in the local community. The small organizations in the community are responsible for the local scholarship. These scholarships range from $52 to $550. Below are some of the organizations that offer this scholarship.

  • – Banks. This is known as a financial institution. Yet, they offer scholarships to students in the local community. This is beneficial to anyone who applies as far as the person is from the community.
  • – Restaurants. These restaurants are located in the community. They are owned by people who live in the local community. These people show love to students in the community by offering scholarships to them.
  • – Religious Groups. This group could be a church. They are willing to offer scholarships to students. Those who are members of this religious group are eligible for scholarships.

3. Under $100

This scholarship program does not interest students. They think $100 won’t cover most of their expenses. Applicants believe it is a waste of time. But it is not a waste of time.  It is free money and could cover some of the college expenses. Yet, it has some eligibility criteria. However, since it is less competitive, students who apply win the scholarship.

4. Unique Scholarships

These types of scholarships are unique and for those with special skills. It could be hobbies or your uniqueness. If an applicant stands out, the applicant wins the scholarship. e.t.c. Students are eligible as far as they fit into the criteria. The requirements to be submitted are students’ school IDs and school transcripts. The scholarship ranges from $260 to $2,500. Here are some of the special skills scholarships.

  • – DoSomething. This kind of scholarship is rare but gives students an unending opportunity. The scholarship awarded ranges from $2000 to $5000. There are criteria to be met. This also includes activities. For example, one could be requested to collate a playlist to encourage people. It should be detailed and interesting.
  • – Duct Tape Prom Clothes. These are given out to students based on their performance. Applicants are needed to make outfits using duct tape. Those clothes are proms and the best ones get the scholarship. The scholarship ranges from $1500 to $2000.
  • – Tall People. One could imagine getting a scholarship for being exceptionally tall. This kind of scholarship is awarded by the Central Arizona Tall Society (CATS). One of the criteria is being a member of the group. This group gives at most $250 to applicants.

5. Non-Traditional Scholarships

These kinds of scholarships are for non-traditional students. Non-traditional students are adults who want to earn a degree or acquire more degrees. They could attend online education or on-campus education. They are best referred to as adults who want to get educated. Nontraditional students are also single mothers. Having to pursue an education as an adult could require more finances. Adults have responsibilities already and they need more financial support. Non-traditional scholarships are offered by institutions and colleges. 

Find below some of the non-traditional scholarships.

– The Osher Reentry Scholarship Program

This type of scholarship is available for applicants between the age of 25 years to 50 years old. It is also for adults who were once in college but stopped going to college. Applicants are awarded up to $1000.

– Return to College Scholarship

This type of scholarship requires writing a short essay to explain why you need the scholarship. Applicants must have an admission offer to their college of choice. The amount rewarded is up to $1000.

– The American Legion Auxiliary 

This type of scholarship is awarded to non-traditional students. This set of students benefits from up to $1,000 in financial aid yearly. One of the criteria is to be admitted to a college. It could either be vocational schools or four-year colleges.

– The Walmart Scholarship

Walmart is a notable retail store. It is known nationwide. Workers of Walmart who wants to go back to college are free to apply. Since they are referred to as non-traditional students. Walmart scholarship ranges from $500 to $3,000. Nice isn’t it? Why not take on some part-time work as well?

– Surety Bonds Small Business Scholarship 

This type of scholarship favors those with small businesses. Adult students with small businesses or a family business. The criterion for this scholarship is an essay. Applicants are asked to write a 1000 words essay about the impact of small business experience on their future education. The winner gets up to $1500.

– Philanthropic Educational Organization Sisterhood Scholarships

This type of scholarship is awarded to women who left college for some reason. These women are interviewed and if found eligible, they win their award. The scholarship awards up to $3,000 to applicants. These funds could be used to cover their tuition fees and child care.

– Juniata Left-Handed Scholarship 

This type of scholarship is for a special kind of student. Juniata Left-Handed Scholarship is for naturally left-handed students. The scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 annually.

Jeanette Rankin Scholarship 

Jeanette Rankin Scholarship offers scholarships to women of 35 years and above. These women must live in low-income countries. The scholarship awards more than 50 women each year.

College JumpStart

A College JumpStart is one of the scholarships for nontraditional students. This kind of scholarship is meant to encourage those who intend to go back to college. The applicant only needs to write an essay. They need to convince the interviewees how they intend to impact their families and communities with their education. The College JumpStart scholarship awards up to $1,000.


Applying for various scholarships without being awarded one is daunting. Scholarships help to lessen financial stress on students and their sponsors. However, there are less competitive scholarships that students can benefit from. The good thing about most of the scholarships is you don’t have to do much. Yet, one needs to meet the criteria. There are lots of scholarships nobody applies for. Why not apply for these less competitive ones and stand a chance of winning?

  • Is GPA a Requirement For These Scholarships?

No. Not all scholarships require a GPA. Others require essays, unique abilities e.t.c. Once the applicants meet the requirements, they are awarded.

  • Are There Scholarships For Twins And Multiples?

Yes. There are various types of scholarships for them. Schools like Randolph College, Sterling College, and more offer such. Also, twins and multiples who are non-traditional students can apply for non-traditional scholarships.

  • Is There A Chance Of Not Winning These Types Of Scholarships?

No. There is a 100% chance of winning these types of scholarships. This is because lots of students are not aware of them. Even though the funds are not much. But they can cover some college expenses that are numerous and less competitive. One just needs to meet the requirements. Still, the requirements are not difficult. These scholarships are just intended to finance students’ college expenses.