Colleges With The Unhappiest Students

Educational institutes are the areas that groom the personality of the students. They make a person learn how to move ahead in their future lives. The teachers and the environment of the institute hold great importance in the success of the students. United states are among those areas that know the importance of their future generation and provide them with all the basic facilities in the educational institutes. Let us know more detail about ‘Colleges With The Unhappiest Students’.

Colleges With The Unhappiest Students

Colleges With The Unhappiest Students

There are some institutes in which students seem to be unhappy. The students face many issues that an excellent educational institute must refrain from allowing its students to meet. There are a lot of points on which these educational institutes need to be fixed, and because of this, they are included among those institutes with the unhappiest students.

Clarkson University is among those universities which have a high number of unhappy students. The opportunities provided to these students are very less. Pace university ad Emerson College also have the unhappiest students. The main cause of students’ unhappiness is the lack of resources and an unfriendly environment. The students are not given the necessities for research and technology-based work. The teachers in some institutes do not pay attention to the student’s mental health. Co-curricular activities are very less in these institutions. Due to all these issues, some of the top colleges are included among those with the unhappiest students.

Some of the colleges that are found across the list of the unhappiest students, along with common reasons, are given below:

Clarkson University

Clarkson University is included among the top universities in the research sector. The opportunities provided by this university to its students are very significant. The university is among the 127 leading universities in the field of research education in the United States. However, when these kinds of excellent opportunities are provided to the students, there are some reasons that the students of this university seem to be unhappy.

This is the issue highlighted by the female students of the university that the opportunities provided to them are very less as compared to males. The more given opportunities and more time to work in the research areas and provide the facilities that must provide to female students. To overcome this issue, the university should adopt ways to remove this issue for the students and make them happy.

Duquesne University

The University the Duquesne is a fantastic educational institute that students must prefer to study. It was founded in 1878, and it is the 3 top university in the united states and has 39 ranking in the American educational institute. It has a wide variety of academic branches, and the way the students are taught is very great.

But this institute has some weak points that make the students very unhappy. According to most students, the administration of the university does not work with full attention. The university needs to pay attention to students’ problems during admission. It is also noted the subjects fired by this university are also not good, which is why the students that have studied here did not give a positive review about this university.

Emerson College

It has been reported that Emerson College has a lot of campuses in different areas of the united states. The campuses are very nicely constructed, but as you know, the educational institute is where a student learns to walk into a future life.

The students of this college are facing the issue of a shortage of a place. Most say that the college is in a tiny area and the university offers very few fields. The research area of this college is equal to zero. Teachers must give excellent and positive attention to the students’ mental grooming. As the college area is too short, the students face the issue that they cannot do any co-curricular activities. All these points make the students very unhappy in their student life.

George Mason University

It is a public research university. The research of this university matters a lot in the successful life of a student in the future. It is ranked among 134 national universities and 64 in the public sector. The educational tactics offered by the teachers of this institute are also excellent. Besides the points given by the university, the students do not seem satisfied. So if the educational institute is not giving a satisfactory approach to students, its performance is zero

 Most students have the issue that the campus of the university is located in a very rushy area, and the campus parking is minimal. The students who drive their cars face the issue of parking across this university. Most of the co-curricular activities are not allowed on the campus due to the shortage of the area of the university. Considering all these issues the students face, the educational institute is included among the college’s unhappiest students.

Ilinois Institute of Technology

This educational institute is also among the top educational institutes in the field of research. The teachers and the students of this educational institute work with great effort to give a positive review of the research they are holding. Although this educational institute is among the top areas of study, the students working here seem unhappy for many reasons. First, the students claim that the availability of the research needed things could be higher. The facilities in this educational institute are not a requirement for the students. Although the study of this institute is good, the administration must focus on such points besides education. Still, the institute needs to provide such opportunities to its students.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

The institute is well known for its educational abilities and offers great opportunities to its mind-blowing students. The ranking of the university and the academic performance of the university are great. The students must be pleased with the university’s performance, but it is not suitable for them if the students look very unhappy. The students claimed that the environment provided by Indiana university is impoverished. Most of them said they felt unwelcome when they first attended the university. However, the people at the university were not friendly. The seniors do not cooperate with the juniors, and the students of this university provide an unsupported environment to their upcoming batches. Due to all these points, the students of this university seem very unhappy.

Marywood University

Marywood university is a prominent educational institute focusing on the scientific and technological side. The opportunities provided by this institute are very significant, but it looks unfriendly, and the environment of this institute is very bad. The university is located in a very backward area. The Way this university provides opportunities for technological things is it must be in the open area, but it is fixed with the domestic houses. The environment provided by this university is terrible. Due to this, the students are not able to pay good attention to their work, and the result is that their research gets interpreted, and they are not happy about their educational career the students.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

The institute is ranked among the best universities in technical work because of the excellent performance of the students. Still, the report has seen that the students of this educational institute do not give a positive review about the teachers teaching in this institute. The students always say that the teachers should pay more attention to their studies. They have to pay extra fees to get good grades in academies and tuition areas. The institute is technological, so it must have practice work done. Still, the theory is more focused than the practice work, which is a terrible point that makes the students very unhappy about their study performance.

Pace students university

Pace university is the best university in New York. The skills and abilities of the teachers of this university are of great importance. No one can compete with the teaching abilities of this educational institute. The students get good grades because of their outstanding skills students.

Besides all these points, it is included among the list of universities with unhappy students. The reason behind this issue is that the university’s financial status is not good. The students are not given those opportunities that a good university must provide to its students. The students face many facial crises, and most students are studying on scholarships, but now the students are not given any kind of scholarship. Thus because of this issue, the students are unhappy about their educational careers, and most of them cannot continue their education.

Reasons for student’s unhappiness

Most students do not like to go to school because of many reasons. Some of the reasons why students are unhappy with going to school are listed below.

Lack of opportunities

The students need to get opportunities related to their field. They need to bring opportunities for their research work. The students need to get the options that they want. They are forced to study every time in school. They need a break which is not provided to them. The students are unhappy going to college because of the lack of opportunities.

Unfriendly environment

The students are unhappy going to colleges because of the unfriendly environment. They need to get a friendly atmosphere from the institute. The students need to get social security. The environment provided to the students by the staff and the class fellows is unpleasant. 

Burden of studies

The main reason the students do not want to go to school is that they are given a lot of work to study. They have a very much burden of studies. Therefore, they are thought syllabus very much that they need help to learn, which is the main reason the students are not interested in going to school.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Colleges With The Unhappiest Students’, Some students do not want to do to school because of many reasons. The students are not provided with the opportunities they want, are not given a friendly environment, and the main reason they do not want to go to school is the burden of their studies.


  • What are the main reasons that students do not want to go to school?

The main reasons are the lack of opportunities, the burden of studies, and the lack of co-curricular activities. The students are not getting all those opportunities that are necessary for their success of the students.

  • Are students happy to go to school?

 No, the students are not happy to go to school because they are not provided with the environment they want in schools. but if the environment provided by the students is friendly it will help them to feel happy to go to school.