Pomona College Transfer Acceptance Rate

You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to attend a prestigious university but need help calculating how to apply. I will summarise the Pomona College transfer entrance clearance rate in this post for those who plan to apply. Founded in 1887 as the Pomona Female Academy, it has since evolved into one of the most diverse and selective colleges in the U.S., enrolling students from all 50 states and 104 countries. Let us know about ‘Pomona College Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

Pomona College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Pomona College Transfer Acceptance Rate:

Pomona colleges have specific transfer rate requirements that you must meet to be approved for admission. These requirements vary from school to school but require a GPA of 3.0 or higher and at least 24 credits completed at your last school. In addition, many Pomona centres also consider applicants to submit SAT or ACT cards as an important necessity of the application process.

If you don’t have time, I’ll give you a summary of what you should do down below:

Pomona College Overview:

Pomona College is a private liberal arts college located in Claremont, California. Founded in 1887 as the Pomona Female Academy, it has since evolved into one of the most diverse and selective colleges in the U.S., enrolling students from all 50 states and 104 countries.

Pomona shows more than 120 undergraduate majors and concentrations along with 24 graduate degree programs that have a division among three campuses:

  • The main campus (in Claremont)
  • The Los Angeles Campus (in Westwood)
  • San Bernardino Valley Campus (In Rancho Cucamonga)

The student body at Pomona is ethnically diverse, with approximately 38% of undergraduates established as minorities, including African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders/First-Generation Americans/Native Hawaiians or Other Pacific Islanders, Latinos/Latinas, Native American or Alaskan natives; nearly half of incoming first-years get you as tie-ups for sexuality non-normative lifestyles such as queer-, bi-, pansexuality+, kinky sex+, polyamory+ etc.). It’s no wonder why this school continues to be ranked #1 on The Princeton Review’s list of “The Best 380 Colleges”.

Pomona College Admission Rate:

There are a few things that Pomona college transfer process requirements will cover, including your academic record and SAT/ACT scores. If so, they may need added documentation or an explanation of those incidents. Lastly, Pomona school also checks for signs that you are a good fit for its campus environment and program offerings.

These are just some of the factors that Pomona college transfer rate conditions aim to consider when deciding on approving or rejecting an applicant. While every situation is unique, these guidelines can help narrow your options.

Founded in 1887, it is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and has a student population of about 2,500 undergraduates and 295 graduate students.

In addition to its traditional classroom settings, Pomona even operates affiliate campuses in London and Shanghai that provide opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.

The school’s competitive admissions process focuses on the child’s scholastic achievement and potential for engaging with the community and intellectual debates at Pomona. While requirements vary depending on the major you are interested in, most programs need an overall GPA above 3.0 and standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) that meet certain criteria. The application fee ranges from $60-$75 per applicant.

Pomona College accepts a selective number of students each year through the SAT. To be admitted, you’ll need a minimum composite score of 1560 out of 2400 on the SAT or an ACT matching score of 32 out of 38.

What are the Transfer Application Requirements for Pomona college?

Pomona College is one of the few colleges worldwide that would accept the common form and coalition applications. Pomona’s transfer admissions process is rigorous, so complete our online application early in your prospecting year. You will also need to submit official transcripts from all previous good colleges attended and letters of recommendation (if recommended). In addition, you should take the ACT or SAT exams if possible and have your grades placed on file (included on these applications are counsellor recommendations). Finally, please differentiate whether you would like an interview.

To be considered for admission to Pomona College, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Apply online. You can start by clicking the “Apply Now” button on our website or calling our campus in Claremont.

2. Upload your high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores (if testing is required). Your GPA must be at least 2.5 unless otherwise noted in your unique selections section of the admissions questionnaire found when you submit your application packet electronically via your My Pomona account or mail it in with your other materials as part of the portfolio submission process. All selective universities require letters of recommendation from teachers, headmasters/principals, counsellors, etc., which should be submitted through the My Pomona account or included with portfolio submissions sent through postal mail. In a few cases, such as Unity Christ Church (UCI), where all applicants are admitted limitlessly regardless of grades and test scores or Davidson College’s Early Action program-where, only high achieving students are notified about openings -dependent admission may still occur even if grades and test scores fall short compared to those who have already enrolled elsewhere due to their extracurriculars.


We hope you enjoyed reading the information about Pomona College’s transfer admissions rate. Like other colleges, Pomona also has detailed application requirements to maintain a high score of academic excellence. So, if you are planning on applying to this college for its 2017-2018 admissions round, we advise you to go through the guidelines carefully so that your application is not rejected in no time.

Pomona college is one of the most reputable colleges in the country. It accepts several students for its UG programs every year. Students who have applied for admission can check Pomona’s transfer access rate to know if their scores are good enough to get them a seat in this college.

Moreover, Pomona is known for being one of the most affordable and trustworthy places regarding its quality of education. So a daydreamer who wants more out of their career could find their best fit here!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the Minimum GPA Score you would need to get into the Pomona College?

You should get a minimum of 2.0 GPA to get into Pomona College.

  • Is Pomona college Accepting Transfer Students from other College?

Yes they accept transfer students as juniors.