Pomona College Acceptance Rate

Pomona College is located in one of the suburbs of California, some Miles away from Los Angeles. In this article, we will see about ‘Pomona College Acceptance Rate’.

Pomona College Acceptance Rate

Pomona College Acceptance Rate

The college is a competitive one and information regarding the acceptance rate, graduation, and retention rates are the best shots for those who want to be admitted to the College on Merit.

In this writing, we will be considering first and foremost, the acceptance rate of the college.

Pomona Acceptance Rate:

Pomona’s acceptance rate is very low. The school posits itself as being very competitive and that at a 9% acceptance rate.

What this entails is that for every 1000 students that apply for admission to the college, only 90 students are admitted.

Criteria for Admitting Students into the college 

Several criteria are used to determine applicants’ eligibility to be admitted into the college. Some of them include:

•Applicants should have an average score of 1540 and above on SAT

•Applicants should score an average of 35 and above on the ACT

•Applicants must submit a high school class rank

•Submit (2) recommendation letters

•An Application Fee of $70 must be paid by applicants.

•Applicants with a 4.0 GPA have a higher chance of being admitted.

It’s most likely that applicants who do not meet this criterion are not considered for admission.

Courses Offered at Pomona College:

Pomona College offers the following major courses:

•Mathematics and Statistics 

•Foreign Languages 


•Information Sciences and Computer

•Biomedical Sciences and Biology

• Visual/performance arts etc.

The school maintains a maximum number of 20 students per class and encourages warm student-tutor relationships.

The college offers a Bachelor of Arts(B.A) and Bachelor of Science(B.S) respectively.

What is the tuition and fees for Pomona College?

The following is a tabular representation of the tuition and fees for Pomona college:

Tuition for a semester$29, 409Student fees210.00
Room fees$500.00Per semester 5,573.00
Boarding fees$4, 106.00Meal in Campus $200.00
Fees for Auditing$100.00Other fees $120.00

What is the Retention and Graduation rate of Pomona College?

Students need to know how the retention and graduation rates of Pomona college contribute to their choice and decisions.

•The retention rate tells how many students remain in the college at least till the second year in the school. This is the yardstick for measuring the level of satisfaction and attention the students are. The implication is that students tend to remain where their welfare is prioritized.

The Retention rate of Pomona occupies a top spot at 96.99% which is super!

This supersedes the National benchmark of 69% for colleges.

•The Graduation rate of the College is placed at 89.0% and 97.0% respectively.

This entails that a greater percentage of the Full-time students graduate within four years. Acceptably the excellently performing students graduate timely.

The rest of the students graduate within 6 years depending on the schedule of their programs and academic performance.

Scholarships, Loans, and Aids Available for students of Pomona College:

At Pomona College, a $ 50 million Scholarship fund has been set aside for catering to the need-oriented aid the College provides for its students.

This fund is made possible through contributions from parents, friends, Alumni, and charity-based foundations.

Other scholarships include:

•Scholarship by (Ebell/Flint) worth $3000 to $5000.

TGS (The Gates Scholarships)

•The Sallie Mae Scholarship Fund etc. 

Brief Overview of the College

With 1,747 Intakes from at least 60 countries of the world and the US, Pomona colleges have produced scientists and art scholars of great magnitude.

Since its inception in the year 1887, the college has produced a list of renowned artists and entrepreneurs too.

 The college has accommodations provided for the students and still allows for off-campus residency.

The college is a liberal art institute and as well offers varieties of options that may alternate for a University.

More than 49% of the students receive Financial assistance from the college and most of the qualified students are considered even when they couldn’t meet up with the financial commitments of the school.

Internship opportunities, research laboratories and a natural milieu to aid the student’s academic engagements coupled with the warmth and cordial relationships between the students and the professors.

For the art inclined, the college offers a variety of art majors.


Now we have learnt ‘Pomona College Acceptance Rate’, In conclusion, the college ranks among the top five liberal art colleges in the Country and scored reputable for best value school.

The college runs a two-semester calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What is the specialization of Pomona College?

Pomona college is particularly a liberal arts college. This entails that the college focuses more on the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. It offers a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

The institution focuses more on the general knowledge from all majors rather than focusing on specific disciplines.

Most liberal arts colleges have a smaller population compared to the larger university institutions.

So Pomona college as a liberal art school toes the part of teaching students thoroughly through the three pillars of Art, following logic, research, and rational reasoning.

  • Who is the President of Pomona College?

Elected in 2012, David W. Oxboy was the 9th president of the prestigious liberal arts college. Currently overseeing the smooth running of the college is Mrs. Gabrielle G. Starr, a recipient of various Honourary awards, President Gabrielle is the 10th and current President of Pomona College.

Elected by the College’s governing board her track record of achievements includes:

•Dean, College of Arts and Science, New York.

•author of three award-winning books 

•Recipient of Several honorary awards

She is committed to seeing that the school experience greater and attains higher status while also ensuring that the college’s excellent academic offerings are accessible to children from average homes.

President Gabrielle G. Starr is a graduate of Harvard University and majored in English and American literature at a doctoral level.

She had her bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively in Women’s studies from Emory University.

She is one of the Executives of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities.