Cheapest Most Affordable Colleges In The US

Colleges are present to make students socially and intellectually competent. They provide more job opportunities, higher income, personal development, improved skills, a network of good connections, etc. to a college student. They also decrease the chances of being unemployed or unable to find their dream jobs. College education leads to a luxurious lifestyle which not only helps to buy a good house but also helps to fulfil family needs. So, a college education is like an investment for the future. Let us know more detail about ‘Cheapest Most Affordable Colleges In The US’.

Cheapest Most Affordable Colleges In The US

Cheapest Most Affordable Colleges In The US

America is the place to go for higher education. The country is a hub for a lot of the finest universities. These universities often rank in the first position because of the quality of education. American colleges are also renowned for having high academic standards, adhering to strict procedures to ensure quality, and being well-supported so they can provide their students with outstanding educations.

There are a wide variety of courses and programmes available in American universities and colleges. Students are allowed to choose both the course’s structure and its content. American colleges are aware of the difficulties faced by overseas students and often hold orientation programmes, workshops, and training to provide support. There are many diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities in the US. Its multicultural setting assures that all communities are accepted and that discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. Additionally, this friendly attitude displayed by American institutions promotes an atmosphere of acceptance and cultural variety.

The five prestigious universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in America with affordable fees are the University of Washington, CUNY Brooklyn College, Purdue University, the University of Florida, and Oklahoma State University. 

The University of Washington

Established in 1861, the University of Washington is a great university to study. The school’s oldest and largest campus in terms of enrolment is located in Seattle, the largest city in Washington. The main campus has been built on the land of over 700 acres. Two more modest campuses, added by the institution in 1990, are in Bothell and Tacoma, Washington. All three campuses of the university’s students, who make up its student body, have roughly 70% undergraduate enrollment. Nevertheless, the substantial university provides more than 370 graduate-level programmes. 

UW operates one of the largest university library systems in the world with more than 26 university libraries, stadiums, museums, lecture halls, art centres, lecture halls, and, labs. UW has over 500 structures and more than 20 million gross square feet of space overall. The institution operates quarterly and provides degrees across 140 departments.

The university contains six public universities that provide education in a variety of fields, including medical, engineering, social work, and the arts and sciences. The College of Education, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing are a few of its highly regarded graduate programmes. Also, university housing is offered to students.

Given below is the fee structure and duration of some of the courses available at UW. 

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(65 Courses)(9 months-3 years)$ 24.57 K – 65.44 K
B.Sc.(40 Courses)(4 years)$ 38.76 K – 39.11 K
B.E. / B.Tech(39 Courses)(48 months-5 years)$ 34.27 K – 39.91 K
MBA/PGDM(3 Courses)(18-21 months)$53.6 K – 68.57 K
M.A.(33 Courses)(9 months-4 years)$ 20.04 K – 41.1 K
MIM(8 Courses)(9 months-2 years)$ 25.98 K – 73.65 K
BBA(7 Courses)(4 years)$ 38.76 K – 39.11 K
M.Arch(4 Courses)(2 years)$ 31.06 K – 38.55 K
MFA(1 Courses)(2 years)$ 35.5 K

Multiple renowned alumni and faculty members, including 21 Nobel Prize laureates, numerous Pulitzer Prize winners, Fulbright Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, and members of other illustrious institutions, have ties to the university.

CUNY Brooklyn College 

Founded in 1930, CUNY Brooklyn College is a public institution. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of around 15000 with an urban setting and a campus size of 35 acres.  The City College of New York and Hunter College together make this institution. Initially offering free tuition, Brooklyn College was forced to close its downtown Brooklyn campus in 1975 as a result of the city of New York’s nearing bankruptcy. In 1976, Brooklyn College started charging tuition for the first time with its Midwood campus still standing and serving as its sole campus.

More than 100 majors are available at Brooklyn College, ranging from Women Studies to Visual Arts. The college offers more than 70 graduate programmes in fields like radio and television, arts and sciences, sociology, Latino and Puerto Rican studies, psychology, political science, physical education, performing arts management, music, modern literature & languages, mathematics, economics, film, biology, computer science, and chemistry.  Also, fees vary according to the accommodation of students. If the students live in-state, then the tuition will be around $7,440 while if the students live out of state, then the tuition will be around $19,110.

Five academic departments make up the college: the School of Education, the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, the School of Natural & Behavioral Sciences, the Murray Koppelman School of Business, and the School of Visual, Media & Performing Arts.

Basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming & diving, soccer, cross-country, cheerleading, and more sports are also available at Brooklyn College. Students are allowed to enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills as well as their awareness of the tools necessary for success. A range of student organisations including Special Interest, Publications & Media, Political & Social Awareness, and many more are offered to the students to enhance their communication and management skills. 

Many great US senators, federal judges, US financial chairs, Olympians, CEOs, and holders of the Nobel, Pulitzer, Emmy, and Academy Awards are notable alumni of the institution.

Purdue University 

Purdue University is an American university founded in 1869. It is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Major institutional rankings have placed it among the finest public institutions in the country, and it is well known for its engineering curriculum. In 1934, Purdue University Airport became the first airport in the nation owned by this university.

The research-based institution has the ninth-largest of international students of any institution in the United States and enrols the most students of any particular university campus in Indiana. 33,646 undergraduate students are among the 44,551 total students enrolled at Purdue in 2019. In terms of the attendance of international students, Purdue is ranked fourth among public universities with 4,616 international undergraduate applicants. The university is dedicated to preserving the campus’s vibrant cultural variety. Graduate students at Purdue University have access to cutting-edge resources and programmes that help them achieve academic success.

The main campus of Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Above 200 undergraduate majors, more than 70 master’s and doctorate programmes, as well as professional degrees in the doctor of nursing practice, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy, are available at the main campus in West Lafayette. For its STEM programmes, it is best recognised.

Given below is the fee structure and duration of some of the courses available at Purdue University. 

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
B.Sc.(67 Courses)(4 years)$ 29.49 K – 31.45 K
B.E. / B.Tech(43 Courses)(4 years)$ 29.49 K – 31.45 K
MS(27 Courses)(1 year-2 years)$ 26.3 K – 28.65 K
BBA(20 Courses)(4 years)$ 29.49 K – 30.86 K
MIM(7 Courses)(10-24 months)$ 27.74 K – 48.27 K
M.A.(6 Courses)(18 months-3 years)$ 26.82 K – 27.57 K
MBA/PGDM(2 Courses)(19-21 months)$ 54.43 K – 57.44 K
MEM(1 Courses)(1 year)$ 39.36 K
BHM(1 Courses)(4 years)$ 29.49 K

There are nearly 400,000  alumni of Purdue. 26 astronauts, six CEOs of Fortune 500 companies now, two Rhodes Scholars, four Truman Scholars, and three Gates Scholars are among its graduates. The most remarkable alumni are Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan. R. Games Slayter, and Charles Alton Ellis (current professor at Purdue). 

The University of Florida

One of the best research-based institutions, established in 1853, in the United States of America (USA) is the University of Florida. Gainesville, Florida is where the institution’s headquarters is situated. With 57,841 students registered for the 2020–21 academic year, it is the fifth-biggest single-campus institution in the United States and the third-largest university in Florida by student population.

16 academic colleges, as well as more than 150 research centres and institutes, are located at the University of Florida. The public research-based campus provides a variety of graduate degrees in fields including business veterinary medicine, administration, pharmacy, law, dentistry, engineering, and medicine. In 87 schools and departments, it manages 123 master’s degree programmes and 76 doctorate programmes.

The university’s 2,000-acre campus has approximately 900 academic and non-academic buildings, all of which are enclosed behind its walls. The campus has a several noteworthy buildings, including the renowned Century Tower. The university’s older structures are designed in the Collegiate Gothic style, while the most recent additions were constructed using contemporary design.’

The cost and length of some of the courses offered at the University of Florida are shown below.

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(56 Courses)(12 months-3 years)$ 12.02 K – 28.86 K
B.Sc.(30 Courses)(4 years)$ 27.44 K
M.A.(28 Courses)(12 months-2 years)$ 18.03 K – 36.07 K
B.E. / B.Tech(16 Courses)(4-5 years)$ 27.44 K
BBA(12 Courses)(4 years)$ 27.44 K
MIM(10 Courses)(10 months-2 years)$ 20.61 K – 40.88 K
MBA/PGDM(7 Courses)(10 months-2 years)$ 27.77 K – 58.67 K
M.E./M.Tech(7 Courses)(18 months-2 years)$ 18.03 K – 20.61 K
M.Arch(3 Courses)(18 months-3 years)$ 19.4 K – 34.86 K
BHM(1 Course)(4 years)$ 27.44 K

More than 6,000 foreign students attend the University of Florida, one of the state’s leading institutions for learning, medical, cultural activities, and athletics. The institution is proud to provide students with unmatched access to top-notch facilities, nationally renowned instructors, and a dynamic and diverse campus community. Additionally, the institution’s students and alumni have won 143 Olympic medals and 69 gold medals as of 2021, with famous alumni including Robert Grubbs, Marshall Nirenberg, and many more.

Oklahoma State University 

Oklahoma State University or OSU, established in 1890, is a research-based university in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With more than 24,071 students on the main campus, the university is included in “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity”. More than 35,000 students are enrolled at its flagship institution, the Oklahoma State University System, which has five campuses and a $1.5 billion yearly budget. The main campus of Oklahoma State University is in Stillwater, which is roughly 60 miles between both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Around 200 undergraduate majors, 79 master’s programmes, and 45 doctorate programmes are offered by Oklahoma State University-Stillwater through its six schools, along with a veterinary school and an osteopathic medical school. 

Freshmen at Oklahoma State University are required to reside on campus in Stillwater, which has five lakes, theatres, restaurants, and other amenities. Notable alumni of the institution include Nam Duck-woo, Ed Roberts, Tom Coburn, and many more. 

Given below is the fee structure and duration of some of the courses available at Oklahoma State University. 

CoursesDuration1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(7 Courses)(18 months-2 years)$ 11.53 K – 19.28 K
B.E. / B.Tech(3 Courses)(4 years)$ 24.54 K
MIM(3 Courses)(18 months-2 years)$ 15.55 K – 19.07 K
MBA/PGDM(2 Courses)(12 months)$ 18.5 K – 31.55 K
B.Sc.(1 Course)(4 years)$ 24.54 K
BBA(1 Course)(4 years)$ 29.44 K


Now we have learnt ‘Cheapest Most Affordable Colleges In The US’, America is the best place for education. The universities in America aim for the holistic development of students. It provides a culture-rich environment for educating students. It helps the students develop their personalities by experiencing different cultures. Students will collaborate with students of different cultures and learn from each other. Students can choose from the various options available for education in America. 

The prestigious and most affordable colleges in America are the University of Washington, CUNY Brooklyn College, Purdue University, the University of Florida, and Oklahoma State University. Other cost-efficient universities include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, California State University-Long Beach, California State University-Los Angeles, Indiana University-Bloomington, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which country is the University of Florida?

America is the country where the University of Canada is situated. 

  • What academic programmes does the University of Florida provide?

The public research-based campus provides a variety of graduate degrees in fields including business veterinary medicine, administration, pharmacy, law, dentistry, engineering, and medicine.