Pitzer college transfer requirements

Pitzer College, founded in 1963, is a highly regarded liberal arts and sciences institution. Environmental and integrative studies, the arts, humanities, and social, behavioural, and natural sciences are all priorities at the college. There are about 1,000 pupils. Numerous activities and facilities are shared across the two campuses. Students at Pitzer have access to all of the resources of a large institution while still getting all the benefits of both a liberal arts college environment and a tailored education. In this article we shall see Pitzer college transfer requirements

Pitzer college transfer requirements

The transfer requirements for the Pitzer college include having a high school diploma, having completed two or more semesters of college credit, etc. Before enrolling at Pitzer, transfer candidates should complete all necessary first-year writing courses at their present university. 

Transfer Requirements for Pitzer College 

The candidate should have at least got a high school diploma or a General Educational development score to be eligible for transfer. Apart from that, the candidate should have at least attended two or more semesters of college credit. Note- Students who are enrolled right now under their first semester or their second quarter of college are not eligible for the transfer process. 

Before enrolling at Pitzer, transfer students should finish all the necessary first-year writing courses at their present university. 

Transfer Students who are matriculated should complete at least two years of their study at Pitzer College to become eligible for earning the Pitzer College Degree. 

The admission committee of the Pitzer college will specifically see the candidate’s work which is being done in the earlier college. 

How can Transfer Students apply to Pitzer College?

Transfer Students can apply to the Pitzer College through the Common Application Website; However, certain criteria need to be fulfilled while applying to Pitzer College as a Transfer Candidate which is as follows- 

Academic Recommendations

Transfer Student Candidates are required to get the recommendation of at least a professor or a teaching assistant from the previous college they attended. The Recommendations can be submitted through the website of the Common Application. The Professor/Teaching Assistant who is recommending the candidate can either submit their recommendations through the website or mail them to the email address which is applicant@pitzer.edu

College Report

Any official from the candidate’s previous college is to fill out the College Report and send it to the office of Pitzer College. The College report can be accessed either from the college website or from the Common Application. The College Report contains details of the candidate’s academic record, candidate behaviour in college, course details, etc. The college report can be mailed to the email id that is applicant@pitzer.edu by the College Official. 

Official Transcripts

The colleges or the universities where the candidate was attending before have to send the official copy of the transcripts to the Pitzer College through applicant@pitzer.edu. To ensure that all the transcripts reach in time, it is expected from the candidate to get the transcripts at least one month before the deadline of the application. If in case the candidate has attended less than 32-semester credits or has attended less than 48 quarters, the candidate has to give the transcript of the high school he/she has attended before. That can also be emailed at applicant@pitzer.edu 

International candidates

The Pitzer college requires non-native transfer candidates to prove their proficiency in English. This can be done in many ways which are as follows- 

-Giving the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language). This can be given as an Internet-based test. 

-Giving the IELTS exam(International English Language Testing System)

-Giving the DET(Duolingo test)

Getting a waiver form giving the English Proficiency Test. This can be done by filling out the form where a candidate’s graded research paper or any written assignment is done by a candidate in a previous college/university. 

The candidates are required to submit official results of the above exams mentioned or be given a waiver to be accepted for regular admission.  

International Scholars Program

Students who meet all the criteria to get admitted to Pitzer College except for English proficiency may get admission through the International Scholars Program. Candidates must score at least 70 on the TOEFL IBT, 6.5 on the IELTS, or 100 on the DET. Candidates can also give the English Proficiency Waiver exam and then they will be evaluated for admission under the International Scholars Program. 


Transfer Students need to fulfill all the requirements to get admission into Pitzer College within the deadline since the college receives a lot of applications, it becomes difficult for the college to contact the candidate about which detail is not filled. Candidates are also required to get the documents from the college beforehand to avoid any last-minute issues. International Candidates should read the guidelines carefully and submit all the scores accordingly. 

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the criteria for matriculated students in the transfer category?

Ans- Matriculated Students will have to complete at least 2 years of their study at Pitzer College to get the degree from Pitzer College.  

What is the college report and who has to submit that?

Ans- The college report is basically the details of the candidate’s academic and discipline record in the previous institution he/she attended. The report has to be submitted by the official of the institution the candidate attended earlier. The official can be either Dean, Professor, or any office person. 

How International Transfer Students can Apply for Admission at Pitzer College?

Ans- International Students need to prove their proficiency in English through the exams like TOEFL IBT, IELTS, and DET. The scores of any of the exams given by the candidate will be considered for admission. The candidate can also get a waiver to not sit in the exams above by filling the English Language Waiver Test. In this, the student has to submit either a graded research paper or a written assignment is done by the candidate in the previous college/university candidate attended. This submission then will be considered for the admission of the candidate.