Oxford University Acceptance Rate

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Oxford University Acceptance Rate

     Oxford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Operating since 1096, it is a Research University located in Oxford, England. In pair with Cambridge University, they form Oxbridge schools to create students with high educational levels. Oxford is comparable to Harvard, Stanford, or Yale. Oxford has a very rich history because it contributes to many kinds of research and this is why it was home to notable alumni like Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Bill Clinton, and T.S Eliot. Oxford is like the Disneyland of the Universities; it possesses a huge portfolio for research and the largest university press in the world. Oxford includes 39 Colleges affiliated with the brand.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate

    Oxford is a highly competitive University with an acceptance rate of 17%; most undergraduate and graduate students are from the United Kingdom. The acceptance rate for international students is a bit harder reaching 9% each year. The post-graduate admissions rate is 26%, which maximizes the chances for graduate students. The University increased its admissions in the last few years to give a modern image and the chance to the disabled, poor, and minority people. Oxford offers a large choice of undergraduate programs like physics, mathematics, material science, law, Politics philosophy & economics (PPE), biomedical science, and computer science.

     Usually, students graduate in 3 years, and then they can apply for a master’s of 1 year only if they want to. Oxford expects its students to show tremendous motivation and love for their area of study; it does not focus on extracurricular activities to accept applicants. The school focuses on intellectual curiosity, which make it an amazing environment to study in. 

Oxford’s application process

  1. The first step is UCAS application; here you choose your course and see if you have the required level to apply to Oxford University;
  2. Enter your personal information, and a personal statement in which you explain why you are interested in these courses;
  3. Pass the required tests for your area of study( this is not part of the UCAS process; it is done individually);
  4. You will need to pay a fee to complete the process and send your application before 15 October.

Tuition Fees at Oxford University

    It is a challenge to be accepted at Oxford University, but you should also keep in mind that it is not free.  Students who live in the United Kingdom or Ireland have to pay 9,250£ per year. International students on the other side need to pay 26,770£ per year. You should also add about 10,000£ to your living cost per year; of course, you should be reasonable and avoid unnecessary expenses. The benefit is that an Oxford degree has the same cost as any other university degree in English-speaking countries, but the educational quality is higher. As a UK student, you can apply for a tuition fee loan, which will be paid directly to the University each term. You can also apply for a maintenance loan that will help you with your extracurricular life. The cost of Oxford degrees is certainly worth the experience, because 90% of its students are satisfied with the quality of education.

Why Should I join Oxford University?

  1. One of the most influential universities in the world and the best in the UK;
  2. It offers financial aid to support students in their academic journey;
  3. It includes one of the biggest libraries in the world; including copies of each book ever published in the UK;
  4. Statistics show that approximately 94% of Oxford’s graduate students find jobs in the most prestigious companies;
  5. The only common point between Oxford students is their tremendous academic scores; the school encourages ethnic diversity and welcomes 45%, international students;
  6. Oxford is not only the perfect place to study but also the best place to live; it offers astonishing extracurricular activities like writing and being published in the students’ newspaper;
  7. The University makes use of a tutorial system in which you will discuss with tutors and some students about essays, books, and courses to understand difficult concepts;
  8. You will be surrounded by the smartest students and professors in the world, so it will provide an intellectual and motivational environment to study in;
  9. It is home to green spaces, medieval architecture, and beautiful bookshops.

What is Oxford Academic System?

   At Oxford University the Academic year contains 3 terms

  1. The Michaelmas term begins from October to December;
  2. The Hilary term lasts from January to  March;
  3. The trinity term starts from April to mid-June.

Each term contains 8 weeks of teaching, in Oxford, we call it “full term” At the start of each term students receive information about their courses, tutorials, and classes. Students do have vacations between each term so we can say that Oxford follows a trimester system. The University organizes a special week for freshers at the beginning of each first term to help international and new students cope with their environment. Students must pass their prelims to continue to their second year, and then they will have to pass their finals to pass their degree. 

What GPA do I need to be considered in Oxford?

Foreign students must have a GPA of at least 3.75 to ha the chance to be considered by the admission committee. A higher GPA will be required if you apply for a more challenging program. Other Academic resources like letters of motivation and references will also play a crucial role in your application.  To stand out in your application, try to read books about your chosen program, work hard and improve your academic score and make some researches about the interest of the University. 


     In conclusion, Oxford is a prestigious University that will offer exceptional educational experience and open many opportunities for you in the future, especially if you are interested in the world of research. It will have a tremendous impact on your CV and guarantee a job position for you in the best companies at an international level.