North Island College Acceptance Rate


North Island College (NIC) is located in Canada on Vancouver Island. It is an institution that belongs to the community. The college was established in the 1970s and offered undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It is suited on a piece of land that is 80000km squared. The NIC college has four campuses; Comox Valley, Campbell River, Port Alberni, and Mixalakwila. It is a college founded through a partnership that offers scholarships and other financial help to the school. These partners ensure the school has good learning facilities to enhance quality learning. Let us know ‘North Island College Acceptance Rate’.

North Island College Acceptance Rate

North Island College Acceptance Rate

NIC is one of the best colleges in the North Islands. The college receives applications from all over Canada. All students applying to the programs must meet the qualification. Registration is done on the college portal, where the required documents are uploaded in English. For a complete application, the fee must be uploaded too. The acceptance rate of NIC is 67%. Out of 100 applications made, 67 students are accepted into the college. 95% have the potential of being retained in the institution. Apart from the application, the college also gives transfers to students. The fee required for tuition is affordable, and the classes are small in size.

This article will discuss why a student may choose to transfer to NIC, the programs offered, affordability and tuition fee, transfer requirements for a NIC, the documents needed, and the available internship opportunities.

Why transfer to NIC?

There are many benefits to why students may transfer to NIC. 

  1. The 95% of students accepted the North Island College could survive at the college because the institution provides financial assistance through bursaries and other help. 
  2. While studying at NIC, the rate at which the tuition fee is paid is 7.99%. This rate ensures that the students can survive better in the college compared to other colleges. 
  3. Many popular programs at North Island College have high market demand.
  4. The destiny of the college is to be a better institution whose vision is to provide education to national and international students. This provides opportunities for those willing to transfer.  

Programs offered

The NIC offers a total of 900 individual courses and 120 programs that have been credited. The program lasts 1-2 years for those taking Diplomas and Certificates. Programs offered include; engineering, culinary arts, health, human resource, etc.   Educational programs are also provided, especially in early childhood. Degree courses are offered, especially in business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. NIC offers learners short-term courses to bridge their careers and financial help.

Indigenous people surround the college, and thus the education offered must cater to the needs of society. The college has not embraced too much technology as compared to other universities.

The NIC is involved in Applied Field Researches, especially on problems affecting society, so they can solve them by offering the best curriculum.  The research is carried out by learners, thus providing them with opportunities to earn and cater to their personal needs. It is an excellent opportunity for learners to learn by themselves by gaining knowledge from the real world. The community members can learn how to run some things in their social lives.

Affordability and Tuition

While applying for any institution, finance is a significant factor to consider, and the big question is always, is it affordable? In the case of NIC, the tuition fee is relatively inexpensive. There are internal and external financial aids with low charges to enhance learning for the less fortunate. The courses offered are affordable since one can choose from certificate, diploma, degree, and post-degree levels. The different levels give learners options depending on their financial status and qualifications. There are many partners to the institutions, and thus easy to access any financial help.

Transfer requirements for a NIC and the documents needed

1. The applicant must choose a course in line with the qualifications.

2. Registration is done on the international student column in the school portal.

3. Personal details are filled in the BC planner.

4. Upload all the necessary documents, i.e., transcripts, in English.

5. Submit the documents. 

6. In addition, an application fee of CA$100 is submitted to make the whole process complete.

The necessary documents during the application process include;

  • A passport and the signature attached
  • Achievements from the secondary level
  • Any post-graduate achievements
  • A translation of any document that is not written in English
  • Any other required document
  • Personal statements and, 
  • A receipt is offered after payment.
Internship opportunities

The students at NIC can explore and gain experiences and create networks from their field of study. During internships, the students can obtain more skills as professionals guide them. Students from all levels of study are allowed in the internship programs. The learners willing to proceed with their studies after completing one-level distance learning programs are offered.

The graduates are placed in the place of work at 90%. Tutoring sessions are opportunities where the graduates can perfect their skills to find the proper placement. The graduates are lucky to be placed at their place of job six months after graduation. First time salary of NIC graduates ranges from 1,12,000 CAD yearly.

In conclusion, NIC is among the best schools that one would wish to study in Canada. The fact that the college offers an indigenous curriculum makes it suitable for the community. The college does not discriminate against learners but provides opportunities at all levels, making it possible for many people to join. Education at NIC is affordable to the members of society and those outside, creating a network of educated people.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What is the ranking of North Island College?

It is a public college ranked 116 in Canada and internationally at 8509. 

  1. Does North Island College accept international students?

Yes, international students have an opportunity in the college with a wide variety of services, i.e., tutoring and writing.

  1. What is North Island College known for?

It is known to be one of the smallest campuses but manages to admit a good number of learners; the college offers adult education and healthcare and has suitable learning structures.