Berea College Transfer Acceptance Rate


Berea College is a registered private institution located in the small city of Berea in Central Kentucky. In 1855, it was founded as the first college in the southern United States. The founder of the college was a presbyterian. The college offers free tuition and a four-year scholarship on admission—the college majors in 33 programs with 130 departments. The students are provided with work studies with a good salary which helps them to cater for their expenses. The college is suited to a better environment where students go on a hike during a free day provided weekly. Let us know ‘Berea College Transfer Acceptance Rate’.

Berea College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Berea College Transfer Acceptance Rate

Many people ask whether Berea college accepts transfers. Yes, the college accepts transfers provided the students meet the requirements. Some of the requirements include; a DPA of not less than 2.5 but an average GPA is 3.5, an official transcript from high school, the previous institution of study, personal information on recommendation, a statement of good conduct of the prior institution, and a result slip for the semesters attended. The transfer acceptance rate for Berea college is 41.25% which indicates low chances of being accepted as a student in the college.

This article will discuss some of the courses offered at Berea College, transfer application requirements, tuition fees, the academic calendar of Berea College, Berea college profile, ranking and admission, and the academic and social life of a student at Berea college.

Berea college courses

The college offers a maximum of 44 distinctive undergraduate majors on 33 with a total of 21 fields of study. In 2018-2019 the college awarded 349 graduates, which is a good number. Some of the courses offered at Berea college include; computer sciences, Biology, Mass communication, programs in Business administration, Psychology, Art studies, Education, Gender-related systems, Music, and Foreign languages, among others.  The significant degrees offered at Berea college include; Related fields in Agriculture, Gender studies, Biomedical Sciences, Business related courses, engineering, and Education, has also been classified among the majors and others.

The college also offers online programs to elementary students, students with special needs, and educational fields of all levels, including middle, primary and secondary levels of education; all types of integrated curricula are offered online. They hold students’ seminars online and seminars for instructors, etc.  

All the students in the college are expected to attend classes on a full-time basis. In engineering, the course is offered in two sections; at Berea College and the University of Kentucky.  The different background knowledge provides learners with great experiences during their studies. Forms of engineering courses available include civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer and material engineering courses are offered. 

Transfer Application Requirements

When applying as a transfer student, one must feel an application form that is free and done online. Other requirements during application include;

1. Students to be accepted for a transfer must have a GPA of at least 2.5. The most recommended is 3.25, which increases the chances of being accepted.

2. High school results, the original copy of the result, or any recently acquired result slip.

3.  A form from your school counselor showing personal performance. The form should be in the form of a PDF. 

4. The subject teacher, either a language teacher or a science teacher, wrote a recommendation letter.

5. The application details are then submitted to the school portal online.

6.  Any other scores obtained from other fields that are of relevance should be submitted as well. 

7. An essay stated the reasons for transfer and why I chose Berea college. 

8. A transfer student’s college transcript from the previous institution is required.

9. The applicant should access and read the transfer policy document for clarification.

Tuition fee at Berea college

At Berea college, there are no charges for tuition. Services are freely offered, including degree programs, work experiences, and other services.

Berea college academic calendar

The academic calendar is divided into two parts, each with fifteen weeks. The parts are referred to as terms and not semesters. Credits are awarded in terms of course units equal to four or six semesters in hours. In addition to the two words, there are two summer terms, May and Summer, which take 4-7 weeks.  For a student to be considered to have completed an academic calender must complete both the spring and the summer terms as dictated by the school calendar.

Berea college profile, ranking, and admission

The total number of students enrolled in the year 2021 was 1,468. The college is suited in a rural area on a piece of land of 140 acres. In the best colleges, it is ranked #26 in Libera Arts out of 210. The ranking is done based on performance that is accepted National wide. Among the most innovative, the college is ranked at number 3.  The Alumni from Berea college are given an approximation of $37,600 as the starting salary in the market fields. New admissions range between 30-33%, a lower number than the whole number of applicants.  The deadline for the applicants is always March 31.

The academic and social  life of a student at Berea college

Most classes hold less than 20 students with a student-faculty ratio of 9:1. This small number of students per class makes it practical to offer quality education and provide good experiences to the learners. This is because the instructors can interact with learners at a comfortable pace. General Biology, Business and Administration, and Political sciences are among the majors with a student satisfaction rate of 85%. The number of students who go up to the final year of graduation is approximately 45% of the total enrolments.


the gender distribution of learners enrolled in Berea college is male: female, 41:59%.Students who can secure accommodation within the school compound are 92%, while the rest 8% live outside the college premises. The college engages in sports and other co-curricular activities. Security is tight within the college 24 hours, and few cases are reported to the security authorities. The college offers other services, i.e., health and transport services, especially during late hours to students, the paths are lighted, and alcohol is not allowed within the school compound.