Mount IDA College Admission Requirements and GPA

To know Mount IDA College Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

Before you start reading, below is some information you need to know to understand the article better. 

Mount Ida College is a private college located in Newton, Massachusetts. It is placed in one of the top-tier colleges. There are four schools in it. The best known is a Design school. It is one of the good colleges you can go to if you live in Boston. If you want to get admission here, you need to look at its acceptance rate and its requirements to make sure you’re not wasting time on applying for the wrong college for you. The acceptance rate of applicants that apply is 63%. Out of the 100 that apply, 63 get admission.

Mount IDA College Admission Requirements and GPA

However, Mount Ida College has a few admission and GPA requirements to be met by the applicants and this article will help you understand them better and also let you know what else you can do to get admission. It includes your GPA score and your scores on SAT/ACTs. While there are a lot of things that you need to make an application, these two things are the most important to give your attention to.

Mount IDA College Admission Requirements and GPA

SAT: It is a test taken before getting admission to a college. It is globally recognized and it lets the college know what you know and how well can you apply that knowledge. Students who take SAT can be tested for Math comprehension, reading, and writing.

ACT: It is also a test taken before applying for college admissions but in the US. The ACT four academic skills: English, Mathematics, Reading, and scientific reasoning. It also offers a direct writing test which is optional.

Mount Ida college accepts below-average students with a GPA of 3.07 which means a B-grader with some A’s mixed with it. So, if you’re an average student looking for a good college, you know where to go. 

Note: you must take an SAT or ACT to submit your application to Mount Ida College. 

How can SAT and ACT help you in getting admission even if you’re low on your GPA than other students applying?

SAT Test Necessities:

The average SAT score at this college is – 960 on the 1600 SAT scale. Mount Ida College is slightly competitive for SAT scores. 840 on the new SAT places you below average level while 1050 will place you superior to the average level.

Here is the end result of new SAT scores by section:

Section       Average   25th percentile      75th percentile Math                 470.              420             520

Reading writing 480             420                  530

Composite         950             840                 1050

ACT Requirements:

The average score at Mount Ida College for ACT is 17. This makes this college competitive in ACT scores. 

25th percentile: ACT required score is 15.

75th percentile: ACT required score is 20.

To make your application stronger, Mount Ida college suggests that you take the Essay/ ACT writing section. If you do well, you are likely to be more considered. SAT and ACTs are very good to make your application look more like an application of someone willing to work harder. To make your application better there are a lot of other things you can do and they are mentioned in the paragraphs below. 

For SAT subject tests, no information is given for what is required so most likely, it does not require a certain score. But to be on the safe side, you should double-check a little longer before you apply if you have plenty of time to take the test. If you think you can do it, that’s a plus point. You should go for it and give the test right away because it will do wonders for your application. 

This college is not hard to impress. It is moderately selective and so a strong academic performance can confirm your admission. Getting 1050 in SAT or a 20 in ACT or more than that will assure your admission. Their rate of accepting applicants is higher than average. It is 63% which assures your admission with much more chances. HEART EYES! 

If you get nice scores on SAT/ACT you don’t need to put any other extra effort to make your application better. It is only two things that matter, your GPA, and SAT/ACT scores. Your GPA should not be too less than 3.07 and your SAT/ACT scores can get you in on merit. 

However, do remember that if your SAT score is 840 or your ACT is 15 or below, you have a good chance of being one of the few unlucky ones to be rejected.  But losing hope won’t fix it. Trying to add something other than this would.

Suppose you don’t get the required number in your tests or your GPA is lower than what they need. There is good news, you can still get admission based on your coursework difficulty, extracurriculars, letter recommendations, and personal statement. So, to get admission to this college with a lesser GPA and low score on SAT/ACTs, you need to put extra effort and show them what you’re capable of. You need to show them that you are responsible and that you want to get admission to that college but with professionalism. 

Here is what your chances can be according to your percentage: 

80-100%: Strong chances.

50-80%: Most likely than not at all.

20-50%: low but good chances.

5-20%: very less but luck can work. Still have a shot.

0-5%: Lowest to no chances. 


Overall Mount Ida college is known as a very good college. It has a four-star rating from the students and so we know that they suggest you should give it a go.