Mount Holyoke College Admission Requirements

Mount Holyoke College was created by Mary Lyon in 1837. This is located in South Hadley, Massachusetts, 01075. All of their team is always ready to take storm with the compassion, intelligence and charm. This 2022, May Mount Holyoke accepted nearly 5,000 applications of admission to start a new batch. In this article we shall see Admission Requirements of Mount Holyoke College Admission Requirements

This college is a dream place especially for people who encourage the liberal love for arts and science. Mount Holyoke had a welcoming environment and a plan to both help students receive a normal, enriching college experience and keep them safe. You need to score 3.8 onwards GPA to have a chance, competent in college essays. The SAT score must is above 1300 for a better luck. Students who are at top 15 percentages are more likely to get admission.  

Mount Holyoke College Admission Requirements

Admissions Date and Fees 

Mount Holyoke College builds the students into their own personality reflection. The college offers so many courses, organizations and departments offered by MHC so be open-minded, step forward and expose the world out of your comfort zone. Mount Holyoke gives you a chance to create a strong community connection with new people and new life charms. This is historically Women College with progressive academic bubbles. 


The admissions open on JAN 15, 2022 is the deadline for this session. The fees of the admission form of Mount Holyoke are $60. 

Requirement to Become Mtholyoke 

  • Test Optional 
  • SAT Requirements 
  • MHC Act Score
  • Estimated GPA Required 

SAT Score

Some university, colleges have hidden SAT scores that classify the meaning of importance of SAT. SAT is obligatory to be the part of Mount Holyoke, 1500 above marks should be targeted. Try to get excellent achievement in SAT, so that your seat will be fully secured.

SAT Policy 

In the famous remarkable college, the Mount Holyoke selects the policy of highest selection. This means that you have free will to send your every SAT trials score and the highest score will be selected for your admission criteria. This policy is the great relief for all international students. Yeah sounds marvelous!

Chances to get admission are 65 percent on 1500 above SAT score.
52 to 65 percent on 1385 score
39 to 52 percent at 1270 score.
Not possible to gain admission on less score than 1155

ACT Score

ACT has the strategy that could effect on your admission probability. This test has the policy to send only one test that has highest score in the transcript.  Select the test from which you are  satisfied with your achievement then, go with that test. The target of your goal is 31 ACT marks to hit. 

Score sheet of ACT marks ACT Math: 25th:  23
ACT COMPOSITE 75TH : 30TOTAL Average Score: 28

GPA Measurement 

Your transcript should have the minimum GPA of 3.81 or A- to stand at the confirmation list. If you don’t have this average score then, the students should concentrate on SAT marks, so you can secure your seat by giving above 1500 score. Mount Holyoke is one of the 10th ranking positions for achieving highest GPA in South Hadley. The high school GPA in 2.50 to 2.99 with 1.84 percent is totally out of range and unacceptable. Students with less than 2.00 should not apply to this high school.

Contact Queries 

In this year the woman applied was 3,480 and the acceptance rate of Mount Holyoke is 1,826. The admissions rate of Mount College is 52%. For more information regarding admissions and degrees  feel free to contact the given numbers.

Phone: (413)538-2023
Fax: (413)538-2409

Why should I choose Mount Holyoke?

Mount Holyoke is the famous USA College that helped to believe that no goal is beyond the abilities. This college make the students confident that no goal is against your power and you are never alone in pursuits. It teaches you to know your worth, to know that you can take up the space and that your voice deserves to be heard. The Mount Holyoke Professors care about your passions and dreams.  This college gives you the chance to make mistakes and learn or grow with them. The community and society of Mount Holyoke feels the student like their second home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a chance to become a caption in the word of your success!


We come to the result that Mount College teaches students to be community members first and to work hard for what matters, while supporting them in their interests and passion. The graduates of this College are empowered, well-rounded and prepared to go into the world challenges. To get the admission in this inspiring high school you should stand with 3.8 GPA On your transcript and SAT Score should be above 1500. They offer majority degrees of arts and sciences. From working to the microbiology lab to painting rooms, MHC is the complete journey of skills and observations which lead to their theory of life. So, everything about MHC high school is up to the scale and everyone wishes to be the part of MHC. 


Do Mount Holyoke ACT scores have any type of policy?

Yes, this college contains two types of policies named as score sending policy and Super score policy. Both of these policies are beneficial for students.

Being above 1500 in SAT, confirms your admission?

Last year, about 50.9 percent applications were accepted in which folks having above average surely have 100 percent rate to be the part of Mount Holyoke.

What is the Mount Holyoke school class ranking?

The MCH is at the top list of twenty-five percent of graduating courses. The top 50 percent of the class contains 97%.

Is completion of college preparatory program is important for MCH admissions requirements?

Yes, the GPA, Test Scores and class ranking are important factors to put in the file. But the completion degree of the certain college is the mandatory part of the file. 

If the student is below 28 ACT Score, does sit have a chance to get admission?

No, students less than 28 are very less likely to get admission in this South Hardley College. About 50 percent applications accepted who have score in between 31.