Lincoln College Admissions Requirements 

Lincoln University started in 1865 and was christened by Abraham Lincoln himself on his last living birthday. In this article we shall see Lincoln College Admissions Requirements.

The foundation was laid that same year and it was accredited by the higher learning commission (HLC) of the North Central Association. At the commencement of its academic activities, only three students graduated but as time goes on the student capacity increased. As of 2019/20, they had a total number of 16,425 students which shows great improvement over the years of consistency.

Lincoln College Admissions Requirements 

GPA Requirements

I know you’re getting ready to get yourself into Illinois University but you need to prepare before you enter and know what is ahead, or else withdrawal is looming

Let’s get started with the GPA requirement. The minimum GPA required by the university is 2.93, but to be on the safer side just try your possible best to have a GPA of 3.05, which will make your application stand out amidst all other applications. We don’t know the mind of the admission team, but we know that they want to improve the University’s prestige, more reason they are selective of applicants each session.

So get ready, and hold on tight as we go deeper into Lincoln University admission requirements.

*Dear Applicants, ensure to look before you leap, ensure to check campus reels videos and know which kind of school environment you’re getting yourself into. Before you even decide to apply to any college whatsoever so you won’t be worried about intending of making a college transfer in the middle of your studies, that is a huge distraction.

Lincoln University SAT requirements

Other colleges might not be as selective as Lincoln University, but so far, its admission trends signify that Your average SAT score should be 837, If your score is slightly below it, you might have difficulty getting into Lincoln University.

The goal is to have an application that has the upper hand. So I will advise that you sit tight for your SAT exam and have a score relatively close to 950 out of 1600 15score scale policy.

To overcome this competitive application, you can follow this outline for the range of SAT achievement policies for Lincoln University you should aim for;

Section25th PercentileAverage75th Percentile
Reading + Writing440493540

The 25th percentile New SAT score is 870, and the 75th percentile New SAT score is 1070. In other words, an 870 on the New SAT places you below average, while 1070 will move you up to above average.

You might need to worry about having a high score in the writing section just do excellently well in your math section. Others schools may require that you excel in writing, but the case with Lincoln University is different.

Lincoln University ACT Requirements

Ensure to have at least 16 in your ACT score, this is the least you can achieve if you truly want to be part of Lincoln University. You can buckle up your belt and have 21 out of 36; which is the perfect score on your ACT and be ready to be one of those whose application form kill’won’t toss into the trashcan. If you score below 15, consider it to be a low score.

NOTE: However, you can still overcome your low scores in SAT/ACT with a very excellent GPA or by writing an application that stands out

Other Requirements

Now we know pretty much about the test score and GPA, let’s see other requirements laid down by the prestigious University of Lincoln.

  1. Join your school band, sports team, editor or another group activity. You can join the external team to be prepared for Lincoln University.
  2. Join extra-curricular activities outside the academic setting like Basketball etc.
  3. Join a volunteering team which supports the mission and vision of Lincoln University, especially as a not-for-profit organization. Giving back to the community is one of the keys to Lincoln University

This will help you to know more about treating other people the right way. 

  1. During your summer period, don’t just waste time playing in the pool or eating instead, spend your free time doing something worthwhile that speaks of growth, leadership skills, personal growth and values

Note: Just as Lincoln University places priority on Test scores and GPA; it does not end there. The admission team wants to be sure if they are accepting an immoral smart being or average academic students with no character experience skills as an intern and graduate and that you will be valuable and committed to the growth in the immediate community.

  1. Apply to the University of Lincoln. Write a letter to the University of Illinois. You might need a guide through the admission guide.

Note; Get ready all your documents and the SAT/ACT should be done at least 6months before the application day.

  1. Get a recommendation letter. Ensure to receive a recommendation letter from the referee that you can rely on for responses, at least someone that can respond to recommendation emails from time to time

Quick tips: Bond with your lecturer or supervisor in colleges, these will be a stitch in Time save nine” It will make you find recommendations that will aid your application easily.

  1. Apply before the deadline. If thereby is any mistake that you must avoid in this admission process, it is not to submit your applications a few minutes before the deadline which is very unhealthy. Anything might happen, due to network and eventually cause a delay in application submission. Always ensure to adhere to the deadline, at least two days before the deadline will do you no harm.

    To cap it all, get ready to gain admission, don’t be caught unaware, and prepare to resume for the next session. As an aspirant to this University, you should not stop reading, it is necessary to maintain your GPA and not be carried away by the environment, and flocks of novice individuals. Be nice and courteous to all. Lincoln College will help you to actualize your dream, so first thing first; HAVE A DREAM.


Lincoln’s admission requirement is a GPA of at least 2.93, including a SAT score of 837 or an ACT score of at least 16. Ensure to sit up and have a good GPA and test scores. Lincoln college requirements also include participation in extracurricular activities, leadership growth and all other personal growth values should be inculcated.