Life After Graduation – How To Prepare?


When you are in the final year of college education, you should already be wondering how life would be after school. Life after college might seem tricky because there is a change of routine. For instance, there will be no more attending classes, collection of assignments, and hanging out with friends. Campus life is very different from adult life. Therefore, students in their final year of college should start preparing early for life after campus. Most students in their fourth year of campus life are always in a dilemma about how life would be after school. Completing college is a milestone in someone’s life. Therefore, they must lead good lives after college and in their career pursuits. If you are a student in your final year of campus and have been wondering how you will fair on with life after campus, this article has got you as it explains some of the guidelines you should follow to lead lives after graduating. Let us see how to prepare for life after Graduation.

Life After Graduation - How To Prepare?

Life After Graduation

There are different lifestyles people will have after graduating from college, but there are some simple things you should consider when you want to lead your own life after campus. Keep in mind that after campus, you are a grown up, you are not moving back to your father’s house. In situations where you are not going back to your parent’s house, you should know you are now a grown-up, and you are about to start paying your bills on your own and protect yourself. Because of these reasons, you should therefore plan your life. That is where the ten strategies for preparing for life after graduation comes in. Let us now go through the ten strategies below.

How To Prepare For Life After Graduation?

Open a bank account and start building your credit

If you did not have a bank account during your campus life, you should consider opening one and getting a credit card from the bank when you finish college. Now that you will start paying all your bills on your own, you need have a credit card to help you complete transactions when paying for your life bills.

A credit card will also help you build your credit score because a credit score is based on the transaction history. If your credit card has a good transaction history you can be sure to get good credits or loans whenever you need one to push your things or help you start life. 

Because of these two reasons you are advised to get a credit card from a bank and start building on your credit score early.

Find a house where you will live after graduation

When you have been living in a hostel room in your college for the last four years you should start looking for a house where you will live after school because the university will not give you a room after you finish school. You should start for a place where you will live as early as when you are still living in school but it is your final year. 

House hunting can be so tiresome if you do it under pressure and you might end up getting to live in a house that does not satisfy what you like because you did the house hunting in a rush. You should also look for a house as early as you can to avoid situations where you will look for houses and all the available ones have skyrocketed their rental fees. Getting a place to live after school early will help reduce the stress of where they will live that most graduates have when they finish school.

Update your resume

After finishing your four years on campus, be sure that your resume will not be the same as the one that you had when you were joining your first year on campus. You should therefore spruce your resume by adding everything that you have attained in your four-year course. 

Add all the qualifications and pieces of training you have undergone, add all the jobs you have partly done and add the dates when you were working on them, and add all the achievements you have had in your campus life.

An updated resume will help you when you are looking for jobs as many employers will look at how your resume looks and this will help them know you better. A good resume will help employers consider picking you when job openings arise.

Make job applications

After you finish school, the next step in your life is to look for a job and start working to get a salary that will help you pay your bills. Making numerous job applications will help increase your chances of getting call-ups and attend to job interviews that will land you a job if you pass the interview. You should be steady and fast when you hear about any job openings and make quick job applications to any open vacancies.

Start saving an emergency fund

Making savings for an emergency fund will help you in your after-graduation life. Emergencies to rise in life at any point. Because you are now on your own after campus life you should always be prepared for emergencies. An emergency fund can help you a big deal when unexpected events occur in your post-college graduation. Some of the emergencies that might come your way include medical emergencies, sudden job loss, and accidents. When such events happen and you do not have any emergency funds to cover you, you might fall into major financial debts, and this is what you should avoid after finishing school.

Ensure you start making plans for paying any student loans you got during your college life

If you received any student loans during your college life, you should start making plans of repaying the loans as early as you finish school. Repaying your loans on time will help improve your credit score and loan repayment status, this will help you get loans whenever you need one in the future. Also, failing to repay your student loans early might land you into problems, for instance, it might be very difficult to repay loans when you have many bills and a family, so it is important to start repaying when you still have fewer bills and no family to take care of.

Start having a proper sleeping routine

Most college students never have a proper sleeping routine, someone might sleep early today and sleep late tomorrow and vice versa. It is, therefore, your duty to start training on having a proper sleeping routine. This will help you train your brain to start having that working routine of waking up early and preparing for your work every week. You can for instance try to be sleeping at either 10 PM or 11 PM and wake early at 5 AM or 6 AM instead of sleeping at 2 AM and failing to wake up early. Start training for your working life as early as possible.

Start buying business professional clothes

Even if you have not landed your first job or have not attended any job interviews, you should start looking for appropriate clothes that look professional. You should consider getting official clothes that you will be used to attend any job openings or job interviews. 

Nobody will employ you if you are not smartly dressed and in a decent way. You can get yourself nice blazers, a handful of work-appropriate t-shirts and blouses, work-appropriate pants, a pair of appropriate shoes, and nice working bags.

Ensure you make time to meet friends and family

One of the most unfortunate parts of college life is when you are about to graduate and you should say goodbye to all your college friends and try to adjust to new life and friends after school. You should create time for your friends to hang out and have stories. Also, keep in touch with them by even texting them and getting to know how they are fairing so that you just do not break away from them, they are important in your life.

After you graduate you might move away from your family because you might adjust to another place where you will be working, you should, therefore, also find time to be with family for you to adjust slowly and accordingly.

Be strategic and do not forget the simple things

Remain strategic in all your doings and remember all the simple things now that you will no longer be a student but an adult who will be looking for a job soon. You should get to blend well and live with other people, have much respect for all, and respect all the laws of your area to avoid falling into problems with the authorities.


The transition from college life to post- graduation life can seem to be simple but you might be shocked to find that things are not working the way you wanted. Most will be happy on completing college studies but they will also be shocked to find that the rest of their lives are in their hands and not in their parents’ and that it is no more going to classes, studying, collecting assignments, and getting grades. You should therefore strategize your life by following the 10 strategies and hopefully you can get a good transition from college life to post-graduate life.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long should one take to transition from campus life to post-graduation life?

You should make sure you transition faster when you graduate to avoid falling into the problem of failing to change your lifestyle when you transition.

  1. When should someone start repaying their student loans after college?

You should start repaying any student loans you got immediately after you finish school to avoid falling into problems of repaying when you have got many bills and a family already.

  1. When is the importance of updating someone’s resume?

Updating your resume will help employers know all your up-to-date information by just a single glance at the resume.