Is York College in PA a university?

The York College of Pennsylvania is a college that is present in Spring Garden Township, Pennsylvania. It was established in the year 1787. The college offers bachelor’s degree majors, a Master’s program, and a doctoral pro gram. This college is established in a large area of 190 acres. In this article we shall see Is York College in PA a university?

Is York College in PA a university?

The York College of Pennsylvania is not a university. Instead, it is a private college. Almost all the buildings related to academics are present on the main campus itself. The college is based on a semester-based system. 

What Is York College Known For? 

PA college gets known for excellence in the field of business, engineering, professional nursing, and many other education programs. The college is quite affordable and accessible and has very experienced and engaged faculty members. The acceptance rate of the college is about 71%.

ACT and SAT are not considered a requirement for admission to the college. However, the range of SAT should be between 990 to 1190 and ACT, between 19 to 26. There is no requirement for the application fee.It offers almost 70 bachelor’s degrees, and a Master’s degree in business, education, and nursing. It also offers a doctoral program for nursing practice. It has three campuses.


Student-faculty ratio in the college is 20:1. The college allows students to enroll in the evening degree program. The students can easily select the classes that they want. The work that is given to the students is quite manageable. 

Guidelines For Admission To York College. 

The following are the guidelines for admission to York College:

1. The student needs to submit his or her high school marks, along with the senior class schedule. 

2. A recommendation letter from any of the teachers of the high school. Most of the students who have a recommendation letter from the teachers of mathematics, English, science, history, or any foreign language are usually given a lot of preference. 

3. A recommendation letter from the counselor of the school. 

4. The student needs to write a personal statement about the reasons to get admission to the college. 

5. Interview can also be taken if it is found required. 

Scholarship In York College

You need to file a Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) for the scholarship aid. Almost 64% of full-time undergraduates get a need-based scholarship or need-based financial aid. They even get a grant award of about $6636. 

  1. First-Year Students

Based on the residency status of the students, the scholarship and grants for first-time students at York College are between $3000 and $11,000. The award is given only after the student gets admission to York College, Pennsylvania. An additional financial aid is also available for first-time students. Financial aid given is available differently for early decision students and regular students. 

  1. Transfer Student

The York College offers a Transfer Merit Scholarship, which is available for up to three years for any student. The Merit Scholarship available for transfer students is in between the range of $1000 and $7000. This is available only for the full-time accepted transfer students. 

The students should have a minimum grade point average GPA of 2.0 to be able to renew the scholarship every year. The student needs to be a U.S. citizen. If not, then the student must be a permanent US resident. If the student is suspended in case of disciplinary measures, then the student will no longer be eligible for the scholarship. 

  1. International Students

The scholarships available for international students are given based on their academics in secondary school. The scholarship given to them ranges between $8000 and $16,000 for about four years. The students who apply for the scholarship must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.2.

Qualifying To Get The Scholarship

The student needs to qualify for the I-20 certificate for F1 status to get this scholarship. For the scholarship to continue, the student needs to have a grade point average of 2.75 every semester. They also need to stay in the college campus housing. If the student is suspended for any disciplinary measures, then he or she can lose the eligibility status for the future scholarship. The scholarship is available for full-time 8 semesters.  


The York College of Pennsylvania Is not a university. Instead, it is a private college and it has all the facilities for all the students, be it national or international students. The students need to fulfill all the requirements and eligibility status to get admission to the college. York College is one of the best colleges ranked in the world. Since the SAT and ACT are not of much consideration, the acceptance rate is quite high at 71%. Every student here gets full attention from the professors.  If you are an international student, you need to apply for Admission online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What GPA do you need to get admission to York college? 

GPA is not a requirement for admission to York College. But for international students, it is considered a requirement and you have to have a GPA of 3.2 or more to get admission to the college. 

  1. Does York College Have Dorms? 

York College provides residence halls and apartment houses for students who live on campus. It is mostly present for international students. 

  1. Is York College A Residential College? 

Yes, the students can reside on the campus itself, in the apartments, houses, Or traditional residence halls. The students here have proper facilities for food, fitness center classes, etc. 

  1. Does York College Provide Scholarships? 

Yes, York College provides need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships. They also provide student loans.