Is WIU A Good College?

Applying for a college or a university can be a challenging task. One must consider all the essential factors like location, academics, college life, accommodation, placements, financial aid, scholarships, and acceptance percentage while selecting a college. Not every University will give you the best of all, but we must choose the better one of all options. Let us see about one such University. Let us know Is WIU A Good College?

Is WIU A Good College?

Western Illinois University is the best university one can attend, which is also economical. This institution was a Teaching school at the start, and now they have two big campuses which can accommodate up to 10,000 + students.

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University is a government-funded university. It was established in 1899 in Macomb, Illinois. It has four wings: Arts and Sciences, Education and Human Services, Business and Technology, and Fine Arts and Communication. They also have a School of Extended Studies, which provides advanced courses along with these courses. Also, they have four libraries that have rare archives and documents. The campus is spread over 1,050 acres. The latest rank WIU secured in Best Colleges 2022 edition is 54. The acceptance rate is 67%.

They offer student-centric undergraduate and graduate programs distinguished by creative approaches, analysis, and service-oriented interdisciplinary, regional, and global outlooks. In conjunction with alumni and community partners, they encourage the students in various educational events supervised by an expert and diverse faculty and staff. In addition, WIU has an excellent selection of in-demand undergraduate and graduate training courses, integrated training courses, pre-professional training courses, and certificate training courses.


Western Illinois University has a huge campus spread over 1,050 acres. The main campus is situated in Macomb, Illinois. The campus area has over 60 buildings which also include farms(300-acre), 7 domicile halls, and a golf course.

Society and the university work closely and collaborate to provide a safe environment for the residents to study and thrive. Nearly 4,000 students are served by residence hall facilities for living and dining. All resident halls are smoke-free, and rooms are networked and wirelessly connected. 

There is Leslie F. Malpass Library which helps the students in research and analysis. In addition to this, it also has a sports facility for fitness and club sports.

Courses Provided

As already mentioned earlier, there are 4 wings which in turn have a variety of programs. The major departments are:

  • Agriculture
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Economic and Decision Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Management and Marketing

All the departments have in-demand undergraduate and graduate training courses, integrated training courses, pre-professional training courses, and certificate training courses.

Tuition Fees And Scholarships

The fees differ for in-state students and international students. The standard fee for in-state students is $296.10 per credit hour, international students are $ 444.15 per semester, and military personnel is about $250.00 per semester. The tuition fee includes athletic programs, fine art activities, various student organizations and clubs, life safety, and a health center.

Every year $10 million worth of scholarships is provided to the students. Some are:

  • Presidential Scholarship: Includes full tuition, residence, and food plan.
  • Leatherneck Book Awards: Provides books worth $1200.
  • Alumni Legacy Scholarships: Provides scholarships to children of WIU graduates.
  • Commitment Scholarships: Provides up to $8000 based on the student’s grades.

Hostel Accommodation

Western Illinois University assures that your college years will be a fair investment with its fixed four-year rate for tuition, fees, and room and board. Any new undergrad students who enroll at the University are immediately enrolled in the plan, which locks the per-hour rate you pay for a four-year term, ensuring that your expenditures remain consistent. Western was the state’s first housing program to freeze room and food plan pricing. In addition, access to cable television, access to computer labs, laundry facilities, and utilities are given.


WIU-QC student life may be more than just classes. WIU-QC offers a range of activities and groups for students to realize their potential. WIU-QC students take social responsibility seriously, giving back to the community in a number of ways through student groups.

WIU-QC offers a wide range of activities and organizations. There is a student club for everyone, no matter where you are in your educational path!

Some of the organizations are:

  • ACE – Academic Club of Engineering
  • BAP – Beta Alpha Psi
  • CJS – Criminal Justice Society
  • GEMS – Graduate Experience in Museum Studies
  • PC – Psychology Club
  • AMO – Anime-Manga Organization
  •  eSports
  • SOE – Society of Education, etc.


Whenever an opening exists, the institution must inform the Student Employment Office by completing the Submitting a Student Job procedures. Handshake will be updated with the job posting. Students who are interested in available positions should apply directly through Handshake.

All student employment postings are reviewed by the Student Employment Office. If it seems that an employment requirement may be discriminatory, the request will be reviewed by the Equal Opportunity Officer. The Student Employment Office will not advertise job openings that clearly show any sort of racial motivation.


The Sport Management Program at WIU’s aim is to enhance students’ skillset, intellectual cognition, and real application in order to train the future generation of sports industry executives. Western’s Sport Management program is one of the country’s longest established.

The program has a long history, with over 750 alumni holding positions such as athletic director, general manager of a professional sports organization, and public relations coordinator. Because of its emphasis on educational quality, the program enjoys a great reputation in the sports sector. 


Also, the institution is best for students with special needs. All their books are printed in Braille script. The students are also helped by caretakers, nurses, wheelchairs, and guide dogs. If you are looking for wonderful student life, Western Illinois University is one of the best option. They have about 25+ student organizations which range from engineering to anime, finance to chess, communication to criminal justice, esports to liberal arts, and psychology to recreation.