Are College Prep Classes Harder Than Honors?

College preparation classes are the progress of study in college. These classes help you learn content and skills for the progress in your college. On the other hand, honors classes give you knowledge of other challenging stuff for college applications. It will not count in your college credit. The purpose of both the class is different and it depends on you what is your motive. Many colleges only care about the college prep class grade rather than the Honors class. It is better for them if you also get a good score in honors. and necessary to score good marks in your college prep classes. Let us know Are College Prep Classes Harder Than Honors?

Are College Prep Classes Harder Than Honors?

The material for both classes is the same but the decider is workload and the content. The workload of separate classes is equal but honors classes are done with college prep classes so the overall workload is more for a person who is doing college prep and honors classes.

Factors To Decide

What is harder for you depends on so many things. If any course is harder for you there must be some reason. The reasons may be so many and here are some reasons which are responsible to say what classes are hard either college prep or honors: –


The course of study that you are pursuing must be for your age. For example, a 5-year-old child can’t understand the topics of the 10th standard. If you are pursuing something, mentally you should be ready for it. In this case, age is not a matter because all the students attending college classes are approximately the same age. Only the difference in ages can be a maximum of two or three years. (There are exceptions also).

Understanding Level

When you were in class 6th the understanding level of the concepts for you was not as much as it is now. With the change in time, you and your understanding level both develop and your understanding level results in how things will be for you.

Interest In The Goal

Interest plays a role in your understanding of some particular purpose. Interest is the decider if something is easier to understand for a person or not. For college prep students their goal is different also for honors students their goal is different.


This thing makes a huge difference in both college prep and honors classes. The CP classes make you better in college basic skills and content. CP classes are available in every college but there may be honor classes in a college and maybe not.

Difference Between CP Classes And Honor classes

Before going to any conclusion, we must know what College prep and honor classes are and the difference between them. Then we can make any opinion. 

Honors Classes

Honors classes give you knowledge of it in-depth about a particular subject. Attending an honor class will help to grow in a versatile manner. Honors classes are higher-level classes and proceed at a faster pace. If a student excels in a particular subject can attend honor classes. Being an expert in your degree and any subject or skill is essential for better placement which is the main focus of these classes. To take command in any subject or skill, one must take honors classes, and a good score in these classes will improve the chances.

College Prep Classes

College prep classes give you the knowledge for the college only. These classes provide the academic background to succeed in a college degree. These classes will guide you to be familiar with a college degree. Some high school students can’t adjust to a college environment and these classes make you familiar with the college environment. A College degree consists of projects, assignments, and better knowledge of your subjects in your degree and that’s what you will see in college prep classes.

Similarities In CP Classes And Honors Classes

CP and honors classes both are helpful in some way to your future. Both classes are different somehow, but both are classes and classes provide you with knowledge. You learn how to handle situations after college. You make connections with that particular subject and know about it in detail. Your career opportunities increases and you can take chances in your dream career.

Perspective View

You get positive benefits from having taken the honors class. You show colleges that you are willing to challenge yourself. You are increasing the rigor of your curriculum and good practice and preparation for college-level work. You might allow yourself to get a good score in honors class if you work hard. There is so much more of a higher ceiling on taking an honors class than there is on taking a regular class and getting a good score. But it is not always a perfect trade.


The Honors class will be going to overwhelm your workload and you are going to have two hours of extra homework each night. In that case, you are looking for a grade, you are looking at the depreciation of your grades across the board. You should know about managing your time and your workload. So, the conclusion is that honors class gives you extra work but helps you to become better. It is that you should know how to manage things and your overall balance and ability to be successful. That is all it is to think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are CP classes harder?

Ans. CP classes can be a little hard in comparison to the high school curriculum.

Q. Are honors classes harder?

Ans. Honors classes for students are a challenge in different ways than a traditional course.

Q. Is an 80 in AP class good?

Ans. Yes, 80 is a good score for a person who is taking extra curriculum classes.

Q. Are honors classes weighted?

Ans. Yes, honors classes are weighted and have an additional 0.5 points.