Is UCLA a good school for science?

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Many students decide to pursue careers in science and choosing which university is the best fit might be a challenge. However, the University of California, Los Angelos is widely considered one of the top schools to pursue a path in this field. 

Is UCLA a good school for science?

Is UCLA a good school for science?

UCLA was ranked the #1 public university in the National U.S. News rankings, and #15 in Times Higher Education Global rankings, back in 2021. According to QS World rankings, UCLA is also the 40th best university worldwide. Based on a holistic overview of the university, UCLA a top-tier school to study science, but the rankings can vary depending on the science subject at hand. 

What kinds of science majors does UCLA have? 

● Life Sciences: These kinds of majors tend to focus on the Biological Sciences, typically for students on a pre-med track or looking for a related career. Some of the offered majors include Cognitive Science and Psychobiology, while an example of a couple of minors is Biomedical Research or Science Education. 

● Physical Sciences: These are the more hands-on sciences, relating to subjects like the Environment, Astronomy, or Mathematics. Major options include Physics & Astronomy, Statistics, and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. 

What are some science subject rankings at UCLA? 

Biology and Biomedical Sciences 

On the national level, U.S. News puts UCLA at #17 in Biological Sciences, while it is 9th globally, according to QS University Rankings. Some of their science options include Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Human Biology and Society. 

Environmental Sciences 

QS puts UCLA in 18th place worldwide in Environmental Sciences, and some of the related degrees related include Ecology, Behaviour & Evolution, and Earth & Environmental Sciences. 

Computer Sciences 

While this may not be a ‘traditional’ science, it is a popular one within UCLA. This branch of Engineering is ranked 12 globally in Times Higher Education’s 2020 subject ranking and is a popular option for incoming students. Related majors include Data Theory and Computer Engineering. 

What other science options does UCLA offer? 

UCLA has a wide variety of science options, ranging from Biochemistry and Marine biology to Neuroscience and Food Chemistry. Some of the life science options include Biomedical Research, Conservation Biology, Evolutionary Medicine, Food Studies as well Society, and Genetics. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is also #1 in LA, and #3 nationally, making it an elite option for prospective med students. Some of the physical science options include planetary physics, aerospace engineering, geology, and bioinformatics. Here is a list of

all the science majors currently available at UCLA, so consider looking through it to see what fits you best. 

What kind of careers are there for me in science? 

In a life science major, some options include being a genetic counselor, nurse, anesthetist, food scientist, laboratory manager, and so on. A graduate with a physical science major might go into academia or become a geoscientist, computer programmer, or enterprise architect. 

What are some downsides to studying science at UCLA? 

Studying science in the U.S. can get expensive. A Bachelor of Science from UCLA can range from 13, 800 USD for California residents, but it can reach around 31,000 USD for out-of-state students. These tuition fees don’t include health insurance, living expenses, flights, or other school supplies. However, there are numerous financial aid options available based on both merit and need-based assessments. It’s also worth mentioning that as a public university, UCLA is also relatively more affordable than other top-tier American universities. 

How long does it take to earn a degree in science at UCLA? 

This depends on the program of study, and how many courses you may decide to take a semester, but a Bachelor of Science is generally a 4-year program. There may be accelerated options or co-op programs that include work experience and therefore take longer to complete, but it depends on the major. 

Aside from rankings, what makes UCLA a good school to study science?

For one, the location of Los Angelos is an attractive one in terms of internships and student life. It is an international city known for its food and sights. Furthermore, from an academic standpoint, UCLA also offers over 3,900 courses, 130 majors, and 90 minors for undergraduates. There is also a relatively small student-teacher ratio, with 2 in 3 classes averaging 30 students or less. If you’re unsure what kind of major you want to study, UCLA also has a system that allows freshmen to sample different major options, before settling on one by the end of their sophomore year. 


Overall, UCLA has a variety of science options that are ranked highly on both a national and global scale. So in terms of academics, it can be reliably said that UCLA is a good school to study science. However, it is also important to look at other factors, such as tuition expenses, student life, and the duration of the program when deciding on where to study. 


What’s student life like at UCLA? 

UCLA is said to be one of America’s most beautiful college campuses, with over 1000 options of recreational clubs and organizations available for students. There are also art exhibits, theatre performances, and free film viewings available on campus. Look here to discover more about what student life is like at UCLA.

What’s the graduate employability ranking? 

UCLA is joint-second among the best US universities for graduate employability – and is also joint-second in the world, according to QS Top Universities. The ranking may vary depending on the specific major, but it is clear that the university’s name carries weight. 

Who are successful alumni of UCLA? 

Some of the most well-known successful alumni of UCLA include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jackie Robinson, Mila Kunis and not to mention past and present faculty members of UCLA including 8 Nobel Laureates. 

Is UCLA a hard school to get admitted to? 

As a well-established university, UCLA has a relatively low acceptance rate. In 2021, they admitted only 11% of applicants. UCLA’s acceptance rate for international students was even lower, at 9%. However, UCLA’s 2022 acceptance rate is set at 14.3%, and it’s worth noting that it is 24% for transfer students.