Is Occidental An HBCU?

Occidental college or as will popularly address it (Oxy) is one of the top-ranked schools in the treasure chest of higher education in the eastern part of the united states. Occidental college is one of the schools that has a unique structure of learning and due to the structure and the location (closer to Hollywood) it has been starred in many college movies, the mission of the school Is to provide higher education to students from different diversity and classification. How was the occidental college founded? How good is the school? other questions about the institution, will be discussed in the article below. Let us know more detail about ‘Is Occidental An HBCU?’.

Is Occidental An HBCU?

Is Occidental An HBCU?

Historically Black College and University (HBCU) was created for people of African descent in the years following Reconstruction in North America (United States) In other words, it was established during the world civil war. They aimed to abolish slavery and also to make sure that African American communities are not lesser than the white Americans in terms of receiving quality higher education.

  Questions lingering around are, Is occidental college among the popular HBCU, The answer is no. Occidental college is not or never part of the historically black college and university. In fact, in the year 2020, 504 degrees were awarded to their students cut across all undergraduate and graduate programs, let us break it down a little further, 57.9% of the degrees were awarded to women, and 42.1% were granted to men. The most common race/ethnicity group among the awardees was white (261 degrees), they are 3.53 times more than the next closest race/ethnicity group, Asian (74 degrees). To my knowledge, Africa Americans are those that mostly dominated HBCU colleges but in occidental college, they are mostly dominated by white people, so it is considered that Occidental college is not among historically black colleges and universities (HBCU)

Where is Occidental college located?

Occidental college is a private liberal art college that was founded on April 27, 1887 (135 years ago). It was historically founded by members of the Presbyterian Church.  Which is located in Eagle Rock, between Glendale and Pasadena. It can be found, 10–15 minutes from the Burbank airport and five minutes from the trendy Silver Lake and upcoming Highland Park neighborhoods. Occidental college is about 15 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. The college motto is accidents Proximus orient which is in Latin the English translation means “The west is nearest the east”. It was said that Occidental got its college name and motto from its location.

Is Occidental college prestigious?

Occidental College is an outstanding, highly selective institution that prepares its students beyond their undergraduate studies till their postgraduate education. They do not even stop In their physical education, they go to the extent of making their student become a great thinker, a problem solver, a great writer, and also an excellent communicator with their constant practicals and research that goes on all the time in the college.  Occidental college also has its home feel sentiment like a residential neighborhood instead of a campus feel, and this is one of the uniques features of the college that make it prestigious.

Occidental college ranking

In the US, it is an often-opaque comparison of quantitative aspects of an institution relative to its peer. However, due to the yearly comparison, occidental college was ranked #42 In National Liberal Art Colleges due to the excellent standard and discipline of the school. Another rank awarded to the college is Best Undergraduate Teaching at position #64, Best value school at position #66, and Top performers on Social Mobility at position #80. 

 What is the Occidental College best known for?

The college is best known as the past president of USA college. Barack Obama attended the college during his freshman and sophomore years.  He later transferred to Columbia for the upper-division. Oxy also has an exchange &cooperative program with Columbia, Cal Tech, and an Art center In which you would get a degree from each institution if you applied for the program. Lesser lights include Congressman Jack Kemp, HUD Secretary Robert Finch, NFL Coach Jim Mora and church organists across the country. 

How much does it cost to attend Occidental college?

Occidental college is a private liberal arts college as mentioned in the article above, the overall expenses for a first-year student are $77,896, which includes tuition, room, and board, and some necessary fees for those wanting to live on campus while for those that are interested in staying off-campus their overall expenses are $60,566 (the fee is not fixed, it is subjected to changes as required by the student). Financial aid application is available to all students from all levels and ethnicity, the motive is to meet the full expenses demonstrated by the student. All you need is to go to their website and learn more about It.

The institution also provides an indirect cost that contains books supplies, local transportation within the college premises, and other miscellaneous expenses for about $2740 to $3990.  It is also subject to change depending on personal circumstances. Another requirement for a student that wants to attend Occidental college is their health insurance, a popular saying goes thus; health is wealth.  It is when you are physically and mentally okay, that is when you will be able to attend all your classes and do well academically, this has instigated the college to provide student health insurance for those that are not US citizens or permanent residents. In a full academic year, The Occidental Health Insurance Program (OSHIP) program goes for $2854.


Occidental college is one of the schools that offer adequate and excellent teaching for students. The school is best known for its substantial interaction between students and lecturers. if you are looking for a school that will make you feel at home and likewise, in the process learn at your pace, then Occidental college is the one for you. They offer premium teaching that makes you an outstanding student later in life.