Is Mount Saint Mary College A Party School?

Is Mount Saint Mary College A Party School?


      Most students in the US do not think that the Mount Saint Mary College(MSMC) in New York has some sort of parties or fun engagements for its college students because it is a Christian missionary school. This article will clarify that and introduce some party that are allowed in Mount Saint Mary college a party school.

   The shocking truth is that though Mount Saint Mary College does not have a large number of students like most colleges in the US, there are lots of storming festivities and parties almost every day, especially at night at the college meaning that most assumptions that the college is absolutely boring are false. 

Yes, it is a religious school and yes, there is time for parties too, just that it is not as usual as that in most New York Colleges.

Overview Of Mount Saint Mary College

   MSMC does both graduate and undergraduate degree lectures. This college is a privately owned catholic school in New York established in 1959 by the Dominican sisters with popular majors in health science, liberal arts and social science. The college acceptance rate is up to 90% yearly and also engages the students in activities and events for entertainment and learning purposes.

Is MSMC Really A Party School?

   Yes it is a party school though might not be like the average college in New York City, they have what they call their type of fun installed for their students too. Many do not believe that this school allows participation in parties and clubbing because they are strict with their rules and create limitations for students in the college which is very unlikely for colleges in a city as social as New York but they do party too.

   Though they invest in the religious aspect of the student more, that is why many consider the college as boring because most students enjoy more party vibes in school. The college dominated groups are more of religious catholic students but that does not mean that the small group does not provide time for partying. Mount Saint Mary College offers a wide variety of parties. 

 Types of parties that students get involved in:

   The college sports team participates in a lot of team parties though they are clubs and each appears to have a rival to see who can toss the best party. The rugby team is popular in the college for their keggers parties on weekends, the lax team is popular for their roofie parties, the baseball team for their jungle juice, dance events, soccer parties at the townhouses, and lots of theme parties organized by the students and the college to make their experiences in the college lively.

   As a student in MSMC, you get to participate in partying, clubbing, movie nights, and packed animal creations to 3D roller coasters, and yoga exercises, there’s always an event to attend daily as a student of MSMC and it is always better to be involved in clubs and activities available for students in the college on or off the school campus.

Parties For The Students Of Mount Saint Mary College 

There are a series of theme-blocked parties, house parties and parties organized by clubs students are active in like rugby, football, basketball, and more interesting sports activities organized by the college for the students to attend depending on their interests, have fun, make strong connections, and also more religious activities arranged for students to strengthen their faith in Christ because it is a Catholic College but the school is not at all boring, there is still time for fun. 

   Five Popular events and parties arranged in the school premises for the students include:

  • School Club parties
  • Hudson Valley parties
  • Intramurals
  • Campus Shows
  • Town halls 

You can always head over to the official website to get more information about the different types of parties and activities for the students.


   Finally, this article has been able to answer your questions about if Mount Saint Mary College is a party school which is YES. Though the college focuses more on the religious and faith aspect, there is still time for the students to have fun in various activities they are involved in at the college.

  1. Can I attend parties as a student in Mount Saint Mary College? 

Sure, you can attend organized parties by the college or approved by the college as a student.

  1. Is MSMC a big college? 

MSMC is a small private college in New York City founded by the Dominican sisters.

  1. Will I be expelled from MSMC if I break the school rules? 

You would not be restricted immediately if you break rules, you will firstly be warned before being expelled.

  1. Can someone who is not a Catholic or Christian apply to study at MSMC? 

MSMC does not discriminate against any religion in applying for admission, all you have to do is abide by the college rules.