Is Gonzaga an ivy league school?


Gonzaga is a private institute located in Spokane, Washington. It is a Roman Catholic college that is open to students of all faiths, residing along the Spokane river less than half a mile from the main city. The university was founded in 1887 by Joseph Cataldo, an Italian-raised priest, and a missionary. Gonzaga has a total of 4,853 undergraduate enrollments with a campus size of 182 acres, considered to be the #72 in the 2022 ranking for the best colleges. Here we will see about Is Gonzaga an ivy league school?

Is Gonzaga an ivy league school?

Is Gonzaga an ivy league school?

No, Gonzaga is not on the list of Ivy League colleges, there are only eight colleges that are considered an Ivy League. It is considered to be one of the best colleges in the USA but it is not an ivy league as certain criteria need to be fulfilled to be considered one. But Gonzaga considers itself to be an Ivy league of the west.

What is an Ivy League university?

The ivy league is an American collegiate athletic conference comprising 8 private colleges in the Northeastern United States, these highly prestigious and selective universities are often grouped under this term and their history is quite interesting and important to the American higher education system. These colleges are really difficult to get admission into and have a very rigid standard for their students, they have an acceptance rate of 12%.

What are some of the Ivy League universities?

  1. Harvard University, Massachusetts 
  2. Yale University, Connecticut
  3. Princeton University, New Jersey
  4. Columbia University, New York
  5. Brown University, Rhode Island 
  6. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
  7. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
  8.  Cornell University, New York

Why is an Ivy league better than other colleges?

The Ivy League may have prestige and history but that does not mean that it is any better than other colleges, there are other colleges like M.I.T, Stanford, and the University of Chicago which have ranked higher than the Ivies when it comes to the arena of academics. The main area for Ivories to shine in sports, law, and finance, it can give a head start because a lot of law firms prefer hiring associates from Harvard university so the value of these universities can’t be denied.

What are the disadvantages of attending an Ivy league?

While it is hard to find a substantial disadvantage to graduating from an Ivy League university, there are few reasonable explanations to choose a better college than an Ivy league.

  1. High cost: Attending an Ivy league isn’t cheap, while a lot of colleges around the USA, in general, can be expensive but there are a lot of colleges that offer reasonable tuition as well as scholarship. There are Ivy leagues that offer scholarships but the competition is extremely competitive.
  2. Highly competitive with a low acceptance rate: ivy league accepts only a limited number of applicants, they look for a flawless academic record, relevant extracurriculars, and solid essays. Even Though the admission is difficult, that doesn’t mean it is impossible.
  3. World-class school outside Ivy leagues: Ivy leagues do offer good educational opportunities but so do many schools around the USA and the world. Many of these universities offer lower tuition with better acceptance rates, different aspects need to be taken into account before selecting a university.

What are the requirements of getting admission to an Ivy League?

Ivy league admission rate numbers have made it very clear how difficult it is to get accepted into a prestigious university. With an acceptance rate of 9%, the ivy leagues are among the most selective colleges around the world.

With that, it makes sense that only 3 types of students get admission:

  1. Students who are going to accomplish something which will change people’s perspective about the world.
  2. Elite performers in terms of academics and athletics.
  3. Students who are can make a difference in their respective communities.

There are some tips that can be helpful:

  1. Be sure to have good grades and test scores.
  2. The student has to make sure that they are not late in applying to the college.
  3. They should have a good personal essay.
  4. Extracurriculars should be done passionately and not just for an attractive application.


While the ivy leagues are an amazing bunch of universities but that doesn’t mean that other colleges don’t have amazing programs, there are a lot of colleges that are considered better than Ivies and are ranked higher in terms of academics and sports. But the Ivies do have an appeal to them when it comes to looking at their name on a person’s CV

Frequently asked questions

What is the tuition fee of an Ivy League college?

The minimum fee of any Ivy League university would be somewhere around $49,653 to $76,479 per year.

What is the acceptance rate of Gonzaga university?

As of 2020, the acceptance rate of this university is 72.9%, which is far more than that of an Ivy League.