Is College Free In Paris?

From Eiffel Tower to museums, holy sites to shopping, the ‘City of  Love’ Paris is famous for many things. But did you know public schooling or college is free in Paris for the residents? 

Is College Free In Paris?

Is College Free In Paris?

Yes, you read it right College is free in Paris. The government of Paris doesn’t ask the  parents to pay money other than tax for their children’s education. It  is all government funded. 

Is Paris A Good Option For Higher Studies? 

Paris is an excellent option for higher studies for several reasons.  Paris is home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities,  including Sorbonne University and École Polytechnique. These  universities offer a wide range of courses in various fields, including  medicine, engineering, business, and humanities. studying in Paris  can open up many career opportunities for graduates. Paris is home  to many international companies and organizations, making it an  ideal place to launch a career in various industries. 

Student Life In Paris 

Parisian universities offer modern, state-of-the-art facilities and  resources for students to use, including libraries, research centers,  and computer labs. Students can also get involved in various student  organizations and clubs, such as sports teams, music groups, and  charity organizations. Additionally, universities regularly host campus events and activities, such as guest lectures, cultural festivals, and  film screenings. 

Paris offers a rich cultural and social scene for students to explore.  Students can visit world-renowned museums and galleries, attend  concerts and festivals, sample the city’s culinary offerings, and  explore its many historical landmarks. Paris also has a vibrant  nightlife, with many bars, clubs, and entertainment venues to choose  from. 

Career Opportunities In Paris 

• Hotel Management 

One of the most popular career paths in hospitality is hotel  management. A degree in hospitality management can prepare you  for a variety of roles in hotel management, such as general manager,  front desk manager, and food and beverage manager. Many  international hotel chains have a presence in Paris, making it a great  place to start your career in hotel management. 

• Culinary Arts 

Paris is famous for its cuisine, and a career in culinary arts can be a  rewarding path for those with a passion for food. From working in a  Michelin-starred restaurant to launching your own food truck, there  are many opportunities to explore in Paris’s vibrant culinary scene. 

• Event Planning 

Paris is a popular destination for events such as weddings,  conventions, and trade shows. Event planning is a dynamic and  challenging career path that requires excellent organizational skills  and attention to detail. Paris has many event planning companies  that offer opportunities for those interested in this field. 

• Tourism

As a global tourism hub, Paris offers many opportunities for those  interested in working in the tourism industry. From tour guides to  travel agents, there are many career paths to explore in this exciting  field. 

Adaptation In Paris For International Students 

Adapting to life in Paris can be a challenge for international students,  but with the right attitude and preparation, it can be a rewarding  experience. Here are some tips for adapting to student life in Paris: 

1. Learn the Language: French is the official language of Paris, and  while many people speak English, it’s important to learn some  basic French to navigate everyday life. Take a language course  

or use language learning apps to improve your French skills. 2. Embrace the Culture: Paris has a rich cultural heritage, and it’s  important to embrace the local customs and traditions. Take  part in cultural events and festivals, try the local cuisine, and  explore the city’s many museums and galleries. 

3. Build a Support Network: Building a support network is  essential for adapting to life in Paris. Join student organizations,  attend social events, and make friends with locals and other  international students. 

Housing In Paris: Is It Tough To Find Living Space? 

There are several types of student housing available in Paris,  including university dormitories, private apartments, and homestays.  International students can apply for student housing through their  university or private housing providers. The cost of student housing  in Paris can vary depending on the type of accommodation and  location.

Cost Of Living In Paris 

While tuition fees in France are low, the cost of living in Paris is  relatively high compared to other cities in the country. International  students have specific requirements to meet, including providing  proof of financial means to cover living expenses. However, the  French government offers assistance to international students to  help them reduce their rent and healthcare costs. 


Paris is a cosmopolitan city with a rich cultural heritage. Students  who study in Paris have the opportunity to immerse themselves in  French culture, learn the language, and explore the city’s many  museums, galleries, and historical landmarks. Overall, Paris is an  excellent option for students seeking a high-quality education in a  vibrant and diverse city at an affordable cost.