Is College Free In Iceland?

Iceland, a country in the northern hemisphere, is well known for its progressive nature, which is reflected in the living standards of people there. Even though it has a low population, it is one of the houses of the most well-qualified and literate people. Let’s learn about ‘Is College Free In Iceland?’.

Is College Free In Iceland?

Is College Free In Iceland?

In the educational field, the institutions of Iceland, whether universities, engineering schools, colleges, law schools, and medical schools, are well respected and highly equipped with all kinds of facilities providing the world with the best quality of education in bachelor, master’s, and Ph.D.

With high-quality education in seven different fields of higher education, it provides applicants with free tuition in all public universities. Iceland welcomes applications from qualified applicants from all over the world who have to pay only the registration fee and zero tuition fee in the public universities of Iceland. But in private universities, they have to pay both the tuition and the registration fee.

The Type of Education system Iceland follows-:

Education follows the four level of the educational system, which is as follows-

  1. Preschool- This is attended by students one to six years of age. Preschooling has a fee in Iceland which is subsidized.
  2. Compulsory Education – After the preschool level, compulsory comes into the picture of the education level of Iceland. This is free and mandatory and pursued by students aged six to sixteen.
  3. Upper Secondary Education – It can be pursued by any student who has done his/her compulsory education. This is generally free too.
  4. Education at a University or Higher Education – Only after Upper secondary education does students apply for this. Higher Education is tuition-free all over Iceland. For this, students have to pay the registration fees only in public universities but tuition + registration fees in private universities.

How can a foreign student study in Iceland?

A foreign student needs to have a student visa to study in Iceland. But the students of Canada don’t even need a visa if they are traveling to the nation for at least three months.

How can a student apply for a student visa in Iceland?

To get a student visa in Iceland, one must have a passport, two passport-sized photos, proof of fee payment, a completed application form, proof of admission to an educational program, a copy of a clean criminal record, proof of health insurance, and the proof of financial self-sufficiency through bank statements.

Things to remember to get admission to a University in Iceland

Iceland does not have a central admission system. Students have to send their applications to the universities directly. So, the essential things to remember before sending your application to the University of Iceland are-

  1. Due to a higher level of education in Iceland what will get first noticed in your application is your grades. It is better to have higher grades rather than average to have a good chance of getting admitted.
  2. Other than your high grades, the application you have sent holds high value. It is advisable to prepare your application early to ensure that you upgrade your application take suggestions from others, and see if you have other skills too that add feathers to your personality to help you avail a good college.
  3. Try to avail a scholarship to study. Though all the public universities are free other than the registration fee because of the good living standards of Iceland you are going to spend a lot on the living expenses there (like food, cost of living, traveling, and other basic facilities). So keep an eye on the scholarship application forms too.
  4.  Apply to low-cost universities. Among all universities, because of no central admission system, the registration fees are different too in different universities, so applying for an affordable one will give you an edge over the others in terms of expenses.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Is College Free In Iceland?’, Iceland is a beautiful place along with a hub of students who want to get a high-quality education. It also provides students with education with a minimum of fees in its institutes. Students all over the world study there with zero tuition fees. Though the basic expenses are high there. So, if you also want to study there, keep in mind to have a good application along with the search for a scholarship to spend less. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question 1. What is the literacy rate of Iceland?

Answer 1. Iceland has a very high number of literate with a literacy rate of 99.9%. It has an unemployment rate of 2.7% only.

  • Question 2. Is there any difference in the registration fees for native and foreign students?

Answer 2. Yes. Students living outside the European Union countries have to pay a high registration fee.

  • Question 3. In which fields a student can apply in Iceland?

Answer 3. Iceland offers higher education to students in seven different fields.