Is College Free In Egypt?

Everyone wants the best education for themselves. Getting an education in today’s world is a piece of cake, but looking for the best one is a tiresome process. Despite being known for the pyramids, tombs, pharaohs and mummies, Egypt is also known for its education and ranks the best in it. Let us know more detail about ‘Is College Free In Egypt?’.

Is College Free In Egypt?

Is College Free In Egypt?

The government of Egypt provides financial support to public colleges/universities, which helps them to keep the level of the fee low. Private colleges, on the other hand, ask for tuition fees that are comparatively higher than that of public colleges. 

Education and Egypt 

Education in Egypt has been prioritized since the twenty-first century. The Ministry of Education made it mandatory for all students to attend school. The aim of education was not just to provide basic knowledge to the children but to maintain its quality too. Earlier, the institutions were governed by the Ministry of Education. Later, institutions became autonomous so that accountability and the quality of education could be enhanced. 

The public education system in Egypt is divided into 3 stages:

The primary, preparatory, and secondary school is followed by the University in the later stages after the child’s development. 

What is College Education like in Egypt?

Colleges in Egypt are mostly funded by the government, which means that the fee for getting into any public college in Egypt is less, though not completely free. College education is further divided into public and private colleges. Based on preferences people choose to get admission to either college. Both kinds have their pros and cons, so it greatly depends on which college an individual chooses. The social strata are responsible for individuals to choose the kind of college they opt for.  According to the World Bank, there is a “wealth gap” which could be the reason why the rich and the poor choose different paths. While public colleges are mostly preferred by the foreign and economically weaker sections, private ones are utilized by the well-to-do section of society.

What are Public and Private Colleges?

Public colleges:

Though some public college courses are entirely free for students, not all colleges are free in Egypt. Public colleges may be free, but they charge some tuition fees from the students. This tuition fee is usually lower as compared to the fee of private colleges. These colleges have a history of academic excellence and are the top-rated education institutions in the country. The quality of education varies based on the program a student chooses. Like MBBS in Egypt, public colleges center around quality education only. They don’t just increase the crowd but onboard the students who secure more than 60% or more in their academics. 

Private colleges:

Private colleges, on the other hand, levy heavy fees without compromising the quality of education. They offer some programs that public colleges can’t. They are not crowded and have more facilities.

What are some of the Best Public Colleges?

  • Cairo University: It is a public university, renowned and top-rated university in Egypt. It offers a wide range of programs/ courses. The University charges less and economic tuition fees which vary from EGP 5000- EGP 10000 annually.
  • Ain Shams University: This public university is among the largest universities in Egypt. It has all ranges of UG and PG programs. It is also affordable, and the fees range from EGP 3500-EGP 9000 per year.
  • Al-Azhar University: It is the most prestigious university, and the oldest one. This University is nearly free for all students and the tuition fee may vary for local and international students.

Other than the funding provided by the government, the students can always opt for scholarship programs as well.

Why Choose Public College Over a Private One?

They are more affordable and even maintain the quality of education. Only the most intellectual and competitive students can get admission to public colleges. This increases the overall productivity of students. Some of the programs in these colleges are so inexpensive, that one can consider them entirely free. All these colleges have good infrastructures and even offer scholarship programs to scholarship-worthy students. 


The government of Egypt, that is, the Ministry of Education, grants free education to school-going students and even provides subsidies in public colleges and universities. They do all they can to mandate education for the students. Egypt is the center of a well-recognized university, Cairo University. Other prestigious public colleges in Egypt are Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, Al-Azhar University, and others.

Public colleges can be the best suited for international students, as they charge less fees which is economically feasible for them.

Therefore, it is not wise to say that colleges in Egypt are entirely free. The public colleges are inexpensive and way too economical but they are not free, as they charge some tuition fees.

  • Can I get free education in Egypt?

Public education is funded by the government. It is free for local students with some tuition fees. However, foreign students have to pay for their education in Egypt.

  • Can Indians study in Egypt?

Yes, any international student can study in Egypt. All you need to do is, submit the required certificates that are necessary to get admission into any Egyptian School/College/University.

  • Is it worth it to study in Egypt?

With its rich culture and history, Egypt is a fine place if you are looking to study in a foreign country. It has many prestigious institutions and is a highly recommended study-abroad country.

  • Can I earn while studying in Egypt?

Yes, you can always look for a part-time job while studying. However, it depends upon your experiences, certificates and the kind of job you are looking for.