Is Citrus College a 2-year College?

A community college in California is good at imparting good in the students that people recognize as one of the best colleges in California. It is a public community college. The college has performed excellently in all its academic programs and people know it because of its academic excellence only. The friendly campus keeps the students occupied and happy. Here we will see about Is Citrus College a 2-year College?

Certainly, Citrus College is a 2-year college as the college offers its students associate degrees in its 50 programs. The college offers a certificate of achievement and skill awards. The college dedicates itself with the help of its dedicated and hardworking professors and teachers. The college offers multiple kinds of programs and the students are highly satisfied with the teaching methods and techniques of the professors at the college.

Is Citrus College a 2-year College?


Citrus College is a public community college in California which operates under Citrus Community College District, a parent institution for Citrus College. The authorities established the college in 1915 which is around 107 years ago. Greg Schulz is the president of Citrus College. Various communities which we can find here include:

  • Azusa
  • Claremont
  • Duarte
  • Glendora
  • Monrovia

These are a few communities which we can find here in this college. Floyd S. Hayden who was an educator found out about this college in 1915. Citrus College is the oldest community college in the whole of California, United States. The college offers various good degrees for its students and believes in providing good education to its students. The college believes that the students who study there are the future of the nation and the future of the nation lies in their hands only. The college inculcates best practices from their side so that the students may not feel any confusion about what they want to become. 


Due to the academic excellence of the college only people have regarded this college as one of the best colleges in California. The teaching methods and techniques are the sole reason why the students of the college perform so well. The college has around 65 associate degrees to offer which makes it a 2-year college. Other than that, the college provides its students with 88 certificates along with skill rewards in programs related to career technical education programs. The college also provides 29 associate degrees for transfer. The annual budget for dealing with these programs in the college is around $78 Million and the college focuses especially on the weaker students. The professors help the average students with the supplements and all the necessary material requirements. They hold special sessions or extra classes for the average students to revise the topics with them and make sure that they understand the topic well this time. This creates a balance in the student-teacher relationships thus bringing better opportunities in. 

What are the requirements to get into the college?

Different students of different aspects want to get into the college. That is why to have selective admissions the college has set up some requirements which decide the admission of any student certain requirements are:

  • The student should maintain a good academic position.
  • The student must have a good GPA which is a minimum of 2.0.
  • The student must complete 50% of the courses by the end of the semester.
  • The student must select his classes carefully.
  • The student must get a passing grade.

If the student fulfils these requirements, one can get into college easily.

What is the acceptance and graduation rate of the college?

The acceptance rate of the college decides the number of enrolments per year. However, the acceptance rate of the college is 100%. There are more than 4,486 undergraduate students whom the college has accepted under this 100% acceptance rate. It’s easy to get into college especially if you are a transfer student. Many students work hard and easily get into college. You just have to meet the requirements of the college and that’s all! The graduation rate of the college is 31%, quite similar to that of any college in California. The college has around 11,478 undergraduate enrolments year-round and this is a great number in the whole of California.

What are the tuition fees?

Many residents of California attend Citrus College education for free. The students have to pay just enrolment fees and incidental fees. However, non-residential students have to face some problems regarding this. Students have to pay the amount equal to $23,493 to receive education at Citrus College. However, if any student applies for financial aid which includes all the grants and scholarships from the institution and the state and federal government, the amount lowers to $2,751. In-state tuition fees at the college may be $1,194.


Citrus College marks its place in the top colleges of California. It works for the upliftment of the students using its educational techniques. The best teaching methods and techniques which the professors of the college use help in making the college one of the best colleges in California.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many days do classes start after admissions?

It usually takes 6-8 for admissions and then the classes start.

  • Is it important to be regular here?

The college focuses on academic excellence and so expects all its students to be regular in the classes.

  • What programs does it offer?

Programs :

  • Physical and health sciences
  • Business and Mathematics
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Performing arts
  • Education
  • Counselling, etc…