How much is a college grant in Ireland?

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How much is a college grant in Ireland?

Ireland is known for the emerald island which remains a foremost attraction globally. The country is known to have a high living standard compared to the United Kingdom. Education in the Republic of Ireland is quite cheaper and affordable. College Grants offers are always juicy and easy to get which most time cover-up also for your daily living. 

How much is a college grant in Ireland?

College grant in Ireland is quite different compared to that offered in the United Kingdom, it is expedient to understand the terms and conditions to determine the amount of college grant you can have access to. The total college grant offered to students in Ireland is always based on some determining factors. Grants offer range from $6000 to $300 per year. The determining factors include; Parent’s income, maintenance fees, and Students’ locations among many other factors. Some college grants only cover the academic expenses of the Students while some others include the maintenance and cost of living. There is a special consideration for students living outside the country. It is needful to put into consideration every criterion stated below to have an overview of possible college grants to be offered to you. Also, special considerations are given to students with disabilities and special needs. 

Noteworthy is the principal consideration of the gross income above all other factors. Some income such as Holiday income, Overtime income, and pensions are NOT considered in determining the college grant offer. Hence, there is no fixed amount to expect as a college grant in Ireland until the college grant board considers the factor surrounding your entry to determine the possible college grants. 

Fundamental Qualification to get a college grant in Ireland

  • You must be a national of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or any European country or must have received a permit to live in the Republic of Ireland for a minimum of 5years
  • You must prove that you are indeed in need of a college grant. Most time a means test will be conducted to know your Family income, source of living and other circumstantial events will be considered.  
  • You must have been admitted to study a course approved for college grants. You will know the various institutions and courses approved for grants here.
  • You must meet the academic criteria to qualify for your preferred course and college grants

College Grants available in Ireland

  • Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)

The Student Universal Support Ireland is saddled with the responsibility of providing student grants to those who desire to go to college but need financial assistance. The SUSI provides both the maintenance and the college fee to students. The maintenance grant covers the students’ cost of living during their academic stay while the college grant will cover all academic-related expenses by the student. The SUSI grants use the income test. This simply means that your/family income is considered in giving out a grant. SUSI offers up to $6000 worth of college Grant.

  • Free payment Initiatives 

The grant offered by this initiative is constrained to certain individuals under certain conditions. The grant is open to students from Ireland, the United Kingdom, and European countries. It is also open to students acknowledged as refugees and those who have humanitarian permits to stay in the country, the initiative is open to virtually every student studying, and it covers minor school expenses. This initiative is made available in every college hence the student only needs to speak to the school advisor to check if they are eligible for the grants.

  • Student Assistance Fund

This is quite different from the previously mentioned grant offers. This assistance fund is meant to cover the needs of students such as buying books, medical expenses, food, travel cost, etc. This initiative is open to full-time undergraduates, unlike the SUSI.

  • There are also funds made available to individuals with disabilities. 

The body responsible for that is the Fund for Students with Disabilities (FSD). The help in acquiring the assistive technology equipment and Academic/learning support. The grants also cover the mobilization of individuals with disabilities.

  • Scholarship for College Students in Ireland

This scholarship is fundamentally a support student grant to ensure the smooth running of the academic trajectory of students. The Board partners with a lot of organizations that offer a scholarship at different levels. They also render supportive services for students.

How to Apply

Applications for college grants are mostly done online. Kindly note that some grants can be applied for only when you are a registered student of a college in Ireland while some applications make provisions to apply for the grants while seeking admission. 

College grants can be applied for online while some only require paperwork within the college. Review the Various college grants available and simply follow the said procedures. You can be assured that most of the processes are easy to follow.


Conclusively, College grants in Ireland are quite much and easy to access once the criteria are met. The question of how much is college grant in Ireland is subject to the kind of grants you are applying for and under what condition. The approval of any grant is subject to the rules guiding the grant boards you applied for.  Ireland is a beautiful place to study.  

It is imperative to know that the emergence of Covid-19 has increased the college grants made available to students both at home and abroad. Students are encouraged to also have backup plans while seeking such college grants. Make your application today, choose any college grants that fit what you desire, ensure you meet their required standard, and watch out for a positive response. Be sure to have a worthy grant amount to ensure a smooth education in the beautiful Republic of Ireland.

Frequently asked Question
  1. Who can apply for grants in Ireland?

Answer: A Student of any college in Ireland

  1. Can an international student from another continent apply?

Answer: Yes, an international student from other continent can apply for the grant.

  1. How do I apply for the grants?

Answer:- Through Online Mode, one can apply for the grants.