How Many Students Go To Oberlin?

Based on the analysis put together by factuals for 2022, Oberlin is ranked 161 out of 2576 schools in the country analyzed for overall quality. This positions it among the top 10% of all colleges in the nation. Let’s see How Many Students Go To Oberlin?

How Many Students Go To Oberlin?

A total of 2,658 students are enrolled at Oberlin College, 2,647 of whom are enrolled in undergraduate programs and 11 are undergraduate students. By gender, 1101 students and 1557 women attended the school. There are more students than in comparable colleges (1468 students on average – private (non-profit) undergraduate colleges – arts and sciences).

Population by Gender

Oberlin College has a total of 2,658 students enrolled. By gender, 1101 boys and 1557 girls study in schools (ratio of boys and girls is 41:59).

2647 students have enrolled in the undergraduate program and 11 students in the master’s program.

Distribution of students by race/ethnicity

By race/ethnicity, Oberlin College has 1,570 White students, 162 Black, and 125 Asian students out of a total of 2,658.

Students-Transfer (Undergraduate)

Among the 2,647 students enrolled in the undergraduate program, 18 students have transferred from other institutions. The proportion of transfer students was 0.68%.

Oberlin’s Ranking

For the National College of Liberal Arts ranking, Oberlin is placed at number 37 nationwide. . This ranking is decided by some widely accepted yardsticks of excellence. 

Admissions at Oberlin

Admission to Oberlin College and Conservatory is more selective with an acceptance rate of 35%. Half of the admitted applicants to Oberlin College and Conservatory have SAT scores between 1270 and 1450 or ACT scores between 28 and 33. However, a quarter of admitted applicants score above this range and a quarter below this range. The application deadline for Oberlin College is January 15th. 

What is the Acceptance Rate at Oberlin?

For the 2020-21 school year, the acceptance rate is 35.36% and the return is 20.66%. 5,328 females and 3,981 males submitted an application to gain admission to Oberlin College. Out of that pool of applicants, 1,997 females and 1,295 males were granted admission. 412 females and 268 males enrolled in the institution (fall 2020).

What are the Application Requirements for Gaining Admission to Oberlin?

It requires the candidate to provide the college with a high school average, high school ranking, high school transcript (or transcript), completion of a college preparatory program, and a recommendation. The school recommends submitting a high school diploma.

What is the Retention Rate of Students?

How well a student enjoys a college is measured by the school’s freshman retention rate and that of Oberlin is 83%. That’s considerably above the national average of 68%. This should be noted in the good for school section.

What is the Graduation Rate at Oberlin?

A degree is considered timely if the degree is completed within four years. At Oberlin, the pass rate for full-time first-time students is 75%. That’s good compared to the national average of 33.3%.

Oberlin Campus

Oberlin College and Conservatory offers a wide range of student services including non-medical courses, a women’s center, lodging services, medical services, and health insurance. Oberlin College and Conservatory also provides on-campus security services such as 24-hour walking and patrolling, transportation/night escort services, 24-hour emergency telephone, illuminated lanes/walkways, student patrols, and controlled boarding access (keys, security cards, etc..). Of the Oberlin College and Conservatory students, 18% own a car on campus. Alcohol is permitted for adult students at Oberlin College and the Conservatory.

Tuition and Fees

For undergraduate degrees, Oberlin College tuition and fees in 2022 are $60,240. For master’s programs, tuition and graduate school fees in 2022 are $29,995.

Expected tuition and fees for 2023 are $61,975 based on changes in tuition fees over the past five years. The estimated tuition and graduate costs for 2023 are $30,912.

The median income for 10 years after graduation is $45,500. Average salaries vary by major, with computer science and information science majors having the highest salary at $66,500 upon graduation.

Grants and Financial Aids

2,467 students (87% of the total 2,846 students) have received federal, state, local, institutional, or other scholarships at Oberlin College. The average amount of aid is $32,885. For the first time, for full-time freshmen (students), 87% of the total 798 enrolled students receive all types of financial aid, and the average amount of aid received is $34,379.

Academic Programs

The Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences affords a five-year dual degree program, and a Bachelor of Arts, BM/BA, offered both at the conservatory and the college. The Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences offers roughly 40 academic minors with over 50 majors and concentrations and eight undergraduate degrees in more than 20 fields. Many departments at Oberlin College are interdisciplinary, encouraging collaboration and enabling students to push the boundaries of their discipline. Oberlin comprises more than 35 departments, including archaeological research; African Studies; classics; chemistry/biochemistry.

Student Life at Oberlin

The Oberlin campus is comprised of a vibrant and interactive community that includes nearly 150 student organizations and a thriving cultural and arts community. More than 500 recitals and concerts, two opera house shows, and forty theater and dance performances are held every year. The NCAA Division III school, Oberlin is also part of the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) and sponsors more than twenty university sports.

Oberlin offers students traditional college and life experiences designed to bring together students with many interests and majors. Several dormitories are scattered around the campus, each with its own culture and facilities. There are several food cooperatives on campus, half of which are affiliated with housing cooperatives. Village housing, consisting of college-owned houses and apartments, is also available to fourth-year students. This popular housing option includes small cottage-style houses as well as several apartment styles.


As a student who is aspiring to gain admission into Oberlin College, the first thing you will want to do is evaluate yourself to see if you fit into the demands of the school. Then if you see that you have the necessary qualifications, the next thing is to apply. 

Frequently Asked Question?
  1. Does Oberlin College make room for virtual classes?

Answer: Yes, there kick-started its virtual classes in 2021.

  1. What makes Oberlin unique?

Answer: Its attention to music and art is phenomenal.