How Many Students Commute To GMU


George Mason University, being the largest public research University in the whole of Virginia, prioritize providing a transformational learning environment for the students. The university which was once named a “commuter school”, is now put on a pedestal owing to its commitment to all-around growth. An amazing fact about the university is the enrollment aspect which has occurred to triple to over 39,000 in thirty years. This is outrightly a result of the concerted effort of Mason’s values and innovative schemes.  As there are varying percentages of students who live on campus scattered across the internet, this page will let you know how many students commute to GMU.

How Many Students Commute To GMU

How Many Students Commute To GMU

With the report that the university is still a largely commuter school, it might interest you to know the actual number of students who live on campus and the actual number of commuters – those who do not live in any university-owned housing, hence have to figure out a means of transportation to attend classes on campus. 

GMU has more than forty Halls of residence for the on-campus students. Whether you prefer a traditional room or an apartment, you will find an option that best suits you.

Usually, one of the requirements for the freshmen is to live on campus, except for a few conditions. There are several advantages enjoyed by those living on campus, like quick access to amenities provided for Mason students, free internet access which can make sailing through your assignments pretty easy, and so on. Despite the aforementioned advantages, there is still a good number of students who have to live off-campus for one reason or the other.  

As it was released on Mason’s official website, the university Facts and Figures 2021-2022 edition revealed that there is a total enrollment of 38,630 students into Mason’s University, out of which 7,719 students are living on campus. According to the 2021-2022 statistics on Mason’s official website, there are about 30, 911 students who commute to GMU, and this results in a percentage of 80% of the total enrollment.

However, arriving at this figure could seem confusing to you, hence the need for a breakdown of the figure. Read through this page, it is detailed with all you need to know about how many students commute to GMU.

GMU Total Enrollment 

According to the Facts and Figures 2021-2022 on Mason’s official website, which is the most updated release by the university, there is a total enrollment of 38,630 students within the US Campus only. The number of students enrolled in the university, including Mason Korea, was stated to be 39,143.

Graduate Enrollment

Total enrollment consists of undergraduate enrollment, graduate enrollment, and professional (law) enrollment.  

From the facts and figures, there is a total graduate enrollment of 10,987 (fall 2021) students. Out of this figure (10,987):

  • 636 students belong to the Graduate Degree-Seeking Certificates category.
  • 7,648 students belong to the Graduate Degree-Seeking Master’s category.
  • 2,219 students belong to the Graduate Degree-Seeking Doctoral category.
  • And lastly, 484 students belong to the Non-degree-Seeking Graduate category.

Undergraduate Enrollment

Like the graduate enrollment, the facts and figures provided a total undergraduate enrollment of 26,882 (fall 2021) students. Out of this figure (26,882):

  • 26,339 students belong to Undergraduate Degree-Seeking
  • While 543 students were enrolled in the Non-degree-Seeking Undergraduate category

Number Of George Mason University’s Students Who Live On Campus 

One of the beautiful experiences of days in the university is from living on campus; even after graduation, you would still be reminiscing on the access you have to efficient facilities and the euphoria of being in the on-campus community of peers is second to none.

At George Mason University, a total number of 7,719 students are living on campus (fall 2021), 6,804 of which are degree-seeking undergraduates, 792 are graduate students and other students are about 123.

Number of George Mason University’s Students Who Live Off-Campus 

The aim of this writing is centered around this, and as pointed above, many students live off-campus. Deduction from the facts and figures released on the school’s website shows that there are 30,911 students out of the total enrollment of 38,630 (fall 2021). 

When it comes to off-campus housing, there are many options you can consider. Apartments and rooms which are situated at a short distance to the campus’s premises are available. And you can reach out for assistance if there’s any difficulty encountered in the process of getting accommodation.  


Mason freshmen are asked to live on campus even though you can submit a formal request for an exception for solid considerable reasons. Nevertheless, there is a significant percentage of students who do not have access to one of the housings owned or affiliated with the university, hence having to be commuting to the campus for their classes. 


Can I commute to the campus to eat? If yes, what are the available options?

Yes, even though you live off-campus, you can come to the campus to eat. Optional dining spots available include Johnson Center where you can choose from varieties of food like IndAroma, Panera, Garbanzo, e.t.c. You can also choose any of the halls of residence’s dining like The common, Southside, and Au Bon Pain.

How do I go about chartering a bus as a means of commuting to the campus? 

George Mason University has a partnership deal with Reston Limousine. They help in providing shuttle and charter services for the whole university occupants, ranging from the students to the staff and all faculties. Also, if you have an event in your organization or department, Reston Limousine is there to provide a means of transport for the attendees. 

How do I go about chartering a motor pool as a means of commuting to the campus? 

Mason once had a school-owned motor pool, comprising a fleet of vehicles for the use of the university. Currently, the university has partnered with Enterprise Holdings Inc as a primary source of motor pool vehicles. 

Is there any Bikeshare program run by Mason for students, especially the commuters?

Mason is currently running a Capital Bikeshare spot on George Mason University’s Founders Hall Plaza, Arlington.

For those in Fairfax, although no Bikeshare Spot is currently run by the university, negotiation is ongoing to collaboratively bring several Bikeshare opportunities to the city, as well as to Vienna town.