How Many Colleges Are There in St. Louis?

Once you are in high school, it is no doubt that your mind is laden with the uncertainty of your future. From focusing on your studies to giving your best in extracurricular activities to also making sure that you leave with good memories- you have to grab every opportunity that gets your way. Not only this, this is the time that you start calculating your budget for the future. This is when you start exploring your options and the universities you can get into. Moreover, this is when you start looking out for universities that will make your commute easier. Thus, when selecting your university, be it near or far from your house, it is important to look for their hostels! In the United States, there’s no scarcity of well-renowned universities, and thus, to dive deeper into your query, we suggest that you read further and find out the one that will suit you best! In this article we shall see How Many Colleges Are There in St. Louis?

How Many Colleges Are There in St. Louis?

St. Louis: Good Universities in the Area

Now, without wasting further time, let us have a look at all the good colleges or universities that you can apply to in St. Louis!

  1. Washington University: Before looking at various aspects of this university, it is important to consider the rankings of the university. Washington University is ranked as the number one university in St. Louis The university has an overall A+ grade, with A+ in Academics, Values, and Campus; A in Diversity; and A- in Athletics and Party Scene. Clubs and Organizations:

At Washington, the faculty believes that a college is not just about academics. Therefore, the university offers more than 480 clubs and student-run organizations so that novice students do not feel overwhelmed and have ample time to take part and enjoy the extracurricular activities. 

Acceptance Rate and Scores:

While the acceptance rate at the university is 16%, to get selected, a student needs to have an SAT score in the range of 1480 to 1560 and an ACT range of 33 to 35, it is not essential that the university might consider these. However, the university does take note of your high school GPA, so make sure to maintain that! The University charges an application fee of $75. 

Popular Courses and Total Cost:

Besides this, the University offers popular majors like Computer Science, Biology, Finance, Anthropology, Economics, Mathematics, Marketing, and many more. Now, let us have a look at the costs. While it will cost you $27233 per year, the university also offers many scholarship programs that you can make use of! Moreover, the University provides evening degree programs as well!

  1. Saint Louis University: The University is regarded as one of the most well-established Catholic institutions and it is rooted in Jesuit values. Ranked as the second university in St. Louis, Saint Louis University has bagged an overall grade of A. Within this grade, A is awarded to Academics and Values, A- is given to Diversity and Party Scene, and B+ is given to Campus and Athletics. 

Scores and GPA:

Now that you know the rankings bagged by the university, let us move ahead and address more pressing concerns! The University, unlike Washington University, tends to focus more on your SATs and ACT scores. Thus, Saint Louis University accepts SAT scores in the range of 1160 to 1370 and ACT scores in the range of 25 to 31. Moreover, the University focuses on high school GPA, so you might want to up your game if you’re still in high school! In addition to this, the University does not charge any application fee, unlike Washington University. 

Popular Courses:

The most popular majors offered by the University are Computer Science, Research and Experimental Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Mathematics, Managerial Economics, Marketing, and the like. 

  1. Maryville University: When compared to the above-mentioned universities, Maryville University might not seem grand at all. With acquiring an overall grade of B, A is given to Diversity, A- is awarded to Values and Campus, and B is given to Academics, Athletics, and Party Scene. 

Acceptance Rate and Scores:

While the acceptance rate at Maryville University is 95%, it is no doubt an above-average private university. Maryville University claims that SAT and ACT scores are considered but not required. Therefore, you can have your SAT scores in the range of 1040 to 1250 and your ACT score in the range of 20 to 25 to be considered. However, there are other aspects that the university might judge you from, such as your high school GPA. 

Total Cost:

Since it is a private university, it is obvious that the yearly costs are going to be high, i.e, $28087! Nevertheless, the University is keen to offer financial aid, private student loans, and scholarships to the students most deserving. In addition, the University offers evening degree programs. 

Popular Courses:

Moreover, the most popular majors offered here are Nursing, Psychology, Business, Intelligence, Accounting, Communication Disorders, Sports and Fitness Management, Biology, and many more. What’s even more enticing is that the University offers around 33 online courses, including online certificate programs and online bachelor’s programs!

  1. University of Missouri: The University has bagged an overall grade of B, with A given to Diversity, B+ given to values, B given to Academics and Athletics, B- to Party Scene, and C to Campus. 

Scores and GPA:

The University of Missouri, like Maryville University, does not focus much on SAT and ACT scores, however, it does consider them. Therefore, to get admission to the University, you need to have your SAT score in the range of 1090 to 1260, and your ACT score in the range of 21 to 17. As most universities are quite eager to consider the high school GPA, the University of Missouri follows suit! 

Total Cost:

Since the University is not a private one, the total yearly costs here amount to up to $10039 only! Moreover, the University also provides financial aid to the ones who are in need and offers college scholarships as well. 

Popular Courses:

In addition to this, the University provides evening degree courses, and the most sought-after majors include Nursing, Business, Psychology, Communications, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and many more!


If you are in high school and are already planning your future, looking for the best university to fit in, then the above-mentioned information might come in handy for you! From providing information about the yearly costs to the most popular majors offered by the universities- we have given you all the deets! Moreover, besides these universities, there are other universities as well, although their overall grade might not be good. These include Fontbonne University, Webster University, Lindenwood University, Missouri Baptist University, and the like!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How good is Maryville University in terms of academics?

In terms of academics, it has a grade of B.

  1. Does Saint Louis University consider your SAT score?

Yes, the University considers your SAT score.

  1. What is the yearly cost of the University of Missouri?

It is around $10039.