How many Colleges are in WV?

Higher education institutions ensure that their knowledge is relevant, identify skills gaps, develop special programs, and develop the right skills that can help countries develop their economic growth and social group cohesiveness, adapt employment services to the economy, and shift the demand for new skills, and develop relevant skills. Here we will see about How many Colleges are in WV?

West Virginia has 44 institutions, with Bethany College being the oldest. Two historically black higher education institutions, as well as two land-grant universities, are located in the area. The Alderson Broaddus College is the most demanding institution.

How many Colleges are in WV?

Colleges in WV

There is a college in West Virginia that will provide you with the knowledge and education you need to reach your career goals and more, whether it be science, economics, philosophy, business, the performing arts, or communications. 

The many well cities and university towns in West Virginia, such as Charleston and Huntington, can provide social features required to unwind from academics while simultaneously providing a stimulating setting in which to learn to one’s maximum potential.

Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus University is recognized as #15 out of 20 for excellence in West Virginia and #18 out of 18 for value. This signifies that the quality of education is below average, while the price is substantially more than it should be.

Alderson Broaddus University was established in 1871 as a private college. It has a total undergrad attendance of 766 pupils (fall 2020) and is situated on 170 acres in a rural environment.

Alderson Broaddus University teaches students the ideals of civic participation, communication, critical thinking, diversity, and ethics that constitute the cornerstone of a liberal arts education as a health-related and professional education school.

Shepherd University

Shepherd University in West Virginia offers an excellent education at an affordable cost. Shepherd University is recognized as #6 out of 20 for excellence and #5 out of 18 for value in West Virginia. As a result, it is of good quality and comes at a reasonable price throughout the state.

Shepherd University’s admissions process is highly selective, with a 98 percent acceptance rate. Half of Shepherd University’s accepted students had an SAT score of 940 to 1150 or an ACT score of 19 to 25. Unfortunately, one-fourth of those who were accepted earned scores that were greater than these limits, while the remaining quarter got lower scores.

While Shepherd University does not require students to take standardized tests, we encourage them to send any SAT/ACT scores because they are used to determine placement in Math, English, and Economics courses. 6. It is strongly advised that you include a personal statement in your candidacy.

Bluefield State College

Bluefield State College (BSC) is a bachelor’s and associate degree-granting institution that is part of West Virginia’s public education system.

On the mission field and in other nations, Bluefield University is known for its educational technologies, affordability, individualized education, and learning environments.

According to the September 14, 2020 issue of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges,” Bluefield State College is a “top 15” public college in the South and the highest-ranked public college in West Virginia. U.S. News publishes several statistical rankings and lists each year.

Concord University

Concord University is ranked #91 in the South Region’s Regional Universities. Schools are ranked based on their performance on a set of widely regarded excellence factors.

Concord College admissions are extremely competitive, particularly at the sixth form level; it is genuinely a place for the most academically gifted kids.

Football scholarships are available at Concord University. Student-athletes can apply for need-based and academic scholarships. NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NJCAA athletic scholarships are offered. Athletic scholarships are awarded to 34 percent of all student-athletes on average.

Davis and Elkins College

At Davis & Elkins College, the Augusta Heritage Center offers classes and concerts, as well as folklife activities and a home for important holdings of field recordings, oral histories, pictures, instruments, and Appalachian art.

As a Division II institution, over half of our students benefit from athletic scholarships. Other programs assist foreign students, artistic arts students, Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) members, and others.

Fairmont State University

Fairmont State University is ranked #14 out of 20 for quality in West Virginia and #8 out of 18 for value. This signifies the quality is below average, and the pricing represents that in the state.

A minimum 3.0 high school GPA and a composite SAT or ACT score, irrespective of the  scoring system (Fairmont State may conditionally admit students who do not meet the basic admissions standards.)

In 2019, Fairmont State University reported 106 safety hazards involving students on or near campus or at other school-affiliated sites. With a school body of 3,803, that equates to 27.87 occurrences per 1,000 students.

Glenville State College

Glenville State University was founded in 1872 to give instruction and experience in the science of education to common school teachers. Today, the university trains students for professionals in learning, commerce, land resources, music, the liberal arts, the sciences, and criminal justice.

In the 2022 evaluation, Glenville State College was ranked #9 among Top Public Schools – Regional Colleges South, #43 among Best Regional Colleges – South, #7 among Best Colleges for Veterans – Regional Colleges South, and #16 among Top Performers on Social Mobility.

Glenville State College is a two-year and four-year college that offers undergraduate programs. Glenville College was established in 1872 in the community of Glenville, West Virginia, approximately west of Interstate 79.


West Virginia was placed 50th overall, 50th in educational achievability, and 42nd in educational quality. West Virginia also has the lowest percentage of people with a college diploma and the second-lowest percentage of people with a graduate diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it a decent place to live in West Virginia?

The state of West Virginia, promotes an active lifestyle, a welcoming atmosphere, low living costs, and a high quality of life. Furthermore, West Virginia has a robust job market.

  1. What is West Virginia’s most prestigious college?

Elkins — The financial news organization 24/7 Wall St. has named Davis & Elkins College as West Virginia’s most competitive college for enrollment.